The Independent Liars

Another thing, because people seek to avoid that which they fear, they are surrounded by that which they do not desire.

If, instead of saying something is bad and then inventing something else to hold to out of deductive, selective, awareness and stability. Deductive stability is someone doing the best and making do.

Realize, if you accept your own becoming of a cookie cutter outline to which emotions and abstract identifiers will be attached, then you’re not only directly within the abode of your fears, but people who do this are also blinded by social influences.

Some are influenced too much, in fact, most are.

Why? Should’ve