They’re Watching. They’re Recording. Who Cares?

You were warned.

Do something. I will do what I can but they used us to figure out how to aim and fire the machines. You’ll want to voice, demonstrate, and share your free will and self awareness if you want to sustain those capacities when a system custom tailors your sphere of awareness.

I will say the ‘war’ is over.

However, for those who are just starting, it has only just begun and will move more quickly from here.

2 thoughts on “They’re Watching. They’re Recording. Who Cares?

  1. This is all in a physical mind state trapped society that’s programmed and brainwashed to be compliant based on social engineering. The world is the zoo and the only way out is in. Inside each true light being is the Will to bend and break this illusion, but instead of turning in and mastering the mind, energy, will and self they turn to outer pursuits then cry like little babies when their rattle and pacifier gets taken away. Once the energy and mind is mastered through extreme meditative states…true light beings can then start burning down this system without having to move a muscle. This system is going extreme to try to use physical coercion and restraint because they know their time is up.The fire comes. You don’t lose anything when you never had anything to begin with when all of this is a show, an illusion. Free the mind, free the energy.

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