Known Throughout Eternity (Or Not)

That becomes another hole universe that team humanity then dives into to heal. That is the trick of an interdimensional parasite that creates false universes through extensive VR and consciousness entrainment mixing biology and technology.

The trick was to freeze the universe and go into the subjective reality of each individual and attempt to heal each one. This would only result in continuing infection.

They are not creating another overlay, what ever we do here is for eternity.

3 thoughts on “Known Throughout Eternity (Or Not)

  1. If we shut the power down, do we still exist?
    Perhaps we do, if we are the power source, because the source to our power is always on.
    The meat suited ‘whirled’ would shut down, but not the power source of it.
    A video graphics card is in the computer and serves it and has specific function and purpose to it.
    It is not of it, it is merely in it.
    Again, the ram stick of memory is located in the computer system. It is IN it, not OF it.
    The power that is held in capacitance is discharged when the ram stick removed. however, something has to cause the discharge or it remains locked in that stick indefinitely.

    The ram stick no longer IN the system, becomes worthless. Dead to use.
    But the discharged energy still has a place to go, provided something else helps cause the discharge to occur.

    I have narry a clue as to where that discharged energy goes and as to what that ‘other’ thing is that causes the discharge but I am thankful for it, otherwise, I’d be in a cardboard box, in some upper shelf old some old storage closet , somewhere.


    1. Think of it like the “ready player one” movie. Once he pulls off the VR goggles he is back in himself again. This place is just an extension of your mind…but with real consequences as just like in “the matrix” movie what happens here your mind makes real in the real.

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