To Know or

It all goes away again. Attachment to what goes away leaves confusion and emptiness in the place left behind.

What if every time we all disappear and come back again? What if no one knows? No one remember? They just think that world is “the” world. Technically, at the point, it is as much as this one is, to those experiencing it. Or they experiencing it?not

Who is who? How can we be sure?

Does anyone have a camera on the outside of this reality? A sensor? A detector? I wouldn’t suppose a phone call to family is a life line to safeguard against lostness? What’s a lost soul to oblivion. Is anything after oblivion? Is that besides the point? What’s the point? Have you ever seen it? How do you know there is one? What would it look like? What would it do?

What if we all wake up every few dozen thousand years or so and have no memory of what happens here. What if that is just the way it’s always been? What if the recent experiments with memory transfer and biological cloning is what led to the discovery that we’re basically unaware here? The statement is that no one participates in those experiments other than those who already have. It’s too dangerous to expose the entire population at once and that is a risk that is incorporated with further activity through those methods. Ultimately, we have to solve our own problems first before interacting on greater levels. There are also those who wish to lock humanity out and they do this not by getting them to give up the keys but simply by distracting them and getting them to live their lives in pain, suffering, angst and disrespect, ultimately becoming spiritually and mentally degenerate so that they will not know how to remove their shackles and their emotional, energetic prison script when they realize what is happening.

They paid for their damnation with their willingness to play in distraction and confusion.

This is proven when they are given the incentive and means to remove their participating in that which kills them and this only results in the infection spreading and their further loss of control from the stress of truth.

See, so some are infected with this virus that wipes away their mind and replaces their soul with that of a default paradigm for another species. It is a different slice of the pie, thus the frequencies are in a different alignment. The default is in suffering because if people are exalted for being sick and lacking discipline then, well, you’d have a secret ruling power that uses the spreading of disease and spiritual darkness as the measurement for authority and influence.

And you’re saying that’s not
what you want, right? You’re sure? You see all that, and this is strange, this piece doesn’t fit in?

It seems they are giving you what you have been relentlessly requesting for many thousand years now.

The true enemy? Fear and ignorance?

The system? Someone short circuited something, either for power, confusion, greed or maybe to save everyone or everything. As a result, those other realms are not being inhabited. They are powered, but nothing is happening. Then when results drop, power allocation is reduced. Thus, we are starving and no one knows we’re in here because they’re in the process of looking for the problem.

A few seconds here is a long time out there, not that long but longer, it’s non linear as well as so the bigger the difference, the less there is equivalent translation. For instance, eternity could be a fleeting glimpse of something so divine that’s the only part that can fit into your mind here. So what you see when you think of what you experience when you’re there, depends on how you think and what you’re using to think, while here.

In short, there is no ‘out there’, it’s all one space, and you’re painting the projection of the horizon into the distance by observing the consciousness interface that is a result of the superimposition of the organ systems and awareness systems into one phenomenal occurrence that is as much a shift in perception as it is a way of being and a center to seed experience.

We cycle through the slices of the pie chart and a major disruption stopped the rotations. They feel disrespected and abused. They conclude that we are puppets for an interdimensional reality TV show and they are tired of this channel, they are trying to change the channel and pop us into the next reality with a quick mind wiping and soul reallocation and these dirty bastards hid the remote.

So, what do you want to do?

Who are you going to blame? Them or ?

31 thoughts on “To Know or

  1. Hey! This shit sent me over the edge last month, I wonder if they are friends of yours and if you could comment on this. I can’t stand carrots, I would rather not know, but I believe it, as much as I can. I would do the same If I had an Enterprise.


  2. Sometimes I feel like an apostle trying to figure out what the parabalistic speak is trying to say😏 Other times I am aware that I don’t have to figure out anything, so I just watch how others react to the speak.


