The Meaningful Process for the Liberation of Humanity

If your shadow controls you, it endarkens reality. If you control your reaction to it, the results can power change with the force of your entire bloodline to break the habitual cycle of self destruction.

Everyone this far down the line is here for exactly that or to assist in those who require this to avoid discontinuity and ultimately memory loss and oblivion.

This is what is happening now. Why? As a resistance against the process that’s happening.

Essentially if somewhere, at some time, that danger could’ve been made present through advanced technology or some other potential, that could destroy the continuity of the civilization from here into the future as a cohesive and successful unit. There are multiple non compatible hostile combative invader mutate sub races of humanoids that look like everyone else and maybe a bit strange and in some cases plain or causal to those who don’t know what to look for.

The only viable option is if we manage the issue now. That is what the possibilities allow for in terms of an opportunity now. In the future, when the threat is to arise, because of the nature of the situation, we cannot be certain that we will be here to face the challenge with the know how and the training.

As well, it’s basically built into a layer of this universe. Everything that we don’t have access to yet doesn’t exist in this universe because the informational and causal conscious hierarchy is still greatly limited and, in effect, contained within, a set of preconceived artificial parameter redirects that results in a discombobulated and potentially inverted energy system and thus conscious perceptual grasping of reality and self.

This means, until people understand exactly how we have thoughts and these thoughts can be a kind of refraction of a more whole sense that is non physical, they can be related to externally projected programs that are literally installed like jokes or catch phrases through repeated exposure and social conditioning and this functions as well as drugging and torture to convince people to work against their instinctual nature.

If the ‘cool people’ are doing it, people are doing it. Be careful you see what is happening and how you are perceiving or seeing directly what is there to know. The people, the majority, when they do things, as a majority, because it caught on, has absolutely nothing to do with it’s creation through the organic process of self expression. No one actually enjoys or agrees with anything that they think they do, because it was all designed as part of a show and it’s been going systematically and steadily into lower self awareness and so if people believe they actually enjoy what they are being told through in a very clever game of strategically placed and shaped mentors

This is a bit strange and a little bewildering when you see it. Once you understand, it’s simple. They simply tell people what people like and people believe they are telling the truth. As a result, they are naturally drawn to want to fit in so they simply go along with it because they can benefit in this world.

It’s been designed to make us stupid and weak, and lose memory and shut off abilities and knowledges. If anyone supports it, they officially support the annihilation of life in the universe. Maybe not intentionally, but would that make a difference? Only if you have the power to reset time without folding layers together and entangling multiple timelines and memories over into a conscious labyrinth of paradoxical and simultaneous experiences.

Unfair? Strange? I’m not sure what the baseline is if this is the entry level course to what’s really gone on and what is happening.

Watch and learn.

Do you see what is happening? Whoever is assisting in the mental spiritual liberation of humanity is acting as a macrological functional higher brain and cycling through a rhythmic variety of stimulation, emotional and memory triggers, fears, powers, self development and so on.

So tell! If you are in a dream, and you realize what is happening and you “finally” come “face to face” with what’s not there to see, what happens?

Is it not based off of what you do in the moment? If you are mentally strong and liberated do you not control the dream or simply move through a process of interaction with multiple layers at once?

Could it be that dreams are not dreams but partially formed parallel or phantom realities that are fallen out of sync with the universe we are in now, or maybe we are out of sync with them.

Now what happens if you suddenly find yourself in the dream and you remember the feeling of being afraid and this causes fear in you (strange right? Redundant? Reflexive? Self Sustaining?), what happens next in the dream?

What does your mind do to explore that possibility?

So, some people woke up. Most people with that power and tech, they are moving out of phase because they were in a low state of awareness competing with and tending to desires and momentary or proximal energy interactions with no definable quantum state interaction known as meta data processing between interdimensional barriers.

