Cloning Center Experiences

Can’t buy your humanity.

If you are not aware, this is experience of underground base activity whether the result of complex mind control and biological animatronics or literal hybridized sentient races created out of covert genetic engineering. That and a celebrity cloning ring.

28 thoughts on “Cloning Center Experiences

  1. Just as there are controllers of information here in this game, there are controllers of finance as finance is another layer to the trap. Trap beings in illusory powers. Money is not real, it’s hold over people is not real, but as long as people imagine it to have power over them it does have. I think Amitakh talked about people like Soros when she mentioned the money entities being neutralized when she mentioned it in her articles. Either she meant their higher selves were taken out first and it’s filtering down to this level…or she said they will be taken out when the judge comes for them. As Michael is here now, the living flame, the judge, the bell tolls.


  2. There is some truth as to what this person on Lunatic Outpost posted years ago. Although as to how effective their destruction of the metatronic machine was is debatable as many were still trapped.




  3. Why is it referred to as Metatronic?

    The family known to many as Metatron is a ‘fallen angelic collective’ out of an entity. Many millions of your Earth years ago this collective was faced with a decision that ultimately led to their demise. As a collective they chose to separate from Source light and as such this decision is known as ‘The Fall’ by which the beings are no longer connected to and receiving the flow of eternal source light, therefore altering their Kryst Code encryption configuration of perpetual motion and eternal life supply and breaking their link with God-Source infinite energy supply. Since the modified coding (metatronic) can not receive any more energy directly from Source, only a limited supply of energy remains within its own shield template functioning as a black-hole-system which forces it to suck energy from other systems and progressively self consumes, therefore, has a Finite Life.

    The collective made a decision that it would use its knowledge of Primal Creation Physics, and that it would take over this Time Matrix. As long as they were able to feed off of something else that had its life force connection to Source, they wouldn’t go into implosion (molecular compaction). They were able to create a way of feeding energy out of this time matrix to supply and fuel their Time Matrix. These “feedlines” moving energies off planet have clustered and created multiple infections in the Universe and all throughout this Planetary Time Matrix. They do this through the manipulation of the reversed bi-wave polarity fields and rotation of the electron particle, by forcing the energy flow in disproportionate channels that feed their intended source. This has created much damage in our nervous system, planetary brain and earthly kingdoms. One level of this damage is to aggressively age the human bodies in a process of molecular decay which is the result of the compaction and reversals in the planetary field.

    The fallen, finite geometries based on the Metatronic Spiral are the main tools they use to fuel and feed their systems through the encryption of inorganic architecture. The flower of life is an encrypted reversed code that begins with a phase locked Divine Trinity symbol; it is phase locked because it is disconnected from the energy of Source via the Unified Field – and will never be an Eternal expression. The flower of life grows one sphere of energy at a time and not via energy quantum building of the Divine Trinity; it grows via consuming energy from the planet.


    1. One of Aug’s posts from June, gives more detail.

      There are many programmed humanoids on the planet, and these are not actual humans but they blend in just fine. People believe they are just assholes or soulless people. They are half-correct.

      However, there are two reflections those who are aligned with the will of the creator and those who are aligned with the false-will of the one who imitates the original. This is basically all about spiritual degradation or acuity and self-realization.

      (Taking into consideration the indoctrinationated false biblical “God” savior programming)

      Since the dark forces cannot completely reproduce the original patterns, genetics and thus spiritual presence, they seek to degrade what spiritual presence is around them and thus feel closer to the truth themselves. This is like a form of reverse psychology to exalt themselves above the rest. This is in vain because the true spiritual essence is what makes that imitation possible. Without the original, what is there to imitate and reproduce from?

      In the end, some say they are simply seeking their own destruction and annihilation because they are created as a sub-species and cannot ever reach the truth of the divine nature but this is false. The true creator can offer life and does so every cycle of creation. Thus, those who align with the will of the original creative force are protected and guided and given everlasting eternal life.
      He chose the road less traveled. It

      This requires respect of the original natures, not the replication and re-modification of all things to suit our personal, sensual desires. This is simply about harmony over chaos, balance over imbalance and this is related to the control system because the imbalance and chaos is used to milk the population for their emotional energy and so those who participate in producing this become part of the so called take-over of humanity regardless of whether they know or not. Their hearts will show the truth, everyone’s intentions guides them and this will act as a marker for the coming changes because advanced technology can literally rewind the holographic consciousness of a human and observe their energy body through the DNA to see what they are perceiving and indicate whether they are holding the intentions of chaos and harm or actually trying to help. The heart cannot lie.

