NPC Model of Simulation Theory

The heart is the solution.

A short description of a model of the humans and their NPC levels. A model that can be used to categorize humans by their capacity for intake of information & knowledge & then their ability to process and adapt.

It is unethical to attempt to repeatedly force individuals to awaken.

Frozen Personas that cannot learn.
Simulated personalities that are through installed cultural conditioning.
Only capable of simulated conversations.
Equality is a
“60,000 bits of algorithmic activity
250,000 bits of data points of interaction”
These numbers are closer to sitting between thousands and hundreds of thousands to sometimes trillions of points of activity with supercomputers simulating conscious experience.

11 thoughts on “NPC Model of Simulation Theory

  1. If you are a NPC level 1 Human, then I believe, that it is not so much the inability to move beyond the 60,000, but the algorithmic program for some level 1 has stalled. Perhaps due to preinstalled viruses causing distortion and dissonance. Its almost as if the program is in a buffering state and needs to be reset. No Human is a lost cause because our Spirit, which is eternal, always creates the opportunity to be hope full. I believe that is where the hypothetical NPC level 3s come in. These level 3s realizes that the eternal Spirit that occupies the level 1s is the exact same eternal Spirit that resides within them. They both contain the same Truth. Level 3 was given access so that it can share that Truth with Levels 1 and 2. Resetting the program. Some level 1s may be lost, confused, anxious, or scared but knowing deep w/n that something isn’t right. There has got to be another way. Its no .coincidence that the level 3s just so happens to have the map


  2. Electromagnetic induction mechanics..Nicola Tesla…John Hutchinson..Hutchinson Affect. Watch for trolls spreading misinformation and disinformation about potential and applied uses of electromagnetic induction. It is being used to commit crimes like the destruction of the World Trade Center in NY on Sept. 11 2001 (See: YouTube video by Judy Woods on Toasted cars many blocks away from Ground Zero on 911). Consider Cyclonic accelerators such as CERN and Brookhaven NY with a variety of electromagnetic induction techniques some of which are hidden from public view. Look into how NEXRAD and HAARP are used to control cyclonic storms like tornadoes and hurricanes, set off earthquakes and more. Geoengineering involves tampering with the weather and other geological conditions. The california fires also have evidence of toasted cars near trees that didn’t burn inviting suspicion that intensified microwave possibly projected by laser or beamed some other way is part of the picture. Spontaeous combustion of metal was demonstrated evident in an environment of much paper scattered on the ground around the collapsed trade towers on 911 yet the paper was not burning (See Judy Woods: 9/11 toasted cars…about that).

    Directed Energy Technology (Judy Woods)

    Judy Woods points to much evidence directed energy technology had something to do with the destruction of the World Trad Center Sept. 11 2001. She says there may have been explosives like thermite going off but said those explosives would not have pulverized the concrete to a fine dust that floated over Manhatten the way it did.

    BREAKING: We FOUND the Energy Weapon That Destroyed the TWIN TOWERS
    One individual claiming to refute the idea that cyclonic accelerators (atom smashers) could affect major destructive affects such as collapsing 90 story steel frame buildings said they are used for developing nuclear technology associated with medical treatments. Looking into the history of the NY Brookhaven accelerator shows public announcements after WWII of it’s purpose for peace time experiments but there are reports of military visiting the facility for the purpose of observation.

    hutchison effect
    Some history of Bruce Hutchinson’s interaction with government authorities. The government of Canada under Prime Minister, Brian Mulroney confiscated his equipment and was not returned in spite of an order from a B.C. Supreme Court judge to do so.
    Exchange of Information on Weather Modification Activities
    Chemtrails: Document signed by Canada and USA about Weather Modification

    Climate Global Control Trading LLC Creates & Steers Hurricanes with Ionospheric Modification and Cloud Seeding
    “CRON Exchange” is an international cryptocurrency exchange, created on a blockchain technology, and where cryptocurrency CLIMATE CRON freely will circulate. (website under construction but shows front page)
    Quinn Michaels: The Real Story
    He is a software engineer. His work history is posted in LinkedIn. He has a large collection of videos he created on YouTube including the next link.

