Parasite Die-Off Symptoms

You have to cleanse the parasites out. We all have them. I must’ve eaten animal products that were contaminated as I stopped eat meat but have here and there. Going through a cleanse almost killed me.

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12 Parasite Die-off Symptoms and How to Fight Them

October 10, 2018
Twelve Parasite Die-off Symptoms and How to Fight Them
Article Summary

Parasites are incredibly common, even in first-world countries. You can pick them up from drinking contaminated water, eating undercooked meat or fish, handling animals, swimming in infested bodies of water, or even using a public restroom.
Common signs that you might be hosting parasites include digestive issues (diarrhea, bloating, gas, constipation), recurrent skin rashes, teeth grinding at night, unexplained aching in your joints or muscles, mood disorders, itching, food or chemical sensitivity, brain fog, fatigue, and many other symptoms.
Humans can host a variety of parasitic bugs, from liver flukes, to tapeworms, pinworms, hookworms, and more. Parasites vary in size from microscopically small to many feet long.
Removing parasites from the body is a great step toward holistic healing, but it is possible to experience some symptoms as the parasites are dying and releasing toxins. It’s important to know how to support your body through this process.
When removing parasites from the body, it’s possible to feel worse because you feel better. Commonly referred to as “die-off,” one might experience cold- or flu-like symptoms, chills, headaches, anxiety, or others.
There are plenty of options to ease discomfort during a parasite cleanse. You can support your drainage pathways, perform coffee enemas, take binders, hop in a detox bath, drink lots of lemon water, and make sure your bowels are moving.
Make sure to get sufficient rest during a parasite cleanse, especially if you’re experiencing a Herxheimer (healing) reaction. Be gentle with your body, slow down, and make sure you’re giving yourself all the support you need.

Dealing with Parasites

By definition, parasites are organisms that live inside a host and intercept nutrients, essentially leaving you with just the leftovers…and maybe some nutritional deficiencies, too. No matter how healthy you eat, these pathogens are preventing you from receiving all the vitamins and minerals from your food..

Dealing with parasites is something you can do safely from home, as long as you have the right protocol and supplements. Even “healthy” people (those not experiencing uncomfortable, daily symptoms) can elect to complete a parasite cleanse in search for optimal health. Generally, these people need to cleanse for about 90 days, while those with more complicated infections or chronic illnesses may need much longer.
Parasite Symptoms

Since there are so many different types of parasites, the symptoms are varied. Tapeworms, for example, cause very different symptoms than roundworms or hookworms.

Often, digestive issues are a sign that you might be hosting parasites. Do you have unexplained diarrhea, bloating, gas, or constipation? You might look into clearing parasites out of your GI tract or bile duct.

Some other symptoms of parasites include the following:

Skin rashes
Itching, especially rectally at night
Teeth grinding
Unexplained aches and pains in either joints or muscles
Food sensitivities
Chemical sensitivities
Brain fog
Fatigue, lethargy
Mood disorders
Stomach pain, tenderness, or cramping
Weight loss

Die Off Symptoms and How to Combat Them

When an “eradication agent” is introduced to the body, parasites die. They release inflammatory toxins that alert your body to pay attention, and expel them as fast as possible. This can be uncomfortable, but as long as you’re prepared and have the right tools in the house to deal with these reactions, you’ll have a much easier time.

Parasites can release neurotoxins, heavy metals, viruses, and other toxins, which enter into the interstitial fluid that surrounds the tissue cells. These toxins then travel to the lymphatic system, which helps filter your body’s waste. Next, they head to the spleen, lymph nodes, or liver to be further filtered, and then sent to other drainage organs (like your kidneys, bladder, colon, or even your breath and skin).

The trouble is, especially if you’re chronically ill, some of these detoxification organs can be blocked. This means the toxins can recirculate in the body as they wait to be detoxified, and that’s what typically causes die-off symptoms.

Die-off is sometimes necessary to endure, because the very thing causing the drainage trouble can often be the parasites themselves. Parasites love the liver and bile duct, but also many of the other elimination organs. The more you work on eradicating parasites, the easier these reactions can become.
Symptom: Headache

Headaches are one of the most common symptoms of any kind of detox. They can occur as your body adjusts to your parasite cleanse diet (avoiding caffeine and sugar), or because of parasite activity in your head. Sometimes, these type of headaches can co-occur with sensitivity to light and nausea.

