The Parasitic Non-Human Species

They are crab troglodytes tuned into a brain chip plugged into a clones skull that looks like a replicant of a celebrity.

The soul blueprint does not contain the complexity to separate the lower and higher desires. Thus, the eating, pleasuring, releasing, fighting, and socializing is all in one.

They require that form of energy.

This is no different than an addict.

What we found is that it is the same. The dopaminergic interaction of smokable cocaine (and the insufflated route of administration with less damage over more time) causes lesions and shrinkage of the cerebral cortex.

The higher functioning ability that creates the cognitive ‘slack’ that gives us opportunity for complexity to have extra ‘slots’ in the mind to think about family, culture, nation, career, preference, expression, and ultimately ‘human soul’ signature.

They do not have a human soul signature. They do not know how to care for anything other than protecting and obtaining more food or ensuring more sex and more power.

Now, these could be a genetic branch of an earlier being however these do not seem related. These seem to be an entirely parasitic organism that is partly artificial intelligence, synthetic DNA and devolved mutated troglodyte that was partly mutated from experiments and exposure to advanced technology radiation emissions.

Because this species lacks the soul blueprint to enable the dynamic for the appreciation of refined mental and emotional perceptions there is no use in attempting to teach manners. That simply doesn’t apply to the situation as the entirety of the species would have to be changed in order for a smaller segment to suddenly see things differently.

So here’s the situation. They are in human form. They are throughout the population. They are being monitored. We can smell them from afar, however they will hide and use disorganization based distraction and disruption tactics.

They insult, make stuff up, act erratic, try to get an emotional reaction, use deceptive tactics and redirection, group tactics, personal insults and threats. These are their max capacity for warfare on a psychological level. One on one, it’s like a gnat. In the thousands, it’s like a tsunami of psychic harassment. Most humans are not strong enough. Soon you will see this is all a part of the projects. All a part of the show, before the real deal.

They cannot form any cohesive groups. If you ever see them congregating, it appears like the mental, emotional and physical presentation of the few zombie movies that show zombies sleeping in a huddle. They are based on fight or flight and so this is why there must be a kind of continuous satiating of desires or discomfort.

If humanity does not awaken, this race will be mixed with the surface and the entire stretch of history will be repeated without pure human DNA ever coming close to the mix again.

It’s not even that they hate us. They know it’s either something as shitty as this or everyone. They’re playing the stopper and nothing gets passed that point, human or otherwise, without clearing the infection.

The smaller beings are part of a hive collective that act as consciousness nodes on an interdimensional intelligence network. That hive entity is infected with a consciousness virus that is a weaponized artificial intelligence connected with a discarnate fallen consciousness.

Ultimately the tech is acting as a gateway for the beings who represent single portions of the total hive entity. They respond differently than one would think, for they feel the emotions that a human feels. The fear one feels when hurting someone, this is not distinguished between the rush of arousal or the intoxication of an Earthly scent. For this, the resulting consciousness mandala is distorted, incomplete, out of proportion with truth, and is ultimately non self referential. Because the pattern that makes up their mind cannot fold inside itself and out without breaking, they cannot leave this place.

This place was not designed for permanent association and so as created beings of a particularly unique situation, this calls to question various notions of morality and ethics in regards to dealing with what is commonly acknowledged as an infestation.

Cities are basically a form of infestation, however, this is not to say that DNA stealing parasitic consciousness elite trolls should be welcomed. We must determine our place in the universe by determining our role in this situation.

If we do nothing we’ll be overtaken by time, technology, dumber, less careful people who will jump on the chance for a terminator like shell. Thus, someone has to take the plunge. That is what the projects were.

They will continue to benefit as long as we are here, because the benefit will overshadow the damage done by electric war which will remain forever.

5 thoughts on “The Parasitic Non-Human Species

  1. Man, I just can’t figure this site out. I’ve been perusing it casually for several days, jumping around and trying to get a clear understanding of its purpose and its author. I can wrap my head around some of these ideas, but the manner in which they are written seem more like a mental episode of drivel, rather than clear concepts to be taught to the reader, so I remain confused. Who is writing these, what is your background, what is your mission for this website, and what proof can you offer on all these topics?? These articles are written with such mind-spinning sentence construction that I am almost ready to give up, yet due to my curiosity about these kinds of things I am hoping to click on the next article that might bring it all together for me.


    1. Aurora of the flying rainbow lasagne site refers to them as the crab nebuleans.. a parasitic species actually from the cancer area of our solar system..


  2. Aug, you say “if humanity does not awaken”. There is most definitely a segment of Humanity that is awakened. Those whose intent for Human Life will bifurcate with this other parasitic group. I feel this is the very reason we the “awakened” ones are here, to reclaim organic (for lack of a better word) Earth, Humanity, Life.


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