TimeSpace Disentanglement

There are changes.

What if now you plot your range of space?

On the ‘other side’ you manage from within that space at all times the space is filled with your presents. You’re operating from the auric field in that viewing which is actually simultaneously occurring in parallel. You have unlimited time because you have access to much more memory and near perfect pattern recognition.

What if the difference between the perception of life and death is the observation of reality from the auric field as the sum total awareness or as the brain and body as the fractal holographic consciousness phenomenon (single point to divergence open ended hyperbolic projection).

Are you setting yourself up with an eternity spent of connected purpose or abstract confusion and disconnection from the self?

You are looking for your attention in these times.

The you on the other side has the power and knowledge to guide the you that is limited in time.

How to communicate with the self? The only way the self communicates is through the feeling of the sense of clarity and intensity in the mid chest to belly.

Use that feeling as a fulcrum from which to determine what to do. Where that feeling is warning of unexpected variation, look for the next step from the one who knows but cannot say directly other than through your perception and your selective attention.

One thought on “TimeSpace Disentanglement

  1. God, I love this post! Your advice is what I truly want to follow. Funny but just yesterday I was talking to my car mechanic about driving. He said “you know, it is really important to carve out your space when driving in traffic. It is how you can drive safely.” I can relate it to your posts today. Acting in every moment aware and conscious of who we are, where we are headed and our intention while going about our day. Also maintaining our connection by feeling/relating to our immediate environment AND our soul which is outside of space/time.


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