Balanced Perspective

The goal is not to take or give life its to live in a way that is respectful of eternal truth. No prisoners taken. No unnecessary loss of life. No struggling. No negotiations unless its for leniency, avoidance of termination in exchange for what we need to move to the next step.

How do you solve the problem with the solution is susceptible to a reality manipulation system that can alter consciousness?

Move not within the parameters that define the body’s limitations in space and time, but within the informational network that is described by complex interactions across multiple layers of projection, encryption, syntax, formatting and media. The solution is only through achieving a union with our goal so complete in intent that our own divine nature is made apparent by the exaltation of our collective will to defend the present and secure the future.

There was a time when the threats were more quantum mechanical in nature, you grow your tree sideways it’s going to lean on way, kind of thing. Maybe now it’s all just those who put on the mask in an effort to cover up their decisions however we all have to deal with the same effects one way or another.

It is either coming out when the super humans stop by to say hello for a short segment and all the information that is currently shielded by the ‘jammer’ frequencies of disharmonic mind systems (generators and active intelligence denial and degeneration codes [consciousness viruses]), and then everything is all at once which will traumatize whoever is unprepared for that, for potentially as long as their causal body will permit meaning eternally for them.

Or we all get together before hand and have an ‘unveiling’ of the sorts, with the darkest of dark coming together with the most high in order to bring truth and self awareness to the world.

Long story short, the darkest of dark? They’re like that because the last time we waited until the higher ups stepped down to do the task for us. There’s no way out, if we get darker, they reflect back at us and push us farther down. It’s either impossible to overcome them, or they’re using a form of mixed AI and organic systems that enable virtually unlimited power and control with optional user interactivity, through tier being.

Every sentient life form is still traumatized and everyone who doesn’t take it seriously is so deeply traumatized that the very thought destabilizes their consciousness similar to what happened then, to the remnants of their ancestors that had not survived the event and saw what happens if they try to leave this place. Then the genetic bank was activated and recycled and the civilization restarted.

That is why it is so frightening, they are literally wrapped in the stars and celestial energies. Everything that we are too small to be able to handle is what they drape their being with in order to appear here, as a universe within themselves.

They literally just want us to get along or go with your purpose and yes some have a purpose to fight, however it is considered inappropriate to launch such a methodology, without control, across two different civilizations and with multiple experimental species.

Therefore, it’s still free will based. But the truth is slowly coming out. Personal grief is not the goal or point. Do not enter into battle with the dark forces on their grounds using their methods of exchange. They use deceptive tactics and use actions that have outcomes that are not understood and because the answer is hidden through hypnotism, meaning you will realize it layer, it will be played off as a legitimate defeat meaning it will gain effect overtime like a quantum consciousness virus that builds itself over time based on implanted fears and false beliefs that are permitted in one’s mind and the world when we do not perform the necessary mental (spiritual) hygiene. This results in a shadow form produced as emotional reaction which is then taken and used to generate an extra layer of feeling for those who only have a shadow and no conscious “above” the water form of persona apart from anyone else’s interaction with them.

Get it? This is acting as a transplant process that puts the next upper layer on the energy, mind matrix that is the living being. That upper layer for the beings that require this supplementary transdimensional operation, is the lowest layer that one can produce on Earth. It was within the frequency range of the previous cycle and so the information layers there are out of phase physically and relatively abstract. As a result, systems came about, more or less naturally, to make corrective movements and releasing, depressing changes to allow expression of that which was seeking liberation without outright detriment to others. (There is a difference)

It’s like jump starting the mind body matrix in the next universe over by tuning your cars engine to a specific, currently physically out of phase frequency triangulation and pumping the gas there.

This is all done by increasing self awareness. The requirements are to prove our intent through self awareness, compassion, knowledge, free will, and truth. Because this hasn’t been done here, and some have revelled in the lack of truth, we are suffering in ways that we cannot conceive physically here. Thus, it’s like a trick, an error, a mistake, a problem, a delusion, and a saga all in one.

We appear to be at another check point at this time. We appear to be at another check point at this time. Certain discoveries in the STEM field indicate this.