Fight It:

Try some Frankincense oil or WO China Healing oil on your temples, across your forehead, and on the back of your neck. Make sure you’re well-hydrated, as headaches can easily worsen due to dehydration.

Adding the juice of half a lemon to your water keeps your body alkaline and gives your immune system a boost of Vitamin C. Richard Horowitz, MD, a well-known Lyme doctor, also recommends adding two tablets of Alka-Seltzer Gold to help reduce the effects of a Herxheimer reaction.
Symptom: Aches and Pains

Another very common, but uncomfortable, detox symptom is an aching body. Your muscles, joints, or even organs may hurt as a result of your body eliminating toxic waste while parasites die.

Fight It:

Try an epsom salt or magnesium chloride bath. This helps pull toxins from the skin, and also replenishes the magnesium in your body, one of the first things you burn through during stress.
Symptom: Fatigue

Fatigue is one of the most common complaints during a parasite cleanse. It’s tough on your body to process and eliminate the toxins released when killing parasites, so be gentle with yourself. Most people begin to regain vitality and energy after spending some time on the parasite protocol.

Fight It:

Sleep is vital, not only for fighting fatigue, but also for giving your body the time and space it needs for healing. Be sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep, if possible. Go easy on the exercise, and replace your cardio or kickboxing with some gentle yin yoga or stretching, at least until your body has had some time to recover. B vitamins can also help combat fatigue.
Symptom: Skin Rashes

Skin is an organ of elimination, and sometimes your body tries to eliminate toxins in this way. You might experience rashes, skin sores, flare ups of eczema or psoriasis, dry skin, or a number of other rash-like symptoms. The good news, though, is that these typically resolve on their own in just a few days.

Fight It:

Dry skin brushing is a good way to stimulate your lymphatic system and also slough off that dead, toxin-containing skin. Use a soft, firm brush with natural bristles, and always brush toward your heart. It’s best to skin brush once or twice a day, ideally before a shower. Additionally, coconut oil with some tea tree oil is a great way to help your skin rashes heal a bit faster.
Symptom: Emotional and Neurological Disorders

Many parasitic infections, like toxoplasma gondii, can be responsible for disorders like OCD and generalized anxiety (Akaltun). Additionally, certain neurological symptoms can flare during a “die-off” reaction. In a 2013 study published inJAMA Neurologytook cerebrospinal fluid at the peak of a 55-year-old man’s Herxheimer reaction, and found elevated cytokines (particularly interleukins), which returned to normal when the reaction was finished. These white blood cells help stimulate an immune response (including inflammation) in response to a trigger or toxin. Though it’s difficult to foster this mindset, bear in mind that die-off reactions mean that your body is working hard to eliminate the toxins for you…and sometimes, you just have to ride through the anxiety or depression.

Fight It:

EFT is a wonderful tool for processing emotional trauma. You can also look into programs like Gupta and DNRS, which help you rewire trauma loops in your limbic system without the use of supplements or drugs. Braintap is another great resource for working through temporary anxiety due to die-off. It’s a set of headphones and “glasses” you can use to listen to relaxing meditations and visualizations. The light, tones, and “auriculotherapy” (trigger points in your ears activated by frequencies) all work together to create a relaxing experience.
Symptom: Anxiety and Depression

Parasitic infections, especially food-borne ones, can be responsible for depression, anxiety, and even schizophrenia. Certain parasites,metacestodes of Taenia solium, actually influence the neurotransmitter pathways, affecting serotonin, Gaba, and dopamine levels (Bolton). Since Herxheimer reactions can sometimes cause flare-ups of current symptoms, some experience

35 thoughts on “Parasite Die-Off Symptoms

  1. 5G and Smartmeters and GWEN towers and all other phone towers and everything else interact with things very relevant to whats on this thread and Post, intestinal parasites and parasite and die off and how the EMF and blue artificial light lack of sunlight onslaught interacts with our gut microbiome and overgrowth of bad things. Light, equatorial sunlight sculpts the gut bacteria therefore indoor lifestyles, lack of sun from chemtrails, and northern latitudes, with the added sledgehammer of the EMFs all around us. its chilling to see become aware of the effects on our gut microbiome, our whole bodies.
    This is not an endorsement for a specific product, but many of you wrote and asked if there were protective measures for the smart meter. Just keep in mind that the smart meter-5G-chemtrailing issues need to stay top priority, even if you are able to mitigate the radiation of your household

