Completion of Program

We are the last to receive the opportunity of liberation. Do something meaningful if you want to. Assist in the mental liberation of others if you want to provide the highest benefit to yourself and those around you.

6 thoughts on “Completion of Program

  1. Sharing this salutatory poem for further understanding of ‘Completion of Program’:


    It is now two millennia since
    the Security Seraphims were withdrawn and the Gates of Eden reopened
    to the General Public.

    Free Admission
    to all children,
    (before their parents succeeded
    in banning them).

    Free Passes
    to those adults
    who agreed to leave their baggage outside
    (as strongly recommended by JC)
    and successfully passed
    the Camel’s Eye of a Needle Security Check.

    This will detect even your bikini
    and any other thoughts
    left over from heavy addiction
    to the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge.

    It is surprising and chastening
    how few (excepting children)
    have availed themselves of this
    Once-in-a-Lifetime opportunity,
    especially as it is rapidly approaching
    its Expiry Date.

    Outside the gates
    are innumerable camper vans
    over-flowing removal lorries
    and the charred remains
    of dead animals (holy sacrifices),
    together with a jostling crowd
    of fashionably robed Bishops and priests,
    some of them artificially bald
    some of them with original designer beards.
    They are selling genetically modified,
    original cuttings from the Tree of Knowledge
    together with heavily translated
    instruction manuals
    each with its individual Stamp of Infallibility.

    These guarantee they will give you
    instant and privileged entry
    via a back door (with donation box)
    to the Garden of Life
    (as soon as you are safely dead).

    Once the Expiry Date is reached
    (determined by when Planet Earth
    can no longer cope
    with man’s inhumanity
    to man and nature),

    The killings by man
    will be replaced with
    the cullings of man,
    controlled, systematic cosmic.

    Then the Gates of Eden
    will be closed once more.
    Seraphims will be reinstalled
    with suicide bombs (pick your own),
    missiles and drones
    instead of flaming swords.

    The discarded cuttings from the Tree of Knowledge
    will grow up into a concealing forest
    peopled by a race of test-tube originated primates.

    And God will try again elsewhere.

    (Poem by Brian Taylor from ‘Gnomonic Verses)


  2. I’ve tried, tried , tried. Some don’t even talk to me anymore and most call me crazy! My daughters listen but no one else. Some, based on their levels of beliefs, I don’t even say anything! I don’t have friends or family now to hang around, have family occasions. I just leave it where it’s at. I won’t back down on what I feel but won’t push my truths onto them either. At times it’s a great sadness and I don’t feel I’ve done enough. I’d rather share no truth than share one that thought was right and it turn out wrong. Constantly buffering the info I let out, as I observe who’s ready for what. I’ve learned to hold the tongue, think a long while before speaking anything. I feel the urgency to get info out but also feel there’s too much for them to learn and not enough time left. I will help to pick them up after, help their needs, offer assistance and pray for them. I have no clue what’s going to happen. I’m looking for a great outcome but will put no limitations in my mind on how great it can be or how it gets that way! I want the blinders off, the frequency sound to stop. I’m ready, no matter. I’ll wing it!

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    1. Angie, I feel you… this has been exactly my experience too. I quess some of us become more obvious sources of informtaion while others just maintain the frequencies and share truth as much as we can in those circumstances, and living in the truth ourselves. We are ready 🙂🦋

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