Up or Dwn

An island has been created specifically for every living soul here.

3 thoughts on “Up or Dwn

  1. I’m guessing you’re nearing the expiration date of your cloned shell and that’s why you have been in the dark lately, much less public as well as the erratic writings etc. I know you can’t just say everything you want as that would be a violation of individual free will, but you can and should now. It is ok. These beings all want to know every little thing you have held back. All truth must come to light.

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    1. I agree with Orionras comment here Aug. I think this is the time for you to let it rip. I’m guessing youre on lots of pain medication. I hope youre alright. If I lived near the Chicago area or wherever you are, I would come and help you, look after you. I hope you have someone, good people around you. I sensed in a split second from early 2018, when your videos shifted from the familiar room white wall behind, went to a different darker room and they were harder videos to follow. I sensed heard a woman in the room off camera, I hope someone good is there with you now looking out for you.

      This is a complex weird game reality realm, with all sorts of disninformation agents about and one could go insane. But I stay true to what feels like for me, organic energy non AI True organic Spirit Energy coming down into me. No matter what nonsense has taken place here. Its about connection and energy downloads from True Creator Source. And listening out for the higher self whispers behind the Interstellar Mathew Mconnaughey bookcase. Ive heard seen sensed the Spirit in you Aug and I know youre dealing with incredible difficulties.

      I don’t think it is a violation of Free Will, please don’t hold back, go hell for leather. tell us what youre holding back, Adam.

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