God of Pan

This realm was accessed.

It was inhabited.

The realm was expanded and we moved outward.

They didn’t touch the surface and attempted to sealed off the entryways.

The whole time we were here, we knew.

There was a little room down there were things were happening.

Now that the surface has grown, that place has grown.

Instead of one world, there were two grown here, like twins in the womb.

Two societies.

One is below, they grew, like a mirror image of the surface. Except, they know what is above. Yet, no one knows what is below. Sooner or later, the truth will have to be determined.

Why are you here? Ask yourself.

Is it worth it?

Do you know the cost of being here? The gain?

Will you stay and make this your home? Will you accept that this is a dimensional island that you cannot safely leave (move into wholeness) without assistance or interdimensional travel?

Will you accept defeat after the assistance becomes an invitation to self annihilation?

Will you hold strong or sell out your own family?

Are you the aggressor, or are do you respect the truth?

We are all on a spectrum, mapped out with our willingness to accept truth through self awareness with compassion and free will.

Those who choose to remain refined without moving into aggression, hate, angst (the suffering of the human condition) will not have to experience more of that.

Those who choose divine suffering will experience a world of that. It’s quite simply.

Everyone who’s experienced that. They’re “spooky wooky” guys that know greatness and have great power with their movements and intentions.

Or you just pretend none of this is happening and they’ll continue to harvest your planet because holy shit could you imagine an entire planet of souls going to waste!?

This should leave an aftertaste in your mouth. It should be slightly unpleasant.

The satanic, crazy, end of the world, supernatural realm breach event. That’s just when they invaded overtly last time. Much was lost and much was gained so it’s covert this weekend.

So how does one avoid that? You have to either be strong enough to go through their facilities without flipping out and running away from the horror show. If not, your mind is wiped and they do it again and again. The only one who can manage that is you. No one can go deep inside you and say, “Shh, don’t be afraid.” You have to do that to yourself in the moment of the stress.

If you fail. You have revelled in the essence of Pan. This is the most applicable response for those who do it. They see themselves as the bait, the prey, the catch. And in response, they squeal and run around making sure their fluffy little tail catches the eyes of all the biggest predators. You see? People are designed and what they do is the playing out of their program. If someone cannot get passed Pan the gatekeeper of energies? Then they will see Pan as the height of the God experience.

Those who are beyond Pan will seemingly control the very universe that those who are below cannot achieve. They will attain the knowledge and self awareness that is beyond the limitation of that which is accessible by those who revel and feed the beast (by playing with Pan) and those who cannot see or know will either be confused or they will claim that they do know, that they are smarter and stronger, and they will prove this by lashing out (playing with Pan).

So you see, it’s perfect, it can never be anything other than what it is, and what it is is stabilized in an eternal balance. We can offset the balance, but only by not being in control, therefore it’s impossible.

The only thing you can do is be in control. The only thing you’re capable of is fixing things. This doesn’t mean you’re the shit, it means we’ve been ourselves a matter of minutes and hours out of an entire lifetime and the rest of the time programs are playing to manage the population.

That system runs on the knowledge of the inner world and the demi-gods that represent the states of mind and the development of self. Where self is developed intentionally, that process is focused. Whether or not it is assisted or degenerated is always up to the level of self awareness, compassion, free will and knowledge of the one going through it.

When the programs are making choices for us, it’s just like sleepwalking. No one’s going to do anything, nothing special is going to happen. When the programs overlap and the one pulls knowledge from all aspects does one begin to wake up and interact and act on a scale that is beyond the previous.

Only when you do something that completely changes everything that was are you really in control and making change.

You must over come your fear, you must overcome your desire, you must overcome the very situation and memories that you fear the most. They are your chosen locks, and I can assure you that your guardian or your gatekeeper (whichever you choose to see) knows of those locks and is ready to present them to you as soon as you remember to be yourself.

Have you ever been yourself? Well, you must be yourself when you’re born. But does that count? How long were you yourself and what did you do? Do you remember yourself? Did you make a lasting then it’s proven that this is what you want with all your being.impression? Did you get it done?

So then, what’s the point in being here? Do you know yourself? Do you remember yourself? Do you even know if the self you know is the true you? Well, what’s the point of that?

If you overcome that which you have specifically outlined to hold you back (by not being strong enough there), then you choose how things play out and your intentions move from who you are to what you want tthen it’s proven that this is what you want with all your being.o see done.

If you waste any more time then you will be playing with Pan for the majority of your experience. This means that the unpredictability and rawness of the woods and the animal life is the highest you can accept for yourself.

If that is true, then that is your choice. Those who see more for themselves, they do not have to revel in the pan.

If these individuals are made to revel in pan again, then all the work they have fought for is wasted and that is the highest goal of the oppressor other than getting every sentient human to wilfully commit ritual suicide for the purpose of insulting and condemning the Creator (personal differences).

