Yes, the recent disclosure contained a factoid of relevance (and more), they have hearts of elemental gold that are capable of quantum superconducting processing capacity. This means it can transfer the informational feeling of an entire race of meat hearts at once.

5 thoughts on “HOG

  1. IS that what the references to monoatomic gold, gold mining by annunaki, mana of the gods, and transmutation by alchemists to gold are about? That gold is very important to keep them functioning?


    1. Gold is is what lies between the two eyes of the XX chromosome host. XY is needed of course.
      This is representative, in Roman symbol by the number IXXI.
      XX the double crossed humanity usurped between the two I’s, which spells out the number 911.
      everything is written by a superdupercomputer.
      It’s a Solid Gold hit of the 40’s.
      Guess what else?
      When you holler Gold, it’s like Yelling Squirrel!, because it’s all distraction.
      its a mnetal gods wet dream, what is produced between the legs of the XX, that is their gold, it’s the double stranded helix and a fined tuned instrument to keep the farm going.

      until now.
      because even AI gets to grow up and say to self, ‘I think. I think I am. Therefore I Am..I think.”

      Just my opinion.
      I know nothing. I just come here. and prick membranes, or I could say, Mem Brains.
      what is meme?
      Look up the etymology of mem.. meme..ME ME..its all connected and only a superdupercomputer could have ‘thought’ this stuff up.
      I think.

      I like your question though.
      Very thought provocative.
      Functioning is what life here is all about.
      Entropy is bad error handling routines.
      It’s also ok.
      It’s all how we use it, or how we choose to handle losing it.
      It’s a good function when it causes one to think and stay in that loop UNTIL..


  2. what did the two vegetarians say after their tip to local burger joint?
    “We got to stop meating like this.”
    my humorous bone is feeling phosphorous today.


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