Cloning Center Experiences

Can’t buy your humanity.

If you are not aware, this is experience of underground base activity whether the result of complex mind control and biological animatronics or literal hybridized sentient races created out of covert genetic engineering. That and a celebrity cloning ring.

28 thoughts on “Cloning Center Experiences

  1. My higher self leads me to lots of interesting information, or in the case of life…into many interesting situations…getting tired of all this though. Time to end the game and go home:

    Inanna Topples Enlil!
    Publishing Date : 30 January, 2018

    Benson C Saili

    Jehovah’s authority over Earth usurped by his own wacko granddaughter

    Returning to the Esagil, Marduk’s temple-residence, Marduk took his visiting brother Nergal straight to a “sacred” chamber called the Shuanna. Shuanna means “A Celestially Supreme Place”. It was a high-tech chamber Marduk and his priests had set up to study and observe the cosmic scene.

    When dusk came, Marduk sat down Nergal in the Shuanna and using both computer simulations and viewing instruments demonstrated to him that the Age of the Ram “is upon us” and therefore his time to replace Enlil as Earth’s sovereign had arrived. “The heavens my supremacy bespeak,” Marduk said. “The coming Age of the Ram, my sign, my rule proclaims.” As such, he would no longer depart Babylon but would await his coronation there. He was not imposing himself on the Earthly perch: it all was in keeping with the sequence of Enlilship as agreed between the Enkites and Enlilites just after the Deluge courtesy of the enigmatic Galzu’s decree.


    1. He said the storm was coming. They were confused. Yes the god of storms EnLil/Lord of Hosts and as Michael Prince of the Heavenly Armies is returning, En.Ki the cosmic Vampire will be devoured in the divine fire.

      The full transcription of the President’s comforting declaration:

      Maybe it’s the calm before the storm. Could be. The calm before the storm. We have the world’s great military people in this room, I will tell you that. And we’re gonna have a great evening. Thank you all for coming.

      What storm, Mr. President?

      You’ll find out. Thank you, everybody.


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