Food or Fuel Source

Hmmm. What should I tell you?

That this is a form of providing fuel? A source of energy?

Then when you participate in this, something happens to your central nervous system, your limbic system in particular, that is very useful to others.

At the moment, this is not about the eating the meat for the survival of the organism, which also may be a confusion of biology and other factors as the human is closer to a spiritual entity beyond the physical than the physical entity we are taught primarily about now. Just because we are this way now, doesn’t mean we won’t be snapped back to the earlier version except with all the sins, extra DNA and so on only to mutate those who didn’t retain a required amount of coherence between before and after sections of Earth.

So if people are eating meat, it’s supposed to be done in a way that’s most easiest for the animal. This is simple, for both the animal and you.

Instead. What I’m talking about, is that just the way children can be abused and they’re blaming it on you and spiritually, ‘legally’, and artificially loopholeing themselves and attempting to blame it all on the people and anyone trying to resist or stop the process?, they’re doing this with animals by making the process the most painful and literally stupid.

Here’s the kicker. I haven’t used that phrase in a while, it’s important.

The people doing it are hosting non human entities.

They thrive by depleting civilizations of their resources through mental and emotional sabotage while remaining entirely out of view and indirectly involved until the last moment when they are too big to fail in which case we become the cows, case in point, get it?

If we survive. We have to answer for all of this. Why this happened. Who did what. Who didn’t stop this. Who participated. That’s the goal.

If we don’t survive, nothing happens and this reality repeats forever until the universe ‘burns’ out and this becomes a freeze frame in a fallen mind of a ‘cosmic deceiver’ which is just to say that our species didn’t make the universal cut and we are being erased from time.

They know this, it’s natural law. Anyone who just sits around while the flood waters rise is going to die and they’re not just going to go to sleep peacefully they’re going to drown to death after getting hit over the head by debris and falling semi unconscious retaining just enough awareness to know what is happening without being able to stop it.

That is nature. That is where we are. No one said there is a magical safe guard. No one said that you’ll come here and if you see all these things happening, and you do the same thing, that magically it will not happen to you. That may be the case, but still, no one said that because that’s the point, you’re not supposed to think that, because you’re not supposed to know that.

If this is too vicious for you, then the requirements of your human existence will not permit you to continue in a society where the truth is known by those strong enough to continue on without conforming to the tendency and artificial sweetness of the delusion.

These things hurt, animals can produce pain. If these are NPC’s to you, then this means that life is manageable on ground level, without higher power or authority rendering or regulating the occurrence of compassion and free will. That is a contract with the ones around you to control you in the exact same way, no compassion or higher authority to render free will necessary, as your diner proves.

Again, not about animals or food, but the idea of causing pain and just going, “oh woops, haha, just an animal.”

Those who do that to people require that they accept some form of mutilation, unnecessary suffering, insanity, truthlessness, deception, delusion, and so on in order to enter into the situation. That’s the whole point. It’s all a show and game to get to other variables that are actually access points to control people’s lives through their minds through their actions that function as legal agreements in this social experiment.

4 thoughts on “Food or Fuel Source

  1. I can’t even stick a worm on a hook to fish😑 Stopped traffic for a damn turtle! There really are no words to describe how wrong this is. There’s no excuse for anything to be treated this way. I see why you say it’s being done!

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  2. Man, if that attachment is true, and unfortunately I believe it “could” be! Total Evil, Sick, makes me want to REALLY HURT a piece of sh_t that would and could do that!!!! Why! Absolutely no reason at all. I still don’t know why, who, or how that I am me and where I came from or where I’m going. But I know this, EVERY THING INSIDE of Me knows that, that Is Wrong!!!

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