The Unveiling of the Spiritual Control System

There is just One thought in Eternity. You must become that One thought in your life. Here’s the hint. You’re not going to be happy in eternity unless you’re just as a free spirit.

Free spirits are happy when they perform the pro visionary task of protecting, aligning and dreaming correctly to ensure a balanced and meaningful, truth and self aware experience within a system.

Those who create the most decoherence for others are filling themselves with the thoughts and inner anguish of a million different cosmic strings moving into disarray and out of alignment.

Those who live in their life as this life as this world in this world as something guiding this world through their life as a gem within an informational construct that functions to induce an influence that alters the parameters for others and the whole system in a way that provides benefit to all, become so rooted within the concept of the self as something larger than the self that the sum total ‘thought’ of their life in hyperspace is something that resonates with the inner most feelings and knowledge of the spiritual view which does not hold to ego or all the things we run around down here to try and collect and hold on to!

It’s an illusion. Nothing is needed but the awareness that nothing is needed and there fore the self awareness of the truth and the way things are.

Yet, then, what is gained by being here is not the immediate goal of what is found here but the concept behind the message that is given when one lives in a way that produces the meaning behind the truth that we are only limited by the creation of ourselves as something we are not and we are liberated by the knowledge of the self as the truth and free will capacity to refuse false authority and illusion.

There is also more to say about how when it’s time to see the truth, everyone gets in on the act.

That’s part of the issue.

There are some spirits that have been being happy by causing war and the like. These will have to be seen too. To refuse and hand off the trust in the higher power of compassion, self awareness, truth, free will, and knowledge.

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