In short, they’ve stopped the infinite creativity function of the quantum nature to replace it with the infinitely limited function of the physical animal hormonal system. They took animal bodies. Took the glands and modified multiple forms into a modified humanoid body and use these bodies to produce hormonal secretions to maintain their mental stability as a result of addition and abuse of their energy systems which will not function in compatibility with any process that intentionally works against the truth, self awareness, compassion and free will of humanity. So they took the physical route to harvest the necessary biological components.

That is the true nature of the parasitic interactions taking place. it is organ and DNA harvesting on a specific and mass scale through multiple long term genetic experiments.

Here is next rotation of the false reality rabbit hole of continuing unveiling. It turns out that genetic experiments are all we have had here. Going back to the beginning or as far as we can see.

Where there is fear or unnecessary suffering, this requires fear or unnecessary suffering. This obviously negates itself, like the theory of evolution, however that is because at first it is a quantum resonance which means to fields come closer into synchronizing the phase interaction of their informational processing cycles and communicating in real time as a complete and seamlessly interactive conscious reality.

Another way to see it is that there is no ‘discreet moment’ where the distinction between entanglement with that frequency in the mind is certain or not. It’s a gradient shift, sliding of frequencies until they are overlapping enough and in phase enough to ‘lock in’ the experience. That is actually the ‘switching point’, but this is a misnomer because it is not a physical occurence. So if you look for that point to stop the downward spiral gradient shift into fear, then it’s already too late.

Instead, you have to almost pretend that fear is not a thing or a causal notion but literally a property that we can create with our mind through feeling and could even be created externally if we are not careful about how sensitive and dramatic we allow ourselves to be (quite the roller coaster with ANY feeling, let alone sugar and tech, social media and material addiction amped up ‘modern’ bread and circus of feeling.

And get that? What a frightening twist! The barbaric, chanting, selfish crowds that would glee at the sight of death are now in the mainstream. The gladiators? They get paid more than most. The mainstream? Expanded bread and circus to the whole deal.

Then a bigger shocker could be that most of the crowds might’ve been pale and truamatized at the sight of blood as most people didn’t have national geographic and violence was associated much more closely with death.

Those who are capable of moving forward will be able to carry that consciousness ‘vector’ into a timespace fruition of a multidimensional 5D recording of experience. Note, how do you record? A DVD? Do you need a picture book? Can you translate everything? Can the impressions that are not physically manifested or even consciously comprehended also be recorded? Now is the human more than what is consciously present? Then the recording system cannot be just physical as this requires the ability to transcend just containing complex times and cross interactions between complex systems. it requires that 5D holographic ‘storyline’ of what the human is in this dimensional view, to contain the core fundamental references to a blueprint that is capable of effectively ‘broadcasting’ (not the accurate term and potentially slightly inaccurate to someone familiar with process, for those just reading, will suffice) and receiving from the entirety of the multiverse (while obviously filtering and excluding the entanglement ‘requests’ from spam and scammers). Instead, we have 99 channels, all of them are spam and all our ancestral circuits that raise interdimensional knowledge through timespace to the spacetime locality wherever we are, by spirit, were all but entirely deactivated or harvested for knowledge or spirit.

How is spirit harvested?

So when the crops are harvested, the farmer goes to where the crop is and manually extracts the physical plant and then takes it to process it. Could he take a bite there? Possibly and this depends on the individual’s preference and the plant eaten. However, that is not the point of the process is it? The point is to take the resources and store them for processing.

Now how does spirit, an invisible force that must be accessed through the conscious mind and a hypnotized (casual trance induction through repeated indoctrination to develop a conditioned submission to false authority out of fear but disguised as pleasure and honor, Stockholm syndrome) cortex, go from where it is, through the brain mind and into systems that then take the trust, the support, the energy, the influence, the care, the pain, the suffering, the (lust), the danger, the threat, the hostility, the truth, the lies, the crumbling foundation of every facet of social genocide, war, and unchcked fear disguised as a system that is wilfully paid for, chosen, shaped, customized, improved continually, and is both the responsibility and the fault of the people supporting it?

