Spiritual Fuel

Do you use your fuel to get your power? The physical body and the soul have a spiritual force transference as a property of the blood and the quantum mind. You can generate many things as part of this. Why does the human have to eat vitamin C instead of produce it?

This is related to an upcoming video. I will not be doing slideshows as often unless someone has the desire to know how to place images to these topics.

The good news: once you truly know love, you will have the keys to the universe.

The bad news: in order to know love you will also have to know suffering, pain, hate, angst, loss, tyranny, confusion, exhaustion, and so on.

It’s worth it, because love is not a thing, therefore it has no price other than the resistance you put up to it, for the amount of time that you do. Then the reward is the feeling of free-will, knowledge, compassion and self-awareness when you see the unknown and choose to continue through the undying knowledge of self.

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