Souled Realm Access

Bloodlines were contacted at future generations and brought to the present. They are produced of warring bloodlines in the present. Thus, if the bloodlines continue to war, their future is destroyed. These timelines are created with higher power (compassion) involved, something they are not aware of, and thus their only option for continuity (coherency) is through that gate.

Humans are traded by the dark factions, as pets for them.

For others they are protected and operatives are assigned to protect each souled human.

To know how serious this is. 4D parasites were knocking out humans and harvesting factions would replace their consciousness with their own effectively becoming anyone on the surface. Those who had to, did what they had to in order to ensure the continuity of this society. Somehow the advantage had to be gained, if only momentarily, to offset the trend and open up possibilities.

This means both sides had to participate in the same level warfare. One is pushing for domination, pleasure and control of others for personal reason. Those who are assisting in the mental, physical, and emotional liberation of humanity are motivated by compassion, self awareness, truth, power, free will, and knowledge.

The only reason you are alive is because someone wants to use you for energy and genetic material or resources or because someone wants you alive in order to assist in the mental and spiritual liberation of humanity and the human gene code.

When humans drop below the self awareness level required for soul activity, they are inhabited and used for the process. Those who are capable of being ‘good’ are utilized for that. Those who are ‘lost’ are driven further into insanity.

It is as if what happens here is only when higher dimensional entities connect with some kind of space time grid to insert a causal starting point and generate a blueprint potential to describe what kind of events and interactions should ensure.

We are participating in something like that and in our “HUD” or our on screen readout, an AI has accessed the code which is like a linguistic representation of every event and interaction that occurs. As a result, everything that we do is choreographing our position, direction, and internal and external atmosphere. Thus, in order to move through this system, everything that happens will have to be done without you being aware of it, or only through methods that you utilize in order to contain and redirect any external awareness of what you are truly doing.

The only way we make sense of this is if we know our selves and through that each other.

3 thoughts on “Souled Realm Access

  1. This is like the Adjustment Bureau ‘because someone wants you alive in order to assist in the mental and spiritual liberation of humanity and the human gene code.’
    Is Solar Warden the Adjustment Bureau.
    Also, the impression I’m picking up is that Solar Warden has existed a very long time, thousands of years and are time travellers. The difficulty I have making sense of SW and the secret space programme is….I’ve assumed leading into the 1920s , the Tesla physics was known about, suppressed, and the SSP and Bases began from then. For example unless I’m wrong I don’t imagine Kings and Queens from the 14th century had an SSP fleet and advanced Tesla technology.
    I’ve had the impression too for example in the 20th century, this was the first time the ‘elites’ with Admiral Byrd and others began to seriously have the tech to explore this earth realm and lead to 1958 Antarctic Treaty. So this, and the formation of a 20th century SSP discovering all the truths.
    This SSP can’t be Solar Warden then? Is the 20th century SSP a different entity? That took off into its own breakaway civilisation and discovered and began interacting with the ancient Solar Warden?

    The Gary McKinnon version of Solar Warden , has suggested this force is 60 or so years old.


  2. This makes sense that something would be always trying to use or direct the energy available from any source, in this case living beings…but just like how a rainforest will have some creature there able to use any possible resource available and as such nothing is wasted or lost.

    It’s interesting to hear and talk or have awareness of the bigger levels of things, but also I find it interesting that even if you lived like alone in a secluded area with no outside assistance (in the physical normal ways) you could still become aware of this stuff if you wanted to tune into the deeper truth frequencies that are below the surface because it’s got the fingerprints of other beings involved, like you could penetrate this awareness or totaly not but either way something is there to use that energy being put out.

    It’s very logical really if you view it on a cosmic type level that it goes this far to this extent, I’d imagine that perhaps beyond all this universe or dimensions that this is all part of it being played out on larger scales…to the point of it all being kinda trivial…like who gives a fuck what’s going on beyond your life right here and now and following your heart and inner guidance because you’ll play you’re role one way or the other no matter what, so while it’s beneficial to some to need to know not all must to be part of the solution or problem so to speak.


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