If there truly is something happening, and this is what I know, please listen to the first interviews I gave online, there were tribunals and a power shift that was bigger than the last time this all happened.

Supporting the system that is annihilating the human future is threatening and this is also the tactic of the oppression and consciousness entrainment (external control disguised as internal control and meshed over the organic consciousness system which influences the feeling and moment of the one exerted upon if they are resonant to those frequencies that would otherwise destroy them upon full exposure, such as fear or chaos without the ability control the process.

Ultimately, they play dumb, only intent to do evil, tell you exactly the opposite of how everything really and is and your own biological tendencies and this prolongs the system by buffering and effectively nullifying any internal increasing of self awareness.

So two ideas here are that this system could then be used to disguise yourself but only if you were capable of managing both the quantum mirror as well as your organic timeline from a single core without being overridden from the increased exposure to toxic consciousness elements (ancient parasitic holographic intelligence (memetic formatting, trauma, catastrophes, artificial intelligence code or feeling, thought, action entanglement system that is installed into the living mind, mind control program remnants turned into genetically engineered beings). What happens is that those who see everything are overwhelmed because the system is overtaxed running the amount of information that is required to process two timelines. Whoever is sensitive or exposed or capable of seeing or part of the travelling is seeing this and that effect then leaks into the realm as the symptoms of mental disease and absence of conscience and then inversion.

This is occurring because the side effects are an accepted discomfort while avoiding the alternative of simply allowing an entire timeline of information to literally float away into cosmic dust as quantum fuzz.

I don’t mention much, but everything that is happening, as I said in the beginning, is happening for the liberation of humanity.

Sometimes the dreams are just nightmares because that’s what we need to see to know ourselves or in this way, to see where we are lacking and to grow and improve in the only way we can know how.

Also, there is no such thing as dreams. Nightmares are a result of aspects of our conscious being limited through implants in mind and body and huge generator systems powering scalar networks that are subtle energy quantifiable meaning you can see souls and dreams with it.

Everything is mapped out as a meaningful process. When we go too fast we risk getting hurt and this occurs only when we are distracted and have to be pushed more forcefully into awareness, and less possibilities means more pressure and the full weight of that pressure at Earth level is the force of the universe itself. So it’s a gradient shift of not handling our internal processing leading to a longer term issue and conflict arising as a natural projection of the internal disorder of self awareness and mental emotional health hierarchy.

The map is the reality and the reality is the map? That hierarchy within you, that maps out how you experience the universe. Who you respect the most and place at the top of your totem pole becomes the dream manager of the internal and eternal reality.

4 thoughts on “The Meaningful Process for the Liberation of Humanity

    1. Placing ourselves at the zero point would transcend the hierarchical totem pole scheme. At zero point, we are embracing all that is, including our shadow side/pain body. By a process of accepting, identifying, analyzing and appreciating the wisdom revealed, instead of fleeing in fear from our negative emotional reactions (or glossing over or “stuffing” them), we reach the broader view. This clarifies energetic signals of past and future genetics, as Aug mentioned.

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  1. Credo ora stanno tentando le varie fazioni e confraternita a disorientare ,come il gioco di “mosca cieca”-come lo chiamate questo gioco? dove si benda la persona e viene iper stimolato a perdere l’equilibrio e continuamente -chiamato- dalle voci dei conosciuti ( o cosi si pensa di conoscere) che ora si sentono liberi di realta’ sono loro i ciechi a cio’ che provi dentro.questa frizione crea il momento in cui il giocatore bendato avra’ capito toccato e riconosciuto l’avversario e sara’ tolta lui la benda: che in realta’ viene tolta a tutti.lui fa la fatica per tutti ma e’ lui che guida.gli altri saranno liberati senza fatica ma devono seguire il cieco libero!

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