Autonomous Regeneration Source Code

Devas deliver meteorites that contain special crystalline atomic lattices for our technological and biological benefit. Indigenous peoples knew of these benfits and tend to make jewelry out of the deposited. The white man with the gift of fire, ended up traveling the world looking for these deposits to craft technology.

Have you ever heard of autonomous resource generation code?

Ok, how about when objects or resources, items, secret objects, or power ups appear out of no where in video games?

And maybe that is why video games were created, to show us this truth? Or maybe when you come to higher levels of knowledge, power and control you naturally come to create and manipulate what has been done already for us on a larger scale to create this reality. Maybe all realities are like that, maybe we are time locked into recreating our situation over and over again through technology or maybe that is just the program here.

There are no coincidences, only intended next level awareness that is passed like a gate specifically choosing who will be exalted by the knowledge and who, if they are not careful of their fate, will be annihilated.

This is the beginning.

NPC’s are not to be given instructions that go beyond their programming restrictions.

Changes in long term environment based requirements must be managed by a multi operator group. This is a process whereby the programmers, technicians, and actors must shift their roles and accommodations in sync with one another to ensure a complete and equivalent resulting personality that will be capable of participating in the same level conscious interaction as the previous.

If this process is disturbed or rendered incomplete, the resulting personality will either be severely deteriorated or limited in perception and intellect, or the result will be a chaotic actor without the ability to separate emotional and mental impressions from physical reality.

2 thoughts on “Autonomous Regeneration Source Code

  1. More than heard about it, I’ve made games that make games. Things can get out of hand very fast and if you aren’t careful, the whole thing becomes infested with bugs and you might never be able to fix it. Termites.

    That being said, we’ve learned a lot since then. Everything can be fixed these days. The only way to crash it would be “act of god”… It would always ultimately come down to that problem, if you can’t prevent that “higher influence” Thus, there should always be both options, the infinite and the limited… always a choice for the aware, and the unaware learn from those in front of them. That way you can skip from one to the other… perfection.

    “What better judge of man but by the games he plays.” – “Q” (Star Trek: The Next Generation)

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