Two-Way Atomic Restructuring

Wouldn’t it be strange if there was tech to lock atoms into a different phase turning lead into gold or biology into stone?

You could hide a bunch of non-humanoids around the planet as statues and monuments and then come back and take their rock to use as DNA with your particular conversion system. However, leaving bits of DNA and converted hidden rock people might be unpredictable. Often that’s how material areas or items end up with spiritual conditions that are unexplainable.

2 thoughts on “Two-Way Atomic Restructuring

  1. The Book of Genesis: How was Adam created? From dust. I have contended that the first human (as we are known today) was created from using DNA in the ground, such as exhuming a grave and pulling DNA from the dead body. We seem to be thinking along the same line. I appreciate your work, Aug Tellez Thank you.


    1. That’s been put in the bible to co-opt creation by the fallen Annunaki to be our “parents” but in reality humanity existed in a far higher state here and were dumbed down and modified to be slaves after the Annunaki already arrived. Rather than building up the DNA they just changed it in a negative way. This is why we’re so disconnected from the higher levels now.

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