    Got a Smart Meter? This Safety Device Blocks 98% of the Radiation


  2. Hahahah. Timing could not be worse. I can’t wait to tell you one day all the crazy things that I’ve been through but I understand why it must be this way. When this is all over there will be much wine and bread, bugs & honey. Until then, just know I don’t trust that shit anymore on the inside.. it needs to be all out there now. Too many options, and the fucking clones are driving me nuts. . hahahahaha. So funny man.. So mote it be. Thanks always, for you and for them. Now & Forever.

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  3. Certainly no going back to sleep, literally, after sitting straight up from a dream because you hear yourself say, ” you’ve got a little bit more to worry about than parasites, you have all become the parasites. The mind virus you had is, the AI virus, that takes over worlds.”
    I’m writing this now, because I will probably forget later. The 90s, when we got our computer/internet, when I started seeing 1111. Was this when that intity/infection, dark cloud rolled through technology, infecting the world? Were the resets/reboots,attempts to clear it out or did it crash the system and a resets were the only way to keep total annilation from occurring? I don’t know how accurate my thoughts are at the moment. Tinnitus frequency sound is too loud and moving like waves through an aching head. This is a very simple and short writing of ideas that I woke up to. This has happened before and I forgot. The only difference this time is me writing it here😑.

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        1. I noticed a lot more times lately of one completely stopping for a few seconds, Like a deafness in one ear. I’ll even turn my head expecting to see something standing there but I don’t. Trying to figure these things out is frustrating.

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          1. As I used to do summoning before I’m more sensitive to what’s around me. Demonics are cold intense and you feel like they’re staring at you…most angels are thoughtforms of the demiurge and are low vibrating parasites that produce that high pitch noise usually in the left ear.

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            1. I’m sensitive to whats around me as well. I think its for the best I haven’t experimented with summoning, opening Pandoras box who knows what might have happened. A few years ago post 2013 I thought this was what I must get into, in a white magic sense to know the multidimensional truth of the universe and just what this strange place is, id opened my eyes to. But then realised best not to, like knocking sticks of dynamite together playing with fire if I didn’t know what i was doing.
              Now the shock this last year considering that a lot of these types of things, demiurgic angels, demons, which are either artificial (egregore is it?) thoughtforms creations. Which I cant imagine the point of someone making an egregore angelic thoughtform……unless to act as an extension of their consciousness will to do their bidding manifesting somehow. Or organic beings sub universe or higher universe trapped or AI beings. All seem to be trapped around us in an ancient technologcally maintained mulridimensional fake heaven.

              Yes ive had the high pitched noise in the left ear, and in both. As a boy in both in the silence. I have a very defiant nonconformist streak and this was at school and in the workplace, and im sure parasites and demonics have been around me and im equally defiant not scared of them and now time is going on understand ways they might be operating .

              Hubble telescope is nonsense fake imagery. Views of our Milky Way Galaxy, as well as Andromeda and others, and all the nebulae and more. Is this within all part of the Enki and whatever else time dilated stretched quarantine holodeck prison realm? Is it the entire ”physical universe”? Or looking out on Hubble images are we looking at the etheric Free subquantum realms and more too? Or are we looking out at all of Enki etcs Creation Prison? Or is it just more localised, the zodiac star constellations? I read somewhere, its this Galaxy we are in is the prison creation.

              What im driving at is, the fake heaven Astral realm memory wiping soul recycling ancient technology zone. Is it a physically local zone place around us? Or does it encompass all hubble sees? The etheric dimension isn’t part of the quarantine I don’t think.

              Assorted thoughts.


