There are many things you cannot do in a higher civilization.

You would destroy the entire universe.

That is why you are here.

5 thoughts on “Why

  1. That second voice fucked me over enough. I’m done. Last time it sounded EXACTLY like someone I trusted THE MOST.. No more. I probably would destroy it all to save what I could…. fuckers… That’s why they keep us locked up and put us to sleep eh? How nice it would be to teach, love, laugh, share… but no.. they just keep FUCKING with us… hahahahaha.. And I’m the bad guy… RIGHT.


    1. Read: http://www.trickedbythelight.com/tbtl/Feedback-on-Wayne-Bush-Interview-with-Man-Who-Met-A-Demiurge-During-NDE.html

      ou are right on the money, m’friend. We have ALL been deceived. Souls care nothing for us – some Light Beings, eh? They call us “Host Bodies and Host Vehicles” and program and manipulate the woo hoo out of us!

      Excuses about Karma don’t move me. I am a nice person and most people are. Souls don’t like us and many don’t even know how to operate us. I am disgusted that not one Guide will come down here and console me for what occurred . . . and explain it, or show me love or consideration.

      Here is how it works: They are told it is a School or Game. The Game on The Limitation Plane. Earth School. One-third of our lives WE are asleep. They are not veiled and that is play time, the creeps.

      We are NOT Souls. Only part of our consciousness is their consciousness. I found my Soul to be unlike me and set up a rather vengeful retaliation program. Gotta love the Programming part, eh? What a crock! Well, we can also undo a lot of that programming, Stewart Swerdlow tries to help people do that all the time.


  2. I know this!!! Working on it, will I ever be able to completely control every thought and reaction? I’ve seen myself getting better but I’ve also had those moments where I tell myself, don’t think that 😑


    1. That second voice in your head is not your own. You won’t fully be able to control it. The soul is not you it’s a construct they used that trapped the spirit. As long as you can differentiate between which mind is in control and talking to you you should be able to lead yourself back out of here.


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