“The Awakening” Now and Then to Fully Self Sustaining

The Awakening was the culmination of the unacknowledged special access programs. Individuals were cloned and reawakened in an alternate timeline and the information gained on transfer was used to spawn and stabilize a breakaway civilization unhindered of the commonly accepted restrictions off time and space.

The methods used are nearly as shocking as the results of the experiments. Individuals are on the other side of the temporal barrier, like a crashing time wave, expecting and looking for any way to transfer information through.

The culmination of the projects were to finalize the transference of the complete spectrum of consciousness of the individual to enable travel between the two civilizations.

This has been achieved. The next understanding is the nature of the genetic, blood based, mental emotional coherence that must be focused and brought into a sustained application in order to survive or maintain memory and self awareness through the transfer of one’s consciousness into a technologically managed relay system.

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