              1. As Aug said…it’s all in your mind. Why be afraid of your own shadow? and shadows they are. You’re not meant to summon anything. No one should and only those fools that seek to control others do so. I did it for a different purpose and have stated why many times. Recently I did say it’s to be able to read them and what they’re going to do. If you want a good scene of how little power these beings have…watch the end scene of Legend and how a little bit of light shining on the darkness incarnated makes it…disappear. I don’t imagine an enemy for myself to then delusionally go against, instead it’s to help free the trapped minds. Some trapped minds hold you prisoner, others are background decorations and not real at all, and a small percentage are trapped like in a sheep pen.


          2. Ive noticed specifically the last few days, my left ear, when relaxing , high pitched noise and instantly became suspicious, not so much thinking in terms of wolves in sheeps clothing so called angels low astral realm low vibrational beings. But more thinking troublemaking secret service using handheld psychpntronic weapons but im hardly Public Enemy No 1 that would warrant such a thing. So maybe it has been low frewuency angel type beings around. The left ear high pitched sound happened when using a smartphone on my bed. Its been said the time might be coming we should all stop using our smartphones. And lead a non wifi life, go back to how it used to be, a cable only internet access.
            But my high pitched deafness in one ear lasted a few minutes only. I was aware conscious of whatever was going on, Ive read that part of the secret of psychotronics effectiveness, is that people don’t know that it exists.
            by Dr. Lawrence Wilson
            © January 2014, L.D. Wilson Consultants, Inc.

            Psychotronics or psi warfare is the use of electronic machines to send beams of energy or frequencies directly to people’s brains and bodies through the air. This is the new stealth warfare. It is inexpensive and simple, and often hard to detect and defeat.
            The same method is used, at times, to brainwash people to believe certain information and not other information by making subtle suggestions to them via electronic beams or frequencies. For much more about brainwashing and hypnosis, please read Hypnosis And Brainwashing on this website.
            The science of psychotronics was developed over 100 years ago on earth, but has probably been used for much longer than that. The basic principles that are used are sometimes referred to as radionics.

            Radionics. Radionics is a method of transmitting energy, messages and even material items using mainly very high frequency currents at very low voltages. It is quite an amazing science that seems to defy the laws of physics. It can act at a distance, it can act almost instantaneously, and it affects the human brain, in particular, in unusual ways.
            It is, in fact, an etheric science, which means it uses laws of physics that have not been fully discovered and researched at this time. The ether is the substance that fills all space and all time. Etheric sciences are discussed in a number of articles on this website that are listed under the heading of spiritual development. This article, however, has to do with an abuse of etheric energy for negative purposes to harm others.
            Radionics and psychotronics can be used for healing. This is quite important to know. The purpose of this article is not to say that radionics or even psychotronics are bad. However, the main uses of these sciences at this time are as weapons, often called psi weapons.
            For example, one can broadcast frequencies that kill germs, stop cancers, calm the nervous system, reduce fear and so on. However, the same principles can and are being used to make people angry, incite violence, discourage people, sicken people, to oppose freedom and justice, and for many other negative purposes on planet earth. They are used by governments, as well as by other rogue groups that seek to control us.


            Unlike regular radio or television transmissions, radionic signals can affect millions of people all at once. They travel right through mountains, houses, and even bomb shelters. The high frequency waves travel through water easily, as well. For this reason, radionics is actually used, at times, to communicate with submarines because radio is not nearly as effective underwater. The waves also travel around the world and even through the earth from one side to the other. This is how penetrating these frequencies are.
            They are not really radio waves at all, though we can refer to them as waves. They are ripples in the ether or base material from which all matter is made. This is why they can penetrate anything material or physical, and do so almost instantaneously.


            We are all exposed to psi weapons and psi warfare today. It is unavoidable. Understanding it better can help you to be less affected. Here are some principles to help this effort:

            1. Psi weapons work best on weak minds. This means it works best on people who are already somewhat confused, mixed up and not sure of their principles. Therefore, be careful with your thoughts and feelings. Becoming a Christian, for example, can help a lot to reduce the effects of some psi warfare. The reason is that Christianity gives you a set of beliefs and a positive direction in life to help others and not to resent or commit violence. This can help you evaluate unwanted thoughts and let them go harmlessly.

