Choose Wisely

There are two kinds of people. People who want to encourage and uplift you and then there are those who want you to feed them.

4 thoughts on “Choose Wisely

  1. Aug, you are correct, and the following is how I sum up the difference between the two.

    In an evolutionary sense, some of those who want you to feed them are still children, and therefore in need of love and nurturing — it’s okay for those who have authentically matured to provide these kinds with their nourishment requirements for a healthy development.

    Some of those who want you to feed them have grown through experience, but are still malnourished adults who did not get their love and nurturing requirements met during their evolutionary youth; these still seek to be healed — it’s okay for those who have learned to heal themselves to help others in their own personal healing.

    And some of those who want you to feed them have become so severely malformed in their adulthood that they equate the distortions of materialism with being nurtured. These have come to confuse their hunger with anger, and so now they demand and take what they need by force — stay away from these because they are no longer able to love, nor be loved; they will drain you.

    Ultimately, to benefit from the nourishment of love, both the giver and the taker must be authentic; the former must be genuine in the giving and the latter must be receptive. If not, there is nothing being given and/or no opening present where the love can be received. In this sense, in order to know who we can really be of service to and to know who will likely never benefit from our efforts, we must come to know ourselves and our situation very well first.


  2. Mi sto scervellando su questo.lo scrivo in italiano perche’ piango mentre scrivo.e cicratizzo i buchi nel plesso e sulla spina non ho nulla verso la vostra economia nell’universo ci sono varie tipologie e meccaniche e in quel posto ci essere la cioccolata e non va mangiata non si mangia.cazzo!se in quel posto essere una “mela” la piu’ buona dell’universo,ma non va mangiata .non si mangia.cazzo!se non siamo tolleranti empatici sulla bio.diversita’ come permettiamo alla anima il suo dominio? come?


  3. The ones that are alive and the ones that are dead, and as written, they both appear as ones.
    Nothing is as it appears though, is it.

    Hope all is well with you.


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