Weaponized Inverted Neurology and Phenomenal Holographic (Projected) Consciousness

AI inversion is a weaponized technological method to induce a distortion ripple that synchronizes it’s phase polarity in one direction. Thus, everything that is phased in, we see, and everything that is phased out of the ripple (the back end) we cannot see as it appears to be moving in the opposite direction.

This is more confusing than the initial writing. That is the fastest way to see what is happening or simply what is here. This is an informational mirror reflecting back to us divergent and counter intuitive dimensions of informational progression that are entirely inverted to the natural blueprint that is concluded to be the highest degree of mental, emotional and physical awareness and alignment.

This is a measure of one’s ability to comprehend multi layered geometric, physics, mathetmatical, self awareness based resistance and redirection system. It’s a literal aikido for the spiritual realm.

Something is feeding us the information in reverse, that’s the only way it can happen. That is linear time, it is inverted and segmented through a fractal format that enables proportional congruence across multiple mediums. The time of the consciousness in your mind exists only for the phenomenon of the moment of your experience.

It is like an ether precipitate that forms out of an chemical reaction that takes many years to produce. For a moment, a fragile, effervescent, imprint of your mental emotional weight and charge, is expressed into all that you influence physically and mentally. This is like an energetic trail leading back to a core of pure energetic translation that occurs in the center, before the conscious mind is actively aware of what is happening.

Thus, the true moment of existence is within, and gone before it is made into a conscious expression. Thus, the influencing of that is not done through a cognitive or at least a linear process of ‘taking the time’ to do it. It’s not simply ‘said into being’, however it is a combination of all mediums and interactions applied with a level of will that carries a personal priority over the other entanglements in one’s life. When one’s life, overall, represents a prioritization of truth, self awareness, compassion, free will, knowledge and authentic power, the meaning of the experience will relate and carry over into the superconscious perspective that can see all times and places.

If who and what we are now is no longer reasonable when we see all times and places that we are, then who and what we are now is not a product of our true being. It is a displacement, similar to using waves in a wave pool to bounce a line of buoys to reset a relative boundary set in a new location. This whole society was distorted out of phase with the true intended trajectory that is like a spiritual experience mapped out through multiple realities.

We cannot achieve this level of control and total awareness. Thus, we assist in one another in protecting and securing our consciousness to avoid social collapse or personal degradation. Higher powers are connected to everyone and everyone has a guardian. This is real, this is serious, you have someone who has been watching you since your involvement here and there are guidelines. The whole process is part of a discovered, biological and mental emotional (spiritual) activation that sheds unconscious and subconscious energies and resonant impressions that are foreign, parasitic, less aware, or obstructive to one’s overall physical and mental emotional bodies.

8 thoughts on “Weaponized Inverted Neurology and Phenomenal Holographic (Projected) Consciousness

    1. What we entangle with enables. If we act in agreement with abuse or are vague about whether we approve that happening to us. One way is to be very clear about what you want and to represent the situation through symbolic enhancement of the environment. This is often through natural means such as incense or plants or arranged items to make a healing encouraging space.

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  1. When I watched the Adjustment Bureau i was literally horrified because i knew this was the truth.. we all have guides/handlers/angels/demons whatever you wanna label them does not matter.. i asked the people that watched with me can you believe they are telling us the truth and i was astounded to see the lack of response.. its just a movie.. entertainment etc.. willfull ignorance is epidemic..


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