            2. Psychotronics works best on sick bodies. It does not work nearly as well on healthy people. Perhaps for this reason, a properly designed nutritional balancing program is extremely helpful to overcome the effects of psychotronic warfare. This program will replenish hundreds of nutrients in the body, which enables the brain to function better. This can only be done by eating loads of cooked, and not raw vegetables. Please see the articles on this site about nutritional balancing for more information. Other healing methods may not work as well, perhaps because they do not work as deeply.

            3. A yin body is also more susceptible to radionic attacks. This is a very important principle. Part of nutritional balancing is to correct an imbalance in the bodies of most people that is called a yin condition. Yin means expanded, centrifugal in direction, feminine, weak and often very ill. To correct it, we use 1) cooked food, 2) eating some cooked meat daily , 3) very few and very targeted supplements only, 4) only one type of meditative exercise that makes the body more yang, and 5) the use of detoxification methods that make the body more yang, such as coffee enemas and a near infrared lamp sauna only.
            Other ways to make the body more yang are to avoid drinking reverse osmosis, distilled or alkaline water, avoid sex more than once a week, do not take many baths, stay out of victim thinking, and do not spend too much time on a cell phone or sitting close to a computer. Also, avoid most meditation exercises.
            Also, one must avoid all sugars, including most fruit and all fruit juices, and one must avoid alcohol, most medical drugs, and chemicals in the food. Vegetarians, and those who eat a lot of fruit and other raw food, as a rule, are much too yin and therefore more subject to this kind of mental poisoning. For more on this, read Yin And Yang Healing.

            4. Toxin removal is also very helpful. Near infrared sauna therapy and coffee enemas appear helpful as they can make the body more yang and help remove large quantities of poisons from the body in ways that other therapies I have seen cannot do.
            Removing toxic metals and toxic chemicals seems to weaken radionic effects. It appears that radionic and psychotronic methods act upon or through toxic metals in the body. As the body “lightens up” by removing these metals, it is far less subject to these effects. Correcting the toxic metal problem, which affects everyone today, is central to nutritional balancing science. To learn about how to remove toxic metals, read Toxic Metals on this site.
            Note: Chelation therapy of any kind, incidentally, appears much less effective against psi weapons than nutritional balancing. I am not sure why this is so, but it may be because it damages the body slightly. Please read Chelation Therapy on this website.

            In summary, the only defense against psychotronic warfare is to know about it, guard your thoughts, improve your health and make the body more yang in Chinese medical terminolgy. If you do this you will be less subject to the subliminal messages and rather dangerous and horribly negative post-hypnotic suggestions that are broadcast everywhere these days.


            Ignorance is a key to the success of psychotronics. While it may seem like a scary subject, one need not be afraid. Like some other secret weapons, this one depends upon your ignorance of it for it to be very effective. Once you have read and understood this short article, you are already less subject to this particular form of warfare against your mind.
            The key is read and learn and question everything. This way, if your thoughts are not really your own, you will check what you are thinking with sources that you trust, hopefully including this website. If what is written here does not agree with your thoughts, you will then question the source of your thoughts, knowing that others can implant suggestions in your mind subliminally and quite powerfully if they so desire. This is not science-fiction, but it is the reality today.




    Supplements all lack due to processed foods and poor diet include potassium, iodine, magnesium, priobotics, all A thru K vitamins, PLUS ADD:

    Turmeric ROOT in liquid form, ginger ROOT raw are essential.

    anti-parasitic, anti-fungal remedies ARE CRUCIAL EVERYDAY

    Black Walnut hull


    Cayenne 50,000 heat)




    Pau di Arco

    Clove bud

    This will keep flare ups to a minimum. Avoiding ALL REFINED sugar and substituting organic stevia will significantly reduce biofilm which creates a strong barrier which protects these organisms from being penetrated and destroyed.

    Due to it’s Bioweaponry, a protocol will have to be tinkered with often as it becomes resistant to consistency, varying the protocol as needed.

    Keeping stress and fear in a neutral non-existence is extremely crucial in avoiding activation of it’s systemic properties. THIS IS SOMETHING ALL CAN FOLLOW FOR RESULTS.

    Simply a raise in your vibrational energy can trigger and “awaken” and activate the series of symptoms like clockwork.

    Scalar, EMF targeting attacks can occur also often from air and through electronic devices which also set off activation.

