Homemade Afterlife

When this occurs, the mind recreates in the afterlife the love and balance that was found in life.

Through this, the afterlife contains a reflection of every friend and truth.

If this is not done to preserve one’s consciousness (sanity) then what one does not bring forth will leave them empty.

I was informed the field would be down around now. Those who pass through in spirit will have to pass into a resurrection after a holding space. They will be funnelled from a closed off area of the space time field that is collapsing here.

Those who are alive for the passage will have been alive from the beginning of time to the end and will be eternally self aware (if they continue their ascent from there).

The memory wipe was just containment. The real problem is an N dimensional membrane that only spirit can pass. If we can’t let go of the false and stay true to the core, then we will get confused and the membrane spits us back.

This might be a time where we have a limited amount of opportunities ‘now’ that time is closing.

It’s kind of like saying everything we worked for will dissolve, however, that is the norm. You always leave everything here and start fresh aside from feelings and potential.

Now we’re doing that as a species, and this is essentially dying awake. That is the event that has been written since the beginning of civilization and that is because that event is a functional part of the spatiotemporal grid here. Essentially it is a gateway that functions as a cross over switch where space time and time space couple and either can be accessed through the proper movement or projection methods.

The universe must be permitted to finish to completion (or one nanosecond before, after the signal is complete but before the gate is closed). At that point, it is sent into motion from the Most High that this safe passage be allowed. In the same sense that this destruction and traumatization has been allowed, now this safe passage is allowed for all who CHOOSE and COMMIT to truth, self awareness, compassion, knowledge, free will, and power.

Go forward with truth. The guideline is for the opposite, to not let go of truth when it’s more convenient to accept illusion. Then, focusing on truth. The concept of truth, is part of your self experience or self awareness. Truth is because it is beyond you, yet the part of you that sees it is part of you that is true. When that part is the part that is in control, total control, that’s what that could be. This isn’t necessarily about the right answer, intellect, or professional skills, this is about knowing what you’ve done, who you are, what you’ve set out to do and what it means being you, based on who you are to yourself.

4 thoughts on “Homemade Afterlife

  1. I don’t know why this brought to mind the dream I had awhile back. Standing in the cockpit of a large plain, watching with anticipation, others push some levers down and some levers up. Steady now!


  2. Truly only an inner knowing of Truth itself could have revealed this to you, and the echoes of it reverberate online, entering into others awareness of it and thereby giving it form and substance, and in a way, contributing to its clear result of which you just declared it to be. So thank you. Yes edifying, like the Atma Devi commented before me, and declared it to be. Thanks ..be Well..peace


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