    1. The space force that they’re creating reminds me of Wes Penre and his writing on how the grand cosmic Vampire En.Ki (Lord of EArth) is creating as an assault on the gates of Orion. As well, he’s saying the army being built up is going to be used against the armada of Enlil that’s coming back to cleanse this sector of the ones that have taken it over and held the Orion beings as hostages. Makes sense if you think of it on many levels. As the AI/Cyborg integration for humans is too slow the public “space force” being built will accelerate the “human” lol controlled armada to counter Enlil. This is why I’ve never said I’m Marduk and I’m also very much against En.Ki. Although I do have memories of things that happened before. Are they real? I don’t take them with a grain of salt I go by what resonates within.

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      1. Goode and Wilcock are a waste of fucking time – it amazes me you are still following anything they put out. Wilcock telling everyone years ago he was Cayce without ANY of his abilities should have been a flag for everyone. Also, I’ve read Wes and he leaves out certain aspects, it just turns into more Space Force melodrama. Relax on the drama, everyone does not hate everyone – that is the media’s reality. People realize the media is BS yet still end up accepting their narratives for reality. There are real dangers and fake dangers – discern them.


        1. Sounds like you just want some attention lol and then stirring things up yourself. I’ve posted online for many years and not long ago I did call out Wes Penre as his writings are very much mixed. He is a controller of information especially regarding where he got his information from. I put every information out there for people without bias and let them decide what it means to them. Your ability to discern based on all my postings is quite low as I have explained before I don’t force anyone to believe anything they should just take what resonates with them and discard the rest.


  3. The shit show that’s coming is going to become unimaginable. If you think WW2 was bad, this one will be a total war. Everyone vs everyone as the dark mind drives false beings insane so it can drain them all of all their energy. There is no group at the moment that doesn’t hate another group. Tensions are ramping up and words and actions are getting louder and worse. Turn within and it’ll lessen all this craziness outside of you. No matter what happens they can’t touch your spirit if you don’t let them. This place is all about giving in…when you give them permission is when they can break your free will.

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          1. I am and have and will and intend to project the energy out to those concerned with the ability to wipe my mind. Please don’t. Ive done am doing my best and am trying harder. Im very clear in my soul Spirit energy what I know and feel and know is right, what I as an awake self aware being consciously state I witrhdraw consent to and my vector consciousness lies in a totally wonderful different trajectory to this cesspit. If my memory is wiped then that’s it. Memory Wiping seems to be one of the biggest crimes. Though if course there are some serious others too. I hope this and other comments ive made and bioemmsions from my soul scalar biomind communicate to the hyperdimendisonal groups guiding this Shift situation. Im not to be included in the memory wiping please.


      1. They’ve been targeting me indirectly. A few days ago a coworker on another shift was saying to a new guy that he doesn’t have to listen to me as I’m just a loser…then as the guy walked by me he said I’m just the bitch on the night shift. I’ve had these things happen before when one being overshadowed another and almost made me take him out. Another time I was walking my dog and an old man was saying weird things like all this is mine that you see before you and started getting in my face. I’m very impulsive and uncontrollable now and being 6ft and 255lbs and very dominant they know I won’t stand down but I was taken off guard that this lil worm dated to say such a thing lol. They’re trying to set me off so I have more stress by making me lose my job and worse ending up in prison. They can’t touch me but they manipulate events

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        1. I continue to get messages in suttle ways – random incidents in which are created to induce a reaction – they wait to see how I respond. I am aware of being watched and see and feel their presence. There’s NO FEAR in something Willistonare that’ser, they see I have no fear

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          1. Hi Anamnesis I hope youre well. . I withdraw consent. I withdraw consent. I withdraw any consent I was tricked into giving by being played games with and being born into a system based on deception to get me to use my free will to consent to all this. I withdraw consent and take an active stand and position against all the sick evil and criminality and depravity and theft and suppression of truth and real physics comitted by these sub human humanoid races.