13 thoughts on “Balanced Perspective

  1. Hybridization of Humans

    Game IV – The False Ascension – The Hybrid Breeding of Humans: This is a game program that is still operational in the 4th and 5th Levels (dimensions) of the Human Evolutionary possibility. So we could say there is an agenda by the controller forces to hope that humans choose this game, as they will still have a way to manipulate the power source. Generally this path is opened to all those who do not want to see the truth, face their own shadow, as it hurts too much. This is about finding the willingness and the vigilance to do the Inner Alchemy to serve God Source, no matter what. There is work to do in there and it takes self responsibility to Accountability.

    Pain avoidance and fear is a huge controller of the masses of humans. Comfort zones (implants) to generate complacency will generally win out to control most of the human population. The controllers know this very well, and are expert in the field of manipulation and astral combat. It is primarily in this level of the game that the Controller Forces use frequency fields to create a NET that keeps humans “in their place”. As long as humans believe they are “free” they will never question the controllers about their personal sovereignty. They can dress this game up a notch, flash us some beautiful things to dazzle us, give us some technology to supposedly “save us” from ourselves. The agenda is then they can begin to introduce themselves to humans and possibly tout themselves as Gods, or Advanced Intelligences. Being “Gods” surely humans would easily want to intermingle and “breed” with them, creating a human super race?? (not!)

    Not to belabor this, however, an important key to remember in all situations is to preserve your Life force, your personal power – as directed with your full intention – by retaining the Self Sovereignty and Freedom of your Being. You are God, Period. You are the Cosmic Sovereign Law Made manifest, and it is your divine right to state your claim as such! Stay away from anything that is sucking on your energy, wanting your worship or claiming power or elitism over you.


    1. Thank you for sharing this!! Fantastic!! My teenage son can easily spend 10+ hours a day playing Fortnite online with his friends. He has no interest in this reality when he can be on a fantastic island full of guns, cars and his best friends. Plus the predictive programming of player one film and Elon’s neural lace in the “pipeline” it breaks my heart, families will be torn, the divide will be truly painful for some.


  2. Yes Aug you are liked by many and thought about many of us are aligned compassionately and otherwise wuith the Aug Tellez we have seen and got to know and the posts and videos you’ve made and you are not alone. Many of us powerfully wish you well and hope powerful hyperdimensional groups are looking out for you. Thanks.

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  3. Look bro. 10 days locked up. I’m headed out east to somehow buy a house and rescue the princess. If we can do something more, jump on or out a plane or whatever. I’m blind here and am just going to assume you got everything covered, otherwise, I AM READY. no more carrots. Big Bear and Christian…. We can do this I just don’t know anything and that’s fine with me, I love flying solo, right? I’m just worried a bit about the health thing they already tried to give me the third and that is SOOOO FUPED… madness bro.. madness… I would… you know. you know. I’ll keep it under 150 otherwise.. full speed forward. HA! HA!!!!!!! WWG1WGA TICKTOCK


  4. After sending this farewell broadcast, Michael appeared on the dispatching field of Salvington, just as on many previous occasions when preparing for departure to Uversa or Paradise except that he came alone. He concluded his statement of departure with these words: “I leave you but for a short season. Many of you, I know, would go with me, but whither I go you cannot come. That which I am about to do, you cannot do. I go to do the will of the Paradise Deities, and when I have finished my mission and have acquired this experience, I will return to my place among you.” And having thus spoken, Michael of Nebadon vanished from the sight of all those assembled and did not reappear for twenty years of standard time. In all Salvington, only the Divine Minister and Immanuel knew what was taking place, and the Union of Days shared his secret only with the chief executive of the universe, Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star.

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  5. Long story short, the darkest of dark? They’re like that because the last time we waited until the higher ups stepped down to do the task for us.


    1. You’re right. Trapped beings waited for a saviour that never came. Even Iesu Yeshua only showed you the way, but he wasn’t the whole rescue effort. There was no definitive way to help anyone out if they themselves didn’t do the work first. Now if only these stragglers left here would get off their hindquarters and do their work I could go and rest and recharge instead of spending all my energy here in this sticky mire.

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        1. I would relax, but I’m driven. The fire within won’t let me relax. No matter how much I want to skulk back into obscurity I get brought back into the limelight. I can feel we’re close to the end and my higher self is controlling the shell now…the lower self has been absorbed into the spirit/will the I AM made manifest. I had to give up control to become. This is the last chance for all to experience the most and learn the most before this exercise here ends it’s course. Experiment gone awry or not…it was an experience unlike any other.

          How have you been? Many here have been wondering just how Aug is doing privately. You are not alone.

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