    This is a highly advanced AI form of Nanotechnology that was developed in a level 5 Bio-Weapons Research and Development Military Laboratory. The problem is this is very insidious and persistent, scientifically created to invade your cell structure & slowly decrease your overall immune system.

    Visually, there are noticeable changes in hair structure/loss/color, nails, tooth decay, skin elasticity and patches of white spots, and decreased muscle tone. It’s a slow process and usually affects those 40+

    It’s target is volitile in scale to many of us original spirits, customized to handle, control, and suppress our awakening and keep trauma in an active state of mind to self sabotage and self destruct. We deserve to be left alone to live our lives naturally, not to linger in a chronically sick condition such as this.

    Declare and take back your power with every side attack. No consent affirmations and thoughts that remain neutral.

    Knowing all this, with the energies heightened at this time with merging realities and layers, experiencing major purging whilst following the above is normal albeit the experience of it all can be a bit trying on the physical. Stay in Truth, awareness, knowledge, compassion and calmness as much as one can using meditation practices.

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    1. Not only this main helpful post but thakyou for posting this comment too. These are imporatant things are easy to forget get distracted by in todays world, always good to get reminders reinforcers of things, important ideas and concepts.


  5. We have to be truthful in revealing that bio nanotechnology ! (Nanites) ate present in our bodies which when the right electromagnetic frequency – energy of An individual experiencing a high level of trauma triggers, spiraling into emotional ups and downs that lead to poor diet sleep and lack of self care. That’s all it takes which activates the inactive nanofibrous material targeting the immune system. Trauma stress emotional degradation is like a switch that feeds this mycoplasma parasitic infection that unleashes a bacterial fungal like biofilm to protect it from destruction while it destroys you.

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  6. I have much input for this as I’ve been purging for a year now. The activation of this was always so much for during the traumatic times of the dark night of the soul or the other term used to describe our own living hell before our false identity death before we unraveling reurning And becoming again. It was not spoken about nor was I to do anything but figure it out myself and create protocol to keep under control. Otherwise I’d be considered mentally delusional. I see it know it’s purpose and right now we are all utilizeing our inner fire to burn it and purge. I add more to the post but thank you for putting this out it’s Crucial especially those who haven’t experienced yet.

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    1. Ive read that doing coffee enemas, boiling simmering the coffee , 3 tablespoons, for 12 mins letting it cool, then lying on a towel on bathroom floor treating like a spa detoxification experience. Retaining that enema for 20 mins. on the floor. And then as well for extra synergy power at the same time. Shiining a 250 watt Near Infra Red Phillips bulb in an appropriate bulb holder which can be bought at poultry suppliers, on the abdomen during the coffee enema. All assists liver detoxification and making conditions favourable in the intestine making it tighter, more yang, of course as you said a no sugar diet.

      Also, but this takes more planning and time. The Andreas Moritz liverstone duct channel and gallstone clearing protocol. Clearing the body of accumulated liver stones not only clears the liver acupuncture meridien, it has loads of interesting exciting knock on effects for health and the whole body and seems to be a vital 21st century anti chemtrail anti globalist anti Morgellons anti………fill black space. strategy. Coffee enemas seem longer term of done a few times a week and whilst powerful, are more gentle to shift out parasites and toxins. Wheras the andras Moritz protocol seems a more intense acute thing worth doing once a year.

      Click to access The_Amazing_Liver_And_Gallbladder_Flush_By_Andreas_Moritz.pdf


      1. With the amount of explosion that coffee enema will give you I doubt any parasite would be left in anyone…or anything else from the intestines, but good luck holding it back for that long lol :D if you want a real kick try a bodybuilding preworkout like C4 Extreme Energy.


        1. I’ve got a lot of experience with the coffee enemas – good times! Haven’t done one in over a year though… definitely need to do one soon. The discomfort comes in waves. You do get used to it. Really experienced users can hold it for hours. I generally am around 30 minutes :P There is definitely an exodus afterwards! lol

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          1. Glad there’s something we can laugh about :D
            Although I do take pre-workout supplements and habanero and other strong spices so it’s sometimes more painful than just funny lol


  7. Makes me not want to do it now that I’ve done the ketogenic no carb diet several times and it was high in meat lmao.

    This life here is quite disgusting. People attribute beauty to it when they’ve forgotten what true beauty is back in the real realms.

