There is no Time

Every envelope is challenged. Every human in the future passes a ‘system’, this has been designed to prevent spread of infestation and local infection of systemic virus that disabled this civilization.

Is this the control system, the restraint, the credit score, the democracy turned bad, or are we just so uncontrollable that this is the system that we requested, that we required, when we desired our civilization to go past this point?

What time is this, what is happening?

11 thoughts on “There is no Time

  1. Why is why why?
    As long as we keep questioning the why.
    Good to see your venting anger yesterday.
    Controlled ventilation is quite cathartic sometimes. Even if it’s a quick sentence to share with your friends here. Then press the delete button. We understand. Some information needs to be temporary, we can feel the outpouring in that moment, no need to be eternalising everything we write. The sellouts to humanity are on bided time. No need to even post this message. Just digest it and delete it too.I love you Augmented-Tellerzhowitis!! 💗🙏💗 you are helping so many of us💗

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  2. Dont listen to the judgy comments. I was here. I saw. Whomever saw your post were meant to do so. No one has to explain themselves in this dillusional place. I am listening and watching. It’s all good. You are not a shell. That person or something is being ugly but it’s not their first insult. Don’t give up on us. We are here. You are loved. You are worthy. You are kind. You are true. You are intelligent. You are honest. You are magnificent.


    1. Not an insult. I’ve followed Aug for probably a good two years now and have dealt with all of this for all my life, but at least a good 17 years now directly of it maybe 10 years being more public. He himself said he was a clone. The problem is he is a support for many who look up to him and when these outbursts of his come out he worries many of his friends who do care for him. I only asked that he step up and own his position. If he is angry then say it…as he just did in his latest post. He is right on…no more hiding. If he is hurting…then share it. If he is lonely…then ask to connect with those that want to with him and there are some here who do. Don’t mistake what I say for low level unevolved fallacies.I know quite well what my words were and can be and they have a very strong effect now as my energy keeps rising and rising.

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  3. I’ve prayed for your lost genetics/bloodline, to be restored to you. It comes to mind now and then so when it does, I ask again! Anything is possible, I believe

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  4. i ask again for the great spirits, Almighty, to give you back what you thought was forever lost, stolen. Genetics, Family line. to make you whole again, if you wished it. it only comes to mind now and then, when it does, I ask again.

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  5. whats going on Aug? why the deletion? luckily i took screen shots of most and can see them on twitter, even though i am not signed up for twitter. change your mind?


  6. So you deleted all your new posts? Many who follow you were trying to connect with you and post messages/replies. You’re falling apart. How many consciousness do you have operating that cloned shell? I can sense more than one energy in you. Don’t fall apart now when you were on a roll handing out the truths…or were they just the worm on the hook on the end of a fishing pole meant to reel people in and now you have completely changed.

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    1. I think those meant to see did! I will never remember everything he’s ever posted but key words and phrases come to mind, when needed. Had a feeling once that even if I couldn’t innerstanding most of what he talks about, part of me does. So I continue listening, reading😊 It’s all good


  7. Yes brother. I remember waking up in that happy place, and I don’t know what they said or why.. but I immediately started going after everyone, killing? destroying.. I was seeing red, not myself, it was nuts.. A while later I was floating down the hall with my legs crossed… Clearly I’m not ready to advance, and nor do I want to. I need to find real friends first and settle in… I love it, but its madness… Hahaha..


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