Dial 0 For Out

Every moment is a dial on a spectrum, like a clock. That clock always rotates and at different rates depending on the amount of information and causal nexus. Finding out which dials on the clock, or hours, you feel what and mapping out that pattern will enable you to selectively alter the flow to normalize the variation into a consistent operation or function. Spirit is operating the function of your physical being.

Only the consciousness emission that is formed as an orbular standing wave doesn’t induce a quantum phase shift upon the extra-dimensional fourier transformation that will cause the envelope to invert and unravel.

The unravelled version here is a ravelled version elsewhere. This is a trading post for the shadow universe which is a mirror world to this one. It wasn’t necessarily intended as that and those doing the trading are essentially hyperspace pirates.

When your clock contains ‘blind hours’ that are moments throughout a cycle of awareness (thoughts + intentions + feelings) where your self-awareness fades to a minimal amount. The true reality is full self-awareness. Full self-awareness is the equivalent of having the same level of self-awareness throughout the whole. That would either be one or none, off or on all hours at full speed. Full speed is not “fast”, it’s simultaneous. Velocity, complexity and the variation of reality is not what you see. That’s a trick, that’s all that can be said there. Your brain creates a by product and if people use the direct access they were scolded, long ago. By now, no one dare looks at reality because they don’t want to get scolded. Your brain can process at a quantum super computer speed, this is not the function that is used in this society.

(quantum superimposition) which is all hours and each hour individually, rotating through an extra dimensional format where the pattern of all hour and each individual hour starts over simultaneously cascading from all possibilities as one and as the individual. That’s the norm, the default, the baseline.

What we do is observe long enough to see long enough of the cycle to know where the deficit is, or observe the whole cycle. Observing the whole cycle is near impossible until first the deficits that one can see are clarified. There will be deficits because if one doesn’t know this is how their consciousness works, then they are living in a false reality and this is to say they are in the ‘belly’ of a beast that is using them to fulfil itself to create its hyperdimensional body in higher dimensions out of the informational filler than the construct of their mirrored consciousness holds as space for this entity.

Very advanced, but the other option is just the other entity that made people which is like the mother Earth of the human soul yet it is the father of the mind aspect. The mother holds space for and is shaped by the father, being the very substance of that which we seek and need to live through and for. The power to feel and the strength to be enough to provide the world with what it needs to feel. The father is comforted by and given the power and purpose to act physically and with the heart connection to the mother to connect feeling to action and choose to feel as we act.

What you tell yourself through your own field means more than what you say to yourself through the brain. The brain is either counter effective in this configuration, is implanted and is functioning as an impostor organ, or is entire fraudulent and is used to limit spiritual awareness rather than “make bones see”.

One thought on “Dial 0 For Out

  1. The heart connection and feeling is our soul’s way of relating to our environment. You are saying this is the basis of Awareness, along with intention. To me it looks like that what is being removed with this A.I. infiltration. Seems like more and more people are acting without feeling. Action without any relationship/connection to other people.

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