Who’s Watching Who, Synthetic Day-Dreams, Temporal Inversion and Causal Reversal

The Watchers and the Unveiling

There will be a time to tell this. What we encountered when we activated for our ‘tour’. The Watchers were there. They were watching. We tried to hide. We didn’t give up. Eventually we found the truth. Soon there will be a time to tell this, or this will be done through more controlled means like the scalar controlled consciousness feedback information relay system. It will feed you information at a rate that you are comfortable and books can go by in a few minutes.

It really depends. Even then, I feel this is close to that time. We may never know if we do not know now, however, this is a truth that I am sure and I know it has not been mentioned on the surface.

We were running for so long because we didn’t know the end had already come and we simply didn’t remember because it was too horrifying. I remembered at one point, and then held back. I think the others remembered and held back too because they were willing to risk it all to go where we did.

Multiple civilizations have been lost before. Take what you have around you. Ask yourself if you’re wiling to die for that tonight. If not, you have a shorter amount of time to make it meaningful for eternity than you had last night. Take it for it what it is.

What’s Before Is After, But We May Be Through the Loop on This Path. What happens after this point in history is actually before the previous half. The circle is not split perfect end to end, of the time segment.

The middle of the age and earlier is one time segment moving that way. From a few years ago and forward is it’s new time segment and each is a completely different worldline.

The two systems are placed half and half so as to give the starting point of a pattern of proportional expansion in both directions, however, this then produces the split that must be resolved before completion. In other words two forms occur, and one is known to this world as what we know in these conditions and the alternate world would contain a parallel or shadow worlds opposing charge, particle and spin.

If we don’t unify, we end up with two forms that are so different that to bring them together they will annihilate each other.

Yet, if we unify before they are formed, then each universes collapses into themselves. The trick is to release, right before the big shift occurs.

The dimensions and worldlines are kind of like the boundary sets in a kaleidoscope. The parallels are all similar reflections of the same boundaries expressed with slightly different relative angles to one another and the viewing direction.

The Whole World or Universe Dissolves and Materializes and is happening right now. When we all synchronize on the dissolution cycle, this society will turn to dust. When we all choose to synchronize on the exaltation cycle, the highest souls become permanently eternalized in spiritual form without the soul required for cloud consciousness memory capacity while travelling through multiple created realities to still have a quantum timespace link ‘home’ (through the gate).

3 thoughts on “Who’s Watching Who, Synthetic Day-Dreams, Temporal Inversion and Causal Reversal

  1. October 3 all cell phones will be pinging a presidential alert test. Good time to grab everyone and jump😁 I’ll cut mine up loudest , so I don’t get left, can also wave a big white flag if need be! Joking!!


  2. Ha, you just described a prophetical “time.” At least how I interpreted it as a couple years ago fits with what you are saying here. There is the phrase used repeatedly in prophecy of a “time, times, and half a time.” Now everyone tries to figure out what amount of years is a “time.” And yes there can be specifics there though it is just getting distracted by actual numbers which are really of no consequence in the larger picture because “time” is always “time, times and half a time” lol. One can extrapolate that out large to the infinitum to the very short cycles of sorts. So any “time” or “age” or period of sorts will always have a significator or story or even a theme of that time, however it will be divided into two parts down the middle, creating times meaning there are two times within that time, specifically as a half a time for each half will also have its own specific defining themes of sorts playing out as polarities of the whole. I am not saying that there is no linear significance to numerating a time, than adding that together twice and than adding a half to get some numerical number for a “time”, but “time” within itself is always defined in the larger sense as a “time, times and half a time” lol.


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