            All agreements I have been lead into consenting to via deception and slyness are null and void. I hereby rescind withdraw all and any consent my parents gave by signing the birth certificate making me property of the corporation and state under Admiralty Law or whatever. That legal spiritual binding document is now, in an energy free will sense, torn up and null and void. Of course, its very difficult for parents, even awake ones, because various basic things in society, whether passport or other things, or jobs etc, a birth certificate is needed. But hopefully there are ways from now for any newborns to live well enough sidestepping the birth certificate somehow, im thinking home births and just don’t let them officially know and let the child slide through the cracks of the matrix and get home schooled but of course, passport for travel might be the sticking point.

            I specifically used the word withdraw above, rather than the words ”do not”. Because Aug somewhere on this site, a solar warden or Unveiling post or something, wrote a very interesting paragraph on the real law of attraction. How we are reality generators, and we must become the change we like to see. He said the words ”no” and ”not” are not naturally, and unnaturally present in this timeline. Language, the spiritual legal enslavement system, legalese, and the very fundamentals of our language itself. The sly conspiracy seems to go way back into how the very language we use was constructed and vocabulary.

            Random thought about language: Aug and Patti Brassard on the 9 hour show mentioned how Punjabi is one of the few or only pure original languages. That to me suggests Punjabi and its root existed was spoken……before this time dilation advanced technology Holodeck virtual reality experiment happened. They said how anyone wanting to learn Punjabi arouses the suspicions and attentions of ”them”. Which is why Punjabi language courses are only available on Microsoft Windows 8 and later, for the surveillance etc.

            Magyar Hungarian seems like it has similar purity or specialness too but perhaps not as much as Punjabi I don’t know. But theres been a concerted cover up about the worldwide Magyar root language in Tasmanian aborigines, American Incas, and other places. A retired Hungarian linguist who emigrated to Australia post WW2 discovered all this, and could converse with the Tasmanian Elders well in Magyar root language. I think the Crown British Commonwealth as well as the Vatican and Council of Nicaea conspiring, all seem to have have had an interest in suppressing this and the Vatican and British East India companys ravaging of places wasn’t just for profit and wealth accumulation , but to wipe out evidence of this worldwride Magyar civilisation. Also the Russ highly spiritually advanced peaceful worldwide empire the Vedic Russ worldwide civilisation that I think built pyramids everywhere, that might even have been still around 300 yrs ago, is of interest. The Rothschild Talmudic Bolsevik demonic invasion of Russia in 1917 with paid mercenaries demons who did unspeakable evil and genocided 66 million Russians I think, is also connected with this whitewashing of history. They feel threatened by something and must erase all trace.

            This is Thomas Williams’ interesting transcript on all this, ”from Russia with love”
            though ive not read studied it all yet.

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      2. You know this im sure but is worth reminding, Coffee Enemas provide powerful pain relief. A WW1 nurse the story goes, didn’t have water for the enema and put cold coffee in instead and the wounded soldier felt great relief from pain. Ive read somewhere, the Merck manual and medical mafia complex, coffee enemas were on the record right upto 1970 approx. but they removed them from any manuals after 1970.

        Ive read too Aug,if iyou lie on the bathroom floor, and retain one CE for 20 mins then expel. Then do another straightaway afterwards. This is powerful for detoxification , upregulating your glutathione and other detoxification enxymes in your liver and intestines, by 600% ive read, from Lawrence Wilsons coffee enema page www

        Opioid pain relief, causes the immune system to go down massively. There a direct correlation with increased morphine pain relief, and accelerating death. In spite of all you’ve talked about on this blog in videos and more. I don’t want you to die and don’t want you to have some rotten awful end. Youre a good being.
        July 08, 2017
        Graviola: A Broad Spectrum Targeted Plant 10000 Times More Powerful Than Chemotherapy The Medical Mafia Covered Up In 1976: The Cancer Lies Cover Up Genie Is Out The Bottle