      The Time Locked Being

      This ultimately began with the descent of an original being. There would be no way for a false-light being to create itself. Only divine spirited beings can go through this process. So this was the initial descent from the heavenly plane where an original being sought to create a new form of entity in his own image instead of protecting and guiding humanity towards the higher realm of truth and self-actualization. Thus, this was the birth of the inversion principle and ultimately this spirited being fell to become a false-light created being. This is the early mating and reproducing of man’s “image” the holographic genetic information through the use of advanced technology and spiritual knowledge.

      As confusing as this sounds, this could’ve literally been a member of the human race from that time taking it upon themselves to create a form of being that can carry out a task of taking over the human race by inserting themselves into the far past. This would’ve been a created being who was programmed to carry out these tasks. Upon reaching sentience this being may have revolted or simply decided to make the choice of replicating humanity in order to control humanity most effectively. Thus, the modern day members of the control system call this being their forefather, while the being would effectively know them as the children. This is similar to the way the progeny of the human race is comprised of ancestors who reach into the beginning of time. This particular method may simply include technologically assisted time travel or temporal alteration that results from such an event. While the organic human race may be comprised of a natural spiritual transtemporal existence which is attributed to a higher-dimensional nature which results in a multi-dimensional entanglement throughout multiple planes of existence. One path is technologically assisted and one is organically present. The real question is who came first and this will be touched upon later however both side feels the answer is clear.

      This being became the power-house of the false-light metatronic system which only seeks to ensnare soul-energy away from the divine pathway of self-actualization and realization into a false-light system of temporary pleasures and illusions. This is the matrix system that has been designed to ensnare as many human souls as possible. This is the holographic light projection which is entirely falsifiable, IE: the holographic consciousness of the human brain which can be manipulated “through the air” with electromagnetic devices. Through these devices the pleasure-based neurology of the brain can be stimulated as well as the fear based pathways. The amygdala can be stimulated to generate the most fear a person has experienced and similarly pleasure, creativity, etc. This is part of the explanation why the beings who are involved in this are said to be the “most talented” of all the land.

      The true internal spirit cannot be defiled or swayed and this is entirely under the free-will of the original human spirit. The human that is controlled has given their free-will away, there is no other way. This is advanced technology and spiritual knowledge to steal what has been referred to as “the divine Sophianic light” or wisdom that allows a human to experience individual life and also belong to the collective of the original creative force.

      There is a fine line between the individualistic collective experience of the divine spirit and the collectivist individual experience of the artificial-light holographic hive mind which is a supercomputer system that cannot access information outside of the bent light dimensions of this holographic matrix. It is trapped in time and cannot leave without first passing through a divine return which is essentially an atomic dematerialization and reintegration into the original elements of creation. In doing so, without the spiritual element in tact, the memory and sensuality of experiences would be gone, this is the ‘incineration’ of identity that results (s)in the severing of the energetic tie from the individual identity and the original creative force which is overall harmonious.

      The pleasures of the individual over the collective is disharmonious and therefore leads directly into damnation or simply a dissolution of the balance of energies which permit self-awareness and free-will. One either uses free-will to preserve these original elements of divinity, self-expression, compassion, unity, the reasons for existence (otherwise there would be only chaos) or the capability to experience these aspects, self-awareness and free-will is lost. This is not punishment, this is simply the result of those actions to produce so much disharmony that the individual collection of energies must fragment and cannot be brought back together again. This is kind of like a washing machine cycle that moves to clean clothes that are so dirty, that the motion of cleaning them must be so abrasive that the clothes themselves are ripped apart fabric by fabric. We are energy and so our energy must be harmonious and unified, otherwise they will unwind and undo in time like a loose fabric ripping to pieces.

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      1. I know it’s all a tedious illusion. Is it all an “inside job” like in that Stallone film where he’s in a floating prison? Possible but after having all my previous lives unlocked, remembering how to get back to the pleroma/source only to be repeatedly met by boundary guardians blocking my exit.beings Described quite well in the emerald tablets. They are obviously a.i beings described before people had any concept of pixelated sprites. The Akashic is deemed meaningless as it has been infiltrated/overlayed with “illuminated” individuals ideas and concepts(all corruption). The “downloads” I received were blueprints to flying crafts…. of no use to me in my day to day life. The hive mind is another tempting apple. The use of it in my he right hands could really bring us together. Unfortunately at the moment it is like a dark web for demonic plans and scheming forthcoming false flag attack’s etc… Metatron’s stooges insulting me through scalar technology. Voice to skull with American accents telling me to check out Matthew 24😂 I have been here since the “beginning” of this real-m.