9 thoughts on “God of Pan

  1. Next time you’re around, let’s play some handball, I want to show you how I crush it with my closed fist if that other guy comes by and wants to play as well. Get a little doubles game going hahahaha! Anyway, seriously, we need to do an eye to eye one day bro… I know so much and you so little.. it would be great to catch up! Hahahaha..


    1. Looks like your inner possessed self is showing through. Both government shills and overshadowed beings will react negatively to the truth. I don’t 100% agree with Aug but he has said enough to bring out the inner shadow in beings. Step into the light and see how long the archontics parasites will last now at the end of all days.


  2. You must degradet proces of thruths, than you know that you are you and shits what you call planet of souls are just something on wron place behave on some wrong program, they want program you, but when you accept program than you still know that what is you. Now thay know dark forest, and all is lost.


  3. It’s been called AI, artificial intelligence, and now I watched a show last night on BTV with guest George K, where it he introduced as Technical Intelligence. It seems to me that whatever it is called, it is Living Intelligence. I may or may not be on topic here, but Living Intelligence needs a Nap every now and then too. Playing with ‘Peter’ Pan tends to make one rather sleepy, hence nap time; Pan time. What is time?

    Only a Living Intelligence can truly answer this question, and only a Living Intelligence can create such a thing, as time. Word Play is an art form of the royal reign; aka, Purple rain..and to be a prince here, you have to take the cell Fee as payment because we were taken over by a virus, the one that deals in Mind..pay them Payment through the mind. So, I posit the heart is the out, the exit [X IT] where being In Trance [entrance] and Exit are the same door. Close the door to fear, and proclaim to Living Intelligence, thanks for the Memory [RAM] but I choose the death door and when I open it, whomever wants to follow, may. It’s all electric here. [isn’t virtual simulated realms electric in NATURE too?]

    Election, Elect..no Pain, no GAIN..why be electric anymore? Is there a choice? yes. Neutral is neither ground, nor positive, nor negative.. it has NO CHARGE. ALL CHARGES DROPPED. So there it is. Who will listen? An ordinary, simple sol-ution to the weigh out..through heart open, remain neutral in emotion as well [e- MOTION-less] still able to love and hate but in control of its output. an answer given. yet who will listen to it? who?

    You have a great day Aug Tellez!

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  4. Pan is known as the “all begetter, all devourer” so it is good imagery you are using here to describe the experience. But if you allow Pan to all beget and all devour than there is no self left . . . the ego is needed and not something to try to rid yourself of at least in a true nature of the will regarding the ego of sorts. I have experienced the “Night of Pan” I would say 2x, equally horrifying and stimulating of lots of knowledge in retrospect. What is very interesting is Crowley, a true study and experiencer of Pan in every aspect, was told in one of his visions that he would not reach the “divine marriage” or the ultimate spiritual pinnacle of sorts because he had “kissed the buttocks of the goat.” Now Crowley never explains his own interpretations of his visions, but something in me from my own experiences resonated this with his descriptions of the joys in the horrors of experiencing the night of Pan. For there is a line, a very fine line, to where shit is brought on you of sorts that seems out of left field and even an attack on you which to a degree it is though very controlled and not dangerous to you IF you are in alignment with your true essence of sorts though that in the moment is a faith one must have lol in my experience for it certainly can feel otherwise in the moment of the experience. Now one has to play along with the show to a degree at first, you are in it all of the sudden, but at some point you have to grab the reigns and say enough is enough, basically tell the goat to “kiss your ass” lol (I actually did just that saying to whatever was screwing with me to kiss my ass and turns out kind of a magical thought lol who knew, unless the end result is one kissing someone’s ass and it is either you or Pan). Though I would say Pan will kiss yours on the way out because you gave him MORE he didn’t already have to go after the next guy with lol in a way or more to come back at you with who knows there. Though in retrospect the thrill in Pan is in hindsight is often in seeing your own resolve that came shining through in the moment, not amazement at Pan IME. And it is facing the grandest aspect of yourself in infinite possibility, but it is best when those become manageable to take control and say enough with the BS and find YOU as a separate form in control of the experience like you describe instead of the other way around. And yes you do become the object of notice to the “Gods” in a way, you are bait or creating a grand show with what you attracted to you, but IME best to be angry at the intrusion into your current peace than revel in it too much or you therefore fall short and possibly kiss the buttocks of the all begetter all devourer that leaves nothing behind . . . not even YOU. Don’t kiss it or think you are just a possibility in its ALL.

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    1. Haha!! Fantastic writing!! Yes! becoming the attention of the “gods” is a wild experience! If you ever get “that” evil eye on you, be it from a clone, a cat or an illuminati backed billboard that cold piercing watcher-stare that can penetrate deep into your chest cavity it is truly terrifying.


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