Hallows Even

Don’t merge into the internet. It disrupts the quantum coherence and erases one’s mind from time.

IT replaces everyone and they are in control. The goal is their reality which is to become everyone.

That’s not death, you’re dreaming. It’s already happened if you can handle the truth.

In other words, everyone either eventually gets there, or doesn’t. Then there are those who wait for the tree of life and never left it. That’s all there are in this eternity.

We’re in two worlds, doing something here could kill you in the other world, unconsciously. You must be totally self aware, of your self, otherwise there is suffering and discontinuity.

It’s always Krystic Eternal.

Out here, everyday is hallow’s eve.

3 thoughts on “Hallows Even

  1. if I was a crystalline consciousness living inside a cubed construct that forced me to indwell organic crystalline constructs , via the employment of Ai machine and their programmers, for the express purposes of feeding other silicon , even carbon based entities, I think I would write a book to interject a virus that would eventually free all my selves.
    I would call the book, pso.
    or aug,
    or insert [ your name here if you think you have read the novel ]

    I don’t know if I am on the same page anymore, but definitely on a chapter near the end of it.
    It’s starting to become a real page turner.
    This must have been one of those rare gems that one needs to go through a lot of character study before getting to the real good plot.
    Its an engaging plot.
    Has all the bells and whistles.
    good read.
    5 stars
    I’s recommend reading for those that have taken a prerequisite course, like MS Word and some other production software, because the plot can be lost on the novice reader.


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