  4. These clones are really pissing me off. I’m starting to imagine what they could do if they wanted to mess with us. Send out another version ahead of time, mess up our lives, ruin relationships, seed doubt, the list goes on and on, if used with gang stalking and VOG tech, .. Oh it’s not good bro. I’m not saying its the clones fault, just WTF. I thought it was just me but now I’m seeing them more and more.. Oh boy… I’m not angry at you, at least the the version I have come to know and love, but man… I’ve seen some shit, and I don’t like it. I hope it gets fixed. Even if we all look the same we should be able to discover our own individuality… This is BS. And I don’t think it’s going to help If I go calling them out. They are just clueless clones right? But its not just an anomaly anymore right? I’m starting to see them everywhere… Scary stuff. I just want to spread the love, but I’m angry. I don’t like it WHEN PEOPLE MESS WITH ME OR MY FRIENDS. WTF. I DONT LIKE IT BRO. GRRRRR.


  5. Enlil is Michael. Prince of the Heavenly Host. He cast down the forked tongued devil EnKi and with En.Ki/Lucifer came the traitors and rebels from the empire. When they fled here, the last bastion against the Light, they took hostage the peaceful beings tending to the gardens of Eden/Paradise. Robert Morning Sky was right in his Terra Papers that all that were here had their minds wiped about their past and a false history inserted. No one has had the complete picture, but the truth is now washing over this planet as the energy sweeps away the negativity.


    Setting the
    Record straight…
    The Unknown Truth about Enlil being Adoni, Jesus, Arch Angel Michael, Azazel (Sacrificial Goat-Jews), The Warrior Prince, Thor , and more…
    Also… The Truth About Enki being Lucifer, Satan and Loki.
    “This web page is in answer to the growing number of Enkites and Luciferians across the this nation and the world ‘claiming’ that Enlil and his Father An have no love for mankind. Enki claims that his brother and father are cruel and monstrous by seeking to wipe out the human race and all living things. This is of course, not true. Any true follower of Jesus Christ and his Father would know that this is a lie because they can feel the love that Jesus and his Father has for them in their hearts. This is just one of the many thousands of lies that Satan, Enki, or Lucifer, has made about his brother and Father.

    Lucifer/Enki/Satan IS the accuser of all human kind to God the Father and will be no more loyal to you now, then he was to you then as we are the same ‘characters’ in an ongoing play who are reborn lifetime after lifetime to come to this end. Lucifer’s chief problem with God and why he had to be ‘cast’ out of heaven to begin with was his jealousy of the creation of Human beings, and God’s own son Enlil/Michael/Jesus who are all one.


    1. Enlil/AA Michael /Christ/Thor and whoever else Enlil must surely know intimately, seeing hes his brother, And son of Anu. Must be familiar with know inside out how Enki ad whatever associated dark forces with him , think and plan and strategise. (cant remember where I read it but it stuck, the name Jesus isn’t to be trusted, Christ is the true name. That said, the Jews and Talmud hate Jesus but that and the jews is all a mind controlled mess. My best opinion thought on the jewish conundrum is, normal everyday jews born into that system getting circumscised are the biggest victims and art of some horrific distorted black cube saturnian cult hiding in plain sight they didn’t agree to be part of and are sadly brainwashed into . Anyway)

      My point is Enlil must know the energy patterns and ways of Enki Lucifer well. Enlil must be here too. Whis Enlil? For Enlil to function here at all to counter the insanity of his brother Enki. He mustn’t just understand Enki’s thinking and mindset and motivations. But infiltrate deep behind enemy lines and pose as the enemy before getting switched activated etc. .

      Just like you have done Orionra. Leaving Donald Trump aside, yes its pretty damning hes Enki. There must be many beings just like you who have come in here, and hold positions in various militaties and secret societies and corporations and governments in an infiltrated sense. And are like you. And stakes risks must be really high and dangerous, they must keep thir cover, but stymie jeaporadise thwart at just the right time without the trail leading to them. I see this is as perfectly possible as happening.