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    1. 2 Hyperlinks and needed moderation so heres one hyperlink, I know Aug’s busy
      ”If you saw the original Stargate movie with Kurt Russell, or even the Stargate TV series, you’ve certainly heard the term. Stargates, or portals into other dimensions, have always held a fascination for me since my own near-death experience in 2003. The ancients of early Egypt and Pre-Egyptian civilizations referred to them in their sacred texts as “Portals of the Gods” — stepping-stones to other dimensions of mind and matter. Are they real? Absolutely!

      Recently, I was invited to test drive a man-made Stargate device created by John Haan from Valkenswaard in the Netherlands. Haan had an incredible experience in a forest near his home back in October 1997 which transformed him on many levels. Ultimately, it led to information received on how to build his own Stargate for both healing and enlightenment. It’s an interesting story…”
      ”As soon as I saw Haan’s creation, I was intrigued by the Merkaba layout of his Stargate, as you can see from the picture. I quickly learned it is a two-dimensional form of the three-dimensional Merkaba, intended to create an experience of direct contact, deep inner purification and activation of the light body. I was game. Bring it on. I had done quite a bit of outer space exploration within the meditation state, so I climbed into the zero-gravity chair in the center of the Stargate grid, put on the headphones to listen to multidimensional tones, and went into my meditation mode. I quickly felt the energy of the Stargate crystal orbs. There was a tingling and buzz throughout my entire body. Haan’s device was working for me. Where it would take me was anyone’s guess.

      About midway through my 30-minute session, I found myself out in the cosmos hovering near our fiery Sun. Many may not know this, but the Sun is believed to be a huge Stargate. It has an immense black triangular patch on its surface which emits quick solar-like discharges of unknown origin. SOHO (NASA) photographs have identified this anomaly, yet scientists have no idea what these strange discharges are. I was soon to find out.

      Within my meditation, I found my mind projecting out into space to remote view the area on the Sun where these mysterious emissions originate. About 15 years ago, I learned how to remote view directly from Russell Targ of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI) in Palo Alto, California after meeting him at a friend’s New Year’s Eve party. Targ’s background teaching the military and CIA how to use remote long distance viewing for covert spying is legendary and worth checking out. CLICK HERE Anyone can acquire this skill with a little practice.

      In my remote viewing mode, I saw several huge spacecraft going into the Sun’s black triangular patch. They were the size of 2-3 football fields in length and were lined up like some cosmic Panama Canal awaiting passage. Curiosity got the better of me. I followed one of the large space vehicles into the Sun’s portal and suddenly found myself traveling through it at warp speed. To my surprise, I shot out on the other side into a multi-colored universe. Gone was the black space of our universe, replaced instead by the most incredible colors I had ever seen anywhere.

      At the opening to this other universe was an arc formation of Federation-like spaceships. I suddenly knew, with all certainty, that they were the “gatekeepers” to this dimension. I watched as each spacecraft coming through the Stargate was energetically scanned in a nanosecond of time for intent and purpose. I remember wondering if being in our solar system caused possible contamination and perhaps this welcoming committee was responsible for neutralizing such things. As each ship quickly passed the “gatekeepers” they shot off into space, each in a different stream of colored light. One ship exited on a burst of pure white light, another in purple. I knew that the specific color of light identified not only the occupants on the craft, but also their mission. It would be akin to flying the colored flag of one’s nation on an ocean-going ship here on Earth.
      Unfortunately, my 30-minute session was over too quickly and I found my awareness being pulled back to my physical body sitting in that wonderful anti-gravity chair back here on Earth. I never did get to follow those other spacecraft awaiting passage back through to our own solar system. It appears the passage goes both ways, which might explain those strange discharges from the Sun’s black patch. By all means, the Sun holds some pretty incredible secrets. The ancients knew and understood this and even referenced it on their artifacts (see the video). I definitely plan on going back to that Sun Stargate sometime soon in hopes of learning more–or as Captain Kirk would say: “to boldly go where no man has gone before.” Thank you John Haan for a wonderful enhancement tool to further our own explorations into that final frontier we call consciousness and space. ”

      Is our Sun a massive UFO Stargate? (5:47 mins)


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