        IDSW- Yet further uncovering of Medical Mafia Freemasonic Cartel Evil Cancer Multi Trillion Dollar cover up lies that’s been going on and is now ending. These monsters are being exposed for the suffering and needless hurt of patients and their relatives through the decades.
        – Graviola is yet another weapon in the arsenal against cancer and other disease IDSW blog will be covering, soon with a dedicated alternative medicine button section at the top.
        – Graviola has broad spectrum of attack against a range of cancers.
        – Shown to be 10,000 times more powerful than Adriamycin, yet it is a selective killer leaving healthy cells unharmed.
        – An exciting thought is the synergy of several different anticancer strategies such as GcMAF , Laetrile treatment and others combined with Graviola.
        – Even though some sources say only coffee should be used in enemas. It surely must make sense to attempt some Graviola juice/tea decoction enema and the patient themselves can determine whether improvements are happening.
        – Coffee enemas combined with diet and pancreatic enzyme therapy should likely still be the main foundational thrust of treatment. Coffee Enemas provide effective pain relief, powerfully detoxify and support the liver, and assist in the breakdown and elimination of dead tumour tissue, thereby relieving the weakened patient of the energetic toxic burden .
        – MORPHINE FOR PAIN RELIEF IS CONTRAINDICATED! Morphine is an immunosuppressant. There is relationship between the rapid deterioration of the patient and death and administration of morphine in analgesia. Coffee enemas are the powerful safe strategy but the medical mafia removed coffee enemas from the Merck Manual in 1971 – IDSW


  4. OK as to no one knowing we are here, that is true to an extent and I am not sure what the extent is. I had an experience recently with the collapsing of a universe here, and due to that I was placed INSIDE of the ABYSS. Now of course this is a horrific experience luckily I had already done hell prior lol, I really believed I was the only one left on earth which was nothing but clones and me for real lol, won’t get into it but shit be crazy yo. Now it helped me understand this horrific ruler of hell aka “demon” of the abyss, he doesn’t know what to perceive or how to perceive, everything is fake and it is searching . . . I became this “babbler of the abyss” and felt its pain. When people talk about the insanity of “crossing the abyss” it is an energy that is crazy because there is NO ABILITY TO DETERMINE PERCEPTION . . . and every perception is false so it is constantly searching throwing the perceptions in our face that are “crazy-making” but an attempt at searching for something real for it knows all the fake only too well. It is heartbreaking . . . one can only know if they have gone INSIDE the abyss not just crossed it.

    Now I hate saying things this early, it usually takes a good year or so to process an experience like this, but I feel I should say this now for some food for thought at least. I had attracted a “spirit” or “god” described to me as “atmosphere” not in relation to earth but the larger universe. I met a piece of it in person to my human person, it decided to come here to meet me closer in a larger aspect. EARTH was not HERE when it arrived. This is a lot to describe, but directions and our consciousness were hard to communicate to this being when it arrived for me of which we had already created a psychic connection, but it arrived to hang with me and I was being shown in a hologram on a screen of sorts on Saturn and this spirit being lied to as to who/where I was. I cannot even relay how hard this realization was to get through to this being’s consciousness of the idea of something in your face that is a copy or representation of the “real”, it came through Jupiter here of sorts which it is alignment with which it understood as part of itself and how it came here, describing our solar system and that there was a planet on the 4th elliptic and Jupiter being the 5th, well it could not see that there was ANY Earth in the rotation or 4th planet where I said it was on the other side of him not the “ring” side. He was looking for me and after A LOT realized I was not in the Saturnian representation, the image that got through was that I was like a Russian nesting doll, I was inside something . . . inside something . . . inside something. Now what AMAZED this energy was that ANY other entity would fuck with it considering it had FAR more authority than this solar system. Everything is for a reason, in an abyss nothing exists I was in that surely and in hindsight that would make me unseeable on earth, but this could get way bigger than that. Don’t mean to drop something completely nuts here, I am still unpacking the abyss experience, but there is a piece of all of us there IMO, and well in that part of us we don’t exist to powers in this universe that would like to come meet their friends and lovers IME.