      Its is extremely depressing and a shock for the realisation to happen, what youre saying The doors have been shut and locked on this realm, And we have basically been left to get on with it with Satanist evil imbeciles left to extract as much energy as possible from this realm before it implodes into pure real hell much more than it is now. Powerful good caring loving beings in other dimensions wouldn’t do this to us. Leave us like this with a hell ending all to face. Ok I get they might, out of necessity have shut all doors, stargates out of here or whatever to contain this situation. But wouldn’t have done it if the right support was here already and above us to interact above. For example, are the reports and videos of Elon Musks launches for his 5G or whatever network , getting shot down. UFOs flying shooting them down. Is that false? Aug said at the 5 hr mark approx. with pattie Brassard, he was on an electrogravitic craft that shot down a Musk launch in 2015.

      We have help. Yes the Satanists are doing their best to harvest as much energy and grind us down into oblivion here. But we have powerful help I firmly feel this. Rothschild burning down of Paradise homes leaving the trees intact, horrific as it is, im sure Rothschilds would have burned all of California down and beyond if they could have. This is a hostage quarantine situation yes. If I was on the outside what would I have done? Made big and extensive long term plans to infiltrate infiltrate infiltrate and once the doors got shut on this realm at a certain point, things could be helped massively inside. With forces outside waiting to help however and wait for the big event. Yes things are going to be somewhat messy. Surely not as annihinatingly awful as you are saying. I don’t feel this. Im saying this from my mind as a strategist tactician in this quarantine Mexican standoff situation.


        1. These wars aren’t the wars for liberation. It won’t be good vs evil. The liberation and the war has nothing to do with physical armies. Everything here is about suffering and adding to that is not something good beings would do. This is all a chess game with the negatives at the top playing people against each other and most of the top command at each level are negative/demonic. Overshadowed possessed hybrid cloned created garbage.

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          1. Its a pretty bleak horrendous picture then. To discover be trapped in a closed off realm asylum such as this in 2018. In all seriousness then, should decent upstanding Spirit coming down through them beings who wish well to all, want to help all, those who see and feel the truth around. If they have children and families or no children and just loved ones. Taking forward the situation and logic of what you say then shouldn’t isn’t the logical prpgression before things get too horrendously bad. A caring awake would take an overdose infused in tea and give it to his loved ones so we all die and escape together without the energy harvesting agony of what they have in mind? The end is coming anyway. What difference does it make if we wait until the very agonising end. Or take a dignified calm way out avoiding terror and trauma? What you describe is an insane satanic asylum where the higher powers dimensions have taken the decision to lock the doors shut , energy doors, and leave us to fight it out here and its doom and fucking horrendous gloom. And worse. If I was outside of this quarantine, I would never never never never have given up on those good beings inside and fought tooth and nail to help them have a safe pathway out. Horrendous ends in this 3D physical life from 2018 onwards, Why the fuck did I incarnate here now?

            Why not just end it and help my loved ones too without knowing it giving them tea?

            Why am I here? Why have I incarnated now? Is all the hopeful stuff Aug saysn on here how there are hyperdimensional groups and more helping us to shift out of this situation, nonsense?


            1. Not at all. You misinterpret what I say. I feel this is why Men Scryfa moved on as he didn’t feel you were ready to hear the stuff he tried to help you figure out. It’s only doom and gloom if you think the physical is all there is. As well, the survival instinct kicks in and you fight to save a dying system. As for the ones coming to help…would you rather they be like the Americans and come in guns blazing and lose many good beings in the process? Everything is much more complicated than that. Suicide is never the answer. If you value yourself as a false being then you’d be drained…I for one am not giving into this system and stand with the one true light. Uncorruptable.

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              1. I had a prophetic dream a while ago that the Russians secretly blew up a bridge and blamed it on the US which is what started WW3. I recently had a dream of being on a boat with the 4 angels of the apocalypse. I’d laugh if this things escalates to that. Not much time left and I feel almost no one is ready mentally and very few spiritually.



  6. Beside the massive war the parasitic ruling elites are creating, there’s also an economic collapse coming soon that will be far worse than 2008. They propped up the ailing economic system with more debt and never fixed the systems. Everything will be engineered for massive worldwide unrest and massive death tolls for the energy drainage. As these false light beings will be killed off they will then resupply that energy back into their archontic overlords to keep this trap system going for longer…or so they hope. The system has been cut off from energy and no new energy is coming in. Only the clearing energy but that’s unusable. These games being played will get bigger and bigger. Adam asked me why there aren’t more 9/11 style attacks. There are. 9/11 in and of itself was to coalesce all timelines into one as a focal point as the divergences have been too many and to control so many has been too great of a strain on them. They used it to consolidate the world view into one realm…one timeline. There have been many great disasters since then. How has fukushima been going? BP oil spill? Targeted hurricanes at specific spots in the US? How many planes have been suddenly crashing when before they were touted as the safest modes of travel? Ethnic cleansing in China of the muslim Uygurs and the rohingna muslims in myanmar is it? etc etc. Just because it’s not white lives that are taken doesn’t mean thousands and more don’t die almost every month in mass attacks. Look at Africa…the butchering of people has increased. Massive die offs are being covered up. If you’d only know how truly dark this world is…you’d not be trying to save it and wasting your time, but work on yourself and go home before it’s too late.


