Frozen Time

Time more or less stopped.

Using technology and spiritual knowledge, the ‘present’ moment is actually far in the future.

The situation is as follows.

Most people are actually like the stars. They are no longer living. What you are seeing is a ghost shell, a quantum remnant left behind on the aft side of a quantum superimposition projection system.

Some people are dreaming, in their afterlife, because there is only the end of time to return to. This too plays into the morality and ethics of the situation. I told you it’s all things at once, not some, not most, but all things.

3 thoughts on “Frozen Time

    1. Thank you, it’s taking me awhile to grasp that everything already happened, and we are experiencing a mirror image of actual reality. But slowly it has been sinking in, a bit at a time. Thank you for helping us.

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  1. And you wonder why Earth is the world of batshit. Or is it Terra? Gaia? All of them? Sofia? Eve is that you?Tiamat you sad lady. Hey Ishtar the girls are over at the dinner table care to join.

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