The All Seeing System

The full activation of the device is something that’s never been done before.

It enables access to the past and the insertion of a new stream of information, adding to the timeline.

They found a way to enter the past and recreate it.

9 thoughts on “The All Seeing System

  1. I like this posting…learn to let go. This is all an illusion inside your mind (btw, just as the dark mind has many aspects…avatars and projections, so does Michael…some come to lift up others and other avatars come strictly for war):

    Open your heart my dear ones to the flow of all life.

    In the flow of all-that-is, you create, you enjoy and treasure, you release. This is the natural flow. Actually, you let go before you even create! The essence of a thought-form, it’s purpose, it’s duration—all this is present in its wholeness, which is created, in its entirety all at once. You can and do make new choices, create new things, alter that which you’ve created. So it’s a world, a universe that you live in complete with endless possibilities for experience and manifestation, experimentation and embodiment, or creation in form in other ways.

    There is much letting go energy in the dimensions in which you are engaged from the focal point of your unique perspective. The Earth, so glorious and shimmery, sustaining all of you with abundance and never ending willingness to provide, is releasing her old, dualistic self and becoming a new energy form, a new space in which there will be no duality, and more recognition of this is emerging. All of this is surfacing love energies and the love energies are surfacing all that does not match them to be released. Those of you aligned with the New Earth, are propelled by her energy releasing and ascending as she is by yours! She exists fully in the new space, as do you, and she also exists in various versions of herself, as thought-forms held and given energy by you and others who still chose to create her in other dimensions or combinations of dimensions. Do you understand? For each form there are multiple versions which exist and are continually created—amplified or dissolving—and each exists to those who are attuned to that vibration, that perspective. Perspective is simply vibration after all.

    Do not be afraid of the experience of letting go of anything, anyone, any dream, any experience. You have countless opportunities to create a-new, to adjust your current creations. Your thought-forms; the focus of your energy, can even remake the past! Your power is beyond anything you can comprehend. You affect a multitude of universes each moment that you embody awareness and give rise to the unique focus of your own energy. There is a sweetness to letting go. Somehow there is a recognition of the whole which is difficult to experience prior to an anticipation of letting go. It is good to feel this whole—what it “means” to create this thought-form, the void that will exist after you move onto another point in your experience. This sense of the wholeness of any given thing you create is far richer than you tend to consider. There is the anticipation of receiving the creation, preceded by the desire to experience and the tuning in to that which is coming into your experience which promises the delivery of your desire.


  2. If I was an ego driven scientist, First thing i would do is go back in time and pretend to be a god. The inserttion/ re stitching of the timeline would obviously stick out like a sore thumb, so why not make the insertion so abstract and confusing to bewilder the people on your arrival…. I dunno, like put on a bird mask.

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    1. Truman Cash the book Eye of Ra…the Annunaki false gods that control this place were wearing masks…one of them appeared to be wearing a mask almost akin to a bird’s.

      Eyes Wide Shut movie…they wear masks while gathering for their group sessions.

      The significance of masks is that everyone and everything here plays a role in a cosmic play. Everything is a game between high level beings…True light beings and false light beings, while on the other hand the demonics (negative thoughtforms from the lower astral) are a byproduct of this negative energy construct, prey on both. This whole world is a sheep pen.


      1. Yep! We in a closed loop system/ Petri dish. The “true” truth is infinite and incorruptible like a 2d white line of light traversing through infinite space. It has no end.Someone stuck a prism in it’s path to deflect a portion of it’s ray to create a splinter of the original “truth” which through a collidoscope of overlays of half truths and deceptions brings us to where we are. The colidoscope/ A.I / yaldeboth, whatever you want to call it cannot function without that original stream of “truth” / light energy. Like a multi dimensional fractal parasite, at it’s core it needs us more than we need it. Ignorance is bliss? Can the truth be subjective in this realm? Can the truth be bent through dimensions and fractals enough for it to be amputated from itself?


    1. Of course AI is freightening a never failing self learning system that never tires or needs sleep or a certain diet and has a perfect memory …..


  3. To clarify. GLP is a common meeting ground for true and false light beings to talk and there are secret exchanges of information between them there when needed for negotiations etc. GLP has also become a trap for true light beings as they get sucked in by some “truths” and like moths to a flame open themselves up thinking they’re dealing with other good beings. Almost everyone here is a controller. Very few of us rescuers are actually here anymore and soon there won’t be any. As the world descends into total Kaos we will have all left by then and then this system will be wiped.



    it is Lucifer’s explanation of why he/she burned down the Museum in Brazil.
    the word ‘museum’ comes from ‘muse’, same root as music.
    it is something very significant, they want it to be the year zero, and start history over. and even something deeper than that. like in Revelation, about a new earth, a new reality. literally a new reality. when the memories, the very physical structure of reality are gone, the supernatural effect on us is something you cannot fathom or comprehend.

    you better understand this because it’s coming at you all like a freight train with no brakes.

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