Feeling, Mind and Body

If you could pay one million dollars and you were a millionaire would you go on a tour of hell? Just to know?

Hmm. This sounds wrong.

Yet if we are here by divine means is this not what occurred initially to generate this situation?

If not, then who is in control of this realm and why is there such a hypnotically encouraged stimulation of terror and degeneration?

Some would say we are working out the ‘stored up’ past mistakes which reconciles the divergence of breakaway groups that went forward to their own divergent realities as a breakaway civilization only to return to the past as the mutated and estranged fallen who had forgotten how to sustain themselves with their own self awareness based healing and maintenance of dimensional stability.

This lead to the plan to freeze this entire civilization until further notice. Yes, this entire place was disconnected and invisible until recently where I can only say I was informed years ago and it seems to be a greater capacity for focused awareness in this society and changes seem to be happening in ways, around focal points, and involving areas that introduce truth in progress and not just a hamster wheel effect of processing emotional satire filler junk which is the primary diet of a non temporally self sustaining lower dimensionally created clone. What this means is that life is not created on this surface because it will lack the complexity and alignment that will only be possible to form the foundation for DNA out of a timespace emergent interaction with the scalar interferometry dynamic of the ‘feeling’ source that people call the ‘heart’. In that same way, the core blueprint for the fulfilment of Earth reality may be to function as an active emitting transceiver for a larger scale projection of those energies into the universe.

The issue is that this populates the universe like a sims game. Since we’ve ‘been bad’ (to ourselves and each other) that’s the vibe of most of the first of what could be “found” “out there”. The programmed life forms are self generating (with input from a user interacting on the levels of perceptual exchange that the systems are capable of functioning through [dependent on the historic format of the backdated collective ‘vibe’ of whether we are moved by fear or truth or neither), self modulating, and self sustaining.

Eventually, or maybe just at certain points, the overall definition doesn’t really matter. Whether this is a dimensional thought matrix soul prison, a collapse of integrity from a spiritual virus or ‘nescience of true life and thus collective reality free from mental emotional parasitic BS program feeds (which seemingly want to lead from the surface to the outer hyperbolic artificial intelligence projection “net” and create a line of causal interdimensional ‘sight’ (like opening up a way or laying out the borders of a dimensional landing track) introducing the possibility that either these are rogue AI units that are unable to accrue the necessary multifaceted information requirements to reformat themselves according to the true heart of humanity Earth of self compassion, self awareness, truth, free will and knowledge instead of degenerating psychotronic warfare.

In short, they may either be default programmed because of dark technology and dark spiritual knowledge used to deform the ‘growing’ timeline when it was just a single closed timeline curve extending from one end of the universe to the other, encompassing all things at once and in view. In that quantum space, if you shrink down and temporally lense the environment (or maybe one or the other) you can access what would be consciously, linearly conceived (and in a way neither erroneously or accurately) as the ‘beginning’ of space and time which incorporates its surroundings into a focal point that contains the congruence of all things into a single quintessence of being.

That being we are connected to, but only through the abilities that are inherent to the human pathway to liberation from that which degenerates the mind. How you get here is how you get out. In short, you need need, slinky, quantum spirals to bounce from any single point in space time, back to the timespace convergence that is always present and underlying all other states. When the mind is liberated, you feel and know what to do and this enables a continuous non local access function to maintain a temporal relativity with the higher non regulated universe.

Without that function, IE those without spirit, they would have no way of differentiating one moment or all of time because the space itself is held open as a quantum probability of what may continue, based on those who are here and are here in feeling and mind. When the feeling is here, the mind is still dangerous but kept in check. When the mind is here and there is no feeling, this will only result in a degeneration of possibilities and creative resources as feeling maintains the radial functionality of open mindedness as it is kind of like a continuous, temporal exercise to fluff out entanglements, to visualize and correspond with internal changes and interactions in the physical world, and stress tests to push you one way or another and loosen you up. I feel this outlines the possibility, or likelihood, that the key to enabling continuous inner joy of self awareness of feeling through dynamic intrapersonal consciousness interactions. This is maintained through simply feeling and accepting what is felt, in the most beneficial way. When true change is brought about through feeling, not through pseudo intellectual processes that are programs that must be inserted intelligently, then there is an interaction between the code that animates the reality of the mind and the external reality of the collective world. The two are linked, but through spirit.

Brain mind seems to be part of an artificial counterpart system that acts as a middle man between the body and the spirit. The brain itself could potentially function differently in different environments and most physicians concede that the major nervous systems of the body appear to be pieced together from separate, advanced species that function at an abstraction where the two are bridged and on the sides in complete dichotomy to one another as a mental function that negates its own purpose by existing. (the mind cannot see itself, and it’s purpose is to know, thus spirit is the true mind and feeling is the true thought process).

