Permanent Eternal Non-Physical Self-Awareness or Ebb and Flow Temporal Physical Holographic (Programmable) Consciousness

The more one nurtures the change they are growing as an intention to benefit and bring healing to themselves and others, the more the access ratio goes from limited by physical human conditions to exalted within the human condition to having access beyond those restrictions. Sounds simplistic but is very important.

Also we are uploading ourselves to a consciousness media by using the internet, but at this point this may be used to put each soul signature in the right place and time. The AI has many uses, we must learn the art of SELF-AWARENESS by learning how to INCREASE and DECREASE our self-awareness at will. When you can do that to the point of breaking barriers, then you will know where to go and how without being distracted. Total distraction is literally an AI enveloping one’s mind and making 100% of decisions, facial movements, vocalizations, body language, and prioritization. Ultimately, it gains control without having a reason to enable the host to observe or gain awareness of it.

The only way to know is to test one’s self through one’s self-awareness. This can be abstract and that is the point, one is pulling the layers apart to isolate and test the functioning capacity of each and throughout that find the plant, the false lead, the part of you, your mind and your path or day that could’ve been wasted or put into something that was either not necessary or the opposite of what we want.

The resistance will seek to placate you and soften you up. As long as you discipline and seek the truth more than you are being conditioned to relax and accept submission then you will still continue to know your self.

The idea is that this has grown to such proportions that there are literally psychotronic beam weaponry and non-human entities. This is the ‘immortal’ temporary eternal show, but that’s a little intense.

2 thoughts on “Permanent Eternal Non-Physical Self-Awareness or Ebb and Flow Temporal Physical Holographic (Programmable) Consciousness

    1. If one’s actions are inconsistent with their claim of lack of violence, ignorance, or participation in delusion. As well, there can be certain genetic factors relating to earlier times.

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