The individuals you see speaking out about the underground bases were rescued as part of a military operation where a special operations team entered the deep underground military bases and initiated an extraction mission for child operatives/soldiers that were held underground.

I remember this event. This is one of the most powerful experiences I have. US Military, and what may have been a multiple force effort, moved forward and did not hesitate.

They met with and identified armed resistance, scientists and hostages. Hostile threats were neutralized, scientists committed suicide, children were removed from secure containment and literally picked up and ran from deep underground secure facilities through makeshift administrative overrides and brute forces blocking open doorways and stopping emergency containment protocols from activating and literally entombing everyone for either a big burn or a big freeze depending on the “oh shit’ settings.

This weighs on my mind pretty much daily and I feel I must do more to make up for what I have seen and what I have lived through in order to come here and live any other one on the surface.

You must also take your mistakes and benevolence seriously because we may not have such an easy situation. In fact, with animals, farms, weather and such. This human life you’re living now may be an anomaly in which there is no true stress. Every other scenario, for any other being, incorporates a regular life and death struggle and this is their reality. Humanity has forgotten that and maybe it is that the human is not an animal and has no connection to that kind of animal development reality.

What we do here determines what is happening elsewhere on another layer, connected to this one. When we view this linearly, we say we have one life, then another and another. This is one layer, to the next and the next and that is reincarnation each with a larger and larger view, but the secret is that they’re all the same life. One view down here determines that view up there and they’re happening at the same time. There is no difference between mortal and immortal other than the perspective.

Yet if we don’t know this we live without realizing our other half is immortal and eternal. Either self-awareness creeps over the half way point and blends into the whole to bring a sum total of 99.99% self-awareness in eternity or the force of self awareness falls below threshold and the eternal subjectivity of self awareness shrinks to a .00001%.

Either this is the time where the one wakes up and see the truth forever or it doesn’t and therefore doesn’t.

7 thoughts on “DEEP

  1. The memories of it all I still have no recollection but it’s all surfacing subconsciously which makes it challenging when your present and aware in consciousness and the unknown rears its ugly head just went you think your good.

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  2. Hey man, it is incredible that so many were saved from these hellholes. You are such an inspiration for surviving all that you have yet still being coherent and brave enough to tell the public. Everyone needs a hero from time to time. Cheers!

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  3. I’m SO sorry that you and other ones went through so much when you were little. That is unacceptable that any being or otherwise could hold kids like that and abuse them for such extreme forms of selfishness. Can you help me because I’m confused, did the military OUR government help you or where they the ones that did this? I apologize if you mentioned and I just didn’t note it or recall. Going through a lot in my body with Earths ascension, and this going expansive has me all over the place.

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