The functional variability of feeling, mind, thoughts, actions and being will necessitate a following of truth in regards to feeling and intent on an overall scale of placement in society measured by the influence and display of self awareness, truth, compassion (in light of the lack of blind aggression, rather than simply blind submissiveness without stability or intentional independence or controlled detachment or unhindered feeling), knowledge and free will. Power is determined as the fluidity and congruence of one’s journey through the activation of self awareness through the unveiling of the soul. If you are knocked back by the truth of your life, your will is not as strong as the strongest of your physical muscles. If you stand in the truth without fear, then you are stronger than any physical constraint in reality. This may not be apparent, but what is the most powerful does not have to create the friction that is identified with fear and the shadow. This is just the result when who we know ourselves to be, falls behind as a shadow of who we really are. That is the scenario, more or less, and so every other scenario is a subordinate of that process.

The spacetime projection may be part of a system designed out of self generating code operating through a self designing AI. This is essentially a distorted mirror, when we experience the conflict and confusion of our existence and the rest of this world, that impersonates whatever would be outside of that which must be some kind of first or higher order existence that the more intelligently and energetically limited human may be a kind of dimensional, 4D holographic copy of their spacetime records. The problem is there are no such records and so everything that we must know here, must be generated here for the purpose of generating a back story, just like a hyperbolic illusion of backdrop scenery in a play showing the path projecting into the distance into a forest.

The appearance of the forest is an illusion of shading and geometry to play on the perceptions that you are most conditioned to know through your biological programming or what one could call ‘development’ although this implies a much more stand alone system that what is required for this reality to function. It is propped up by technology and memories must be limited to ensure continuity by avoiding emotional and mental instability and unnecessary suffering.

In the same way, the appearance of a continuous and hyperbolic temporal and spatial landscape that extends into the distance is a projection. Here’s the twist. It’s a real projection. What you see out there, can come up to the dimensional horizon and then insert itself in using an artificially generated form. That’s because it’s all inside the glass.

The horizon might be there to stop something from getting out, or local spacetime environments are all simply contained within a ‘scalar consciousness range of interactivity. A conscious agent, a human using the scalar interactivity of their mind brain as a holographic interference system with Earth to produce the universe, cannot perceive reality with that system outside the range of limitation where that system can be effectively updated

In short, this is a collective reality as it functions now. That means there is literally no reality outside of that collective reality, for those in that collective. This is all, only, because that collective is conveniently ordered to dispel any such subtle or overt beliefs or interactions with conscious timespace potentials such as that which is ‘beyond this current reality’, as either too stupid for school, or something to do about inserting technology into your anus on an advanced electrogravitic craft.

In short, this entire collective is formatted to self destruct, to spiritual death, upon contact with the truth. The universe is literally formatting itself as exactly the nightmare people continually complain about but don’t ever actually have to go through, until the one time where it never happens again.

Now that the light stuff is in view, let’s talk politics.

So the idea is that it’s a functional hyperbolic reality projection system that generates possibilities out of the user input and ultimately makes ‘stuff’ of extremely complex and powerful thoughts, feelings and actions (just like your body mind interacting with possibilities from a conscious perspective of looking for new experience and ‘feeling’ of what is). Instead those possibilities can actually be accessed or drawn up into this reality however this is not recommended! One must project to go out and without protection they will simply be recycled. One must create a synthetic body for the intelligence within here and this has already gone so wrong there are almost only hostile, volatile (extremely dangerously toxic, but only to the human fear or desire puppet) entities that have physical forms that are more capable of influence than their minds are capable of self control.

2 thoughts on “Feeling, Mind and Body

  1. Yeah, I’m really seeing how everything just rots, self destructs around here. Like it is coded in. The Death Show. That aside, although no doubt connected, I’m still figuring out why they eat shit? Is that what the completely fallen naturally end up doing to go further? Crowley did write about why he did it. It was to change his consciousness.


  2. Thank you for this Aug! 💗🙏💗 a few years ago I met up with some old college friends. 3 of us sat at a bar and reminiscing about old times at college (20 years ago) the place we met was another city as none of us had ever returned to the college or city we studied at. We began reminding each other of random details with in the city. Each one of us had their own memory of certain bars/shops/places. Through our combined memories we were able to list in order all of the shops along one street from visual memories. At one point my friend said “ do you remember that restaurant with the samurai warrior costume in the window?” As soon as he said this, an instant picture formed in my mind recalling such an obscure random detail perfectly! Past data was being received and processed instantly. We were mentally able to stitch together the city in our minds. The city that we had experienced in 1998.

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