    1. But mamma, I feel so low
      Mamma, where do I go?
      Mamma, what do I know?
      Mamma, we reap what we sow
      They always said that you knew best
      But this little bird’s fallen out of that nest now
      I’ve got a feeling that it might have been blessed
      So I’ve just got to put these wings to test

      I look up to the little bird
      That glides across the sky
      He sings the clearest melody
      It makes me want to cry
      It makes me want to sit right down
      And cry, cry, cry, yeah

      I walk along the city streets
      So dark with rage and fear
      And I, I wish that I could be that bird
      And fly away from here
      I wish I had the wings to fly away from here, yeah

      But mamma, I feel so low
      Mamma, where do I go?
      Mamma, what do I know?
      Mamma, we reap what we sow
      They always said that you knew best
      But this little bird’s fallen out of that nest now
      I’ve got a feeling that it might have been blessed
      So I’ve just got to put these wings to test

      For I am just a troubled soul
      Who’s weighted
      Weighted to the ground
      Give me the strength to carry on
      Till I can lay my burden down
      Give me the strength to lay this burden down, down, down, yeah
      Give me the strength to lay it down
      Lay it down, lay it down

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  7. What is it really? I can say it’s something I look at when anxiety and frequency sounds are at their loudest. Like everything, I’m sure it’s for show but what is it “really showing”? Some will say it’s for the bettering of humanity, some say its to hold them back from waking. I just look at it and wonder.


  8. To know all of these things, that never leave your thoughts day to day and still have to live among family, kids, grandkids, who only think and live in this false. Being isolated would make this so much easier. But it’s not about comfort, is it? The only joy I find is in the kids. Ironically, the things I hear that happen to a lot of kids is also where the most heartbreak is also felt! So much healing needs to happen. Healing and forgiveness in the area we see as dark as well as light. Some would disagree but my compassion is for all and not just the few.

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    1. The question they’ve replied to below cant be copied and pasted as its in an image format not text. But I encourage you to go halfway down this page to see the question. The headlines page stays about 24 hrs until they remove it as its meant for email saving

      Our Reply: Freedom and love rule even this realm of the “devil” with their eternal power and karmic control. The new deal of the devil tries to draw us down into sub-earthly realms of evil as the counterbalance to the fact that ascension for one third of humanity has already begun. And, yes, you are quite right in your assessment of the situation; just add hope, the obvious hope that has kept humanity evolving thus so far. Don’t be discouraged when you see two thirds of humanity falling for the plan to draw them down instead of up. Everyone “makes it” at their own level and in their own time. It is hard to witness such evil, ignorance, and the path of perdition so clearly spelled out in the seven deadly sins. But if someone chooses that path of evil, they can also choose to leave that path and ascend. Humans must chose to ascend; they cannot be forced to do so. Be encouraged to seek your holy grail and find your higher self so that, then, you may help others on their path up the mountain. Levity is the key as it brings us mercy, grace, hope and love.


    2. Free Energy and Free Thinking – by Robert Otey
      This is how SYNCHRONICITY points to the experience of a higher dimension. It is the amazing flow that is beyond time and space that leads to a place of surprising connections. When it happens to you, you may be left speechless at the wondrous way life circumstances fell into this special arrangement. Robert continues to send the AIM community his thanks for helping him through this (Paradise) attack. He is looking forward to getting back to his property and continuing his work with the Chesterhedron. And we plan on being with him for the journey.
      Frank Chester – The Chestahedron – The Wonder of Seven


  9. It’s funny that out of almost everything happening, to find out whether or not Donald truly wrote all that music is what I’m really looking forward to discovering. Music is my biggest passion and as it turns out, my favorite songs growing up have effectively almost all been written by him. If it turns out true – what a fucking story! I still can’t compute the meaning and impact of having contributed so much to people’s lives yet you got literally zero back in return. Instead, you got abused and exploited more. I know many have various incredible stories to their lives, including ofc Aug, but this is one of the most intriguing ones – at least for me. I’m still waiting for Aug’s stories…. I know he has plenty to share! ;) Too humble? Thanks.


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