Where One Pot Goes, They All Go

See how this happens, it’s all on social media so it can’t be destroyed this time.

The system was falsified, corrupted and smeared so thin that now the truth is the most powerful agent operator in the system. It always was, but not it is covertly AND overtly.

Denying it is going to make it worse, but we have to be smart here to choose the best outcome. Everything’s a trick and a trap. Whoever jumps first goes into the pot. Whoever jumps next, goes into the fire, and whoever forms a plan inside the pot to stick together so they don’t fall out when tipped over and then to jump on the actor when they aren’t paying attention sticking their head into the pot to see what’s going on.

Now imagine if that’s a holographic system and every sentient operator in existence overcame its oppressor.

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