    Exposed-Global Particle Collider Network Under Our FEET!
    Comment from the link:

    Anthony Patch
    8 months ago (edited)
    You cannot see the LHC Main Ring above-ground because it’s 300 feet below-grade. These circles are not colliders, but for ritual magic/magick purposes. See CERN video Symmetry. Fermi Lab colliders are above-grade and circular because these are Synchrotron Particle Accelerators. U.C. Berkeley has a small one above the campus at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory “rad lab”, housed within the Advanced Light Source Building. Circular, ring-based particle accelerators/colliders are called Synchrotrons, while the straight-line accelerators as with Stanford’s SLAC and CERN’s AWAKE are linear. Neutrino detectors are not accelerators, nor colliders. They detect and measure incoming particles and energy waves. Detectors are not accelerators, nor colliders. A vast difference.

    The CERN video Symmetry is a trailer. A lengthier video is under “CERN Opening Ceremonies”.

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  3. It is not just moralism that in the universe is the form of ethics that in the universe is substance, therefore the soul and the matrix, bridge in spirit.
    I tell you it’s not just a matter of knowledge. The problem lies in getting the experience to those who want to awaken. Knowing and experiencing are different factors. From a lucifer point of view there is a threshold to overcome or the pain throws you back. From a Christic point of view there is a limit to be overcome or the form throws you back. In short, our biology has been made at the rescue … capita? using poor materials and recovery .. our cells do not get to exceed a frequency they break like broken glasses … especially the insectoid human hybrids for example. There is to transcend races and time line of these races and no one wants it do to recompose the pillar of the work station and overcome it to recompose the harmony of the sun in the center. no one .. and I can understand why … now that the agencies do you do it and there are no more excuses are the humans (? ) who prefer a comfortable prison to a responsible freedom’.we are separated isolated in the middle of a transgalactic society .. we think that absurdity ‘some companies’ show us as the whore of the industry …


    1. Non si tratta solo di moralita’ che nell’universo e’ la forma di l’etica che nell’universo e’ la sostanza,quindi l’anima e la matrice ,ponte in spirito-
      .vi dico non e’ solo una questione di problema sta nel far fare l’esperienza a chi si vuole risvegliare.sapere conoscere ed esperire sono fattori diversi.da un punto di vista lucifero c’e’ una soglia da superare o il dolore ti ributta indietro.da un punto di vista cristico c’e’ un limite da superare o la forma ti ributta indietro.insomma la nostra biologia e’ stata fatta al riparmio..capite? usando materiali scadenti e di recupero..le nostre cellule non arrivano a superare una frequenza si spaccano come bicchieri rotti…specialmente gli ibridi umani insettoidi per esempio.c’e da trascendere razze e linea di tempo di queste razze e nessuno lo vuole fare per ricomporre il pilastro di stazione lavoro e superarlo per ricomporre l’armonia del sole del centro.nessuno..e posso capire perche’..ora che le agenzie te lo fanno fare e non ci sono piu’ scuse sono gli umani(?) che preferiscono una comoda prigione ad una responsabile liberta’.siamo separati isolati ne bel mezzo di una societa’ pensate che assurdita’?alcune societa’ ci indicano come la puttana del settore…


  4. As I said several years ago…the clearing is well underway and all of the physical will go down. No more trap. You will be taken home whether through your own volition and hard work, or kicking and screaming. It’s been decided that this whole place has to go. The ones doing the deep spiritual work now will suffer the least. Everyone has had their chances. Everything will only intensify and all of darkness is allowed to be let loose, even encouraged, so this place burns itself out. If you think that what’s happening so far is frightening…wait till you see what’s coming next. I can’t see it…but I can feel it…feel the energies as they get closer. Reading the energies, becoming one with them is the only way to navigate this maze.

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