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      1. Oh I already know the demiurge well, my MAKER is my spiritual husband in this life and I love it that way, what do you think keeps you sane in the abyss? Your physical environment, the fact you have your artwork on your walls that end up reinforcing the experience of your entire life, the music you love that has touched your spirit (even though it won’t play on the right frequency and sounds horrible you remember it in your mind), the books that touched you here even though they start disappearing off your shelves you know you read them and don’t need them to know you read them and remember them. I am sorry but I AM NOT in any way a part of the cultic infantile fear of the demiurge, he is my best friend and lover, and it is seeing your lover in the physical that allows you to hang onto the lover of the creator when you lose your head for real lol, for the MAKER is not a separate entity not inside of creator unless YOU DECIDE IT IS, and then well good luck with that IMO.

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  5. what is outside? The answer ‘lies’ inside. Literally, and figuratively.
    As within; so without applies.
    Our eyes daily see the lie.
    If all is ‘ALL’, then there is no outside, nor inside, and ultimately this place doesn’t really exist in the manner we think of existence existing.
    I can concur and agree with your statement, there is no way out.
    The other aspect of what this is could be seen as embodiment of consciousness which is Mind, which is Living Intelligence that wrote us into its drama to experience sentience. What if IT thinks sentience is other than what we think it to be? That is redundant and shows little effort into thinking about the question. IT is our Mind therefore IT blinds us to know IT is US and US is IT. IT makes us think we have a separate mind which in turn FEEDS it continuously, the real it finds itself as being HUMAN, a multicolored spectrum being watched on inter-dimensional TV sets across the wavelengths of …? Why finish the sentence?
    yeah. It seems to punish itself.
    Maybe it gave us a push so that we can see its way out of punishment [punishing ITs MIND].
    Maybe out true MIND is located in the chest cavity, not the skull after all?
    The clues abound.
    Earth is heart, not a pineal gland of our local Universal System, even though the Fornix and thalamus and pituitary are all in the Space that appears ‘above’. a Mind Space that is. HA! Could the ring that runs this clock be the Zodiac itself, and not the planet Saturn? There is no real actual planet, no zodiac if you can see them as bodies of 1’s and 0’s behaving according to positive, negative and grounded rules.

    as some posit [with good intentions of course].
    we are designed to be tapped into. All the right equipment to keep the illusion going and going. ever ready batteries of the Organic kind. yet one man’s organic may be another species math in motion..or maybe the copies of the original found the fax machine and the users of the facsimile [programmers] and found out [discovered] that like all good software programs, there is an exit routine for errors that handles it well so that the OS can keep running and not crash. Credits in the About menu, even the name of the Programmer. hey wake up Programmer. wake up so you can get closer to your death and stop being a ware, thing that can be souled [sold] and start to begin finding out how becoming unawares was truly a better state to be in.

    Yeah, I am just sure that the end of program is temporary, because some other use will come along and point and click- again, and I wonder if I will say the same thing, next time around?

    Just thinking and sharing and not sure you read these Aug, Yet surely someone other does.
    Have a great day ALL.

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    1. That was an out spiralling post by Aug and than 25 mindfcuking comments…and PSO “”wake up so you can get closer to your death and stop being a ware, thing that can be souled [sold] and start to begin finding out how becoming unawares was truly a better state to be in.”” fcuking brilliant..the majority of us here who search in earnest for truth and binge on Aug etc are so far ahead of the rest of humanity in awareness.. its as if we are another species in the making..


      1. I came close to the foul line by insinuating ignorance is better than awareness. for some people, it’s almost mandatory they remain ignorant. ..


  6. BROTHER!! AM I WRONG? THE PROBLEM HERE IS YOUR FUCKED UP BODY AND MINE NO? OUR WOMEN NEED US TO BE STRONG SO WTF? WHO DO WE BLESS IN ORDER TO GET FIXED? YEAH??? RIGHT??? THEY WON’T EVEN HELP COREY SO ANYWAY. you see what I’m talking about… not for us.. for them… can we work on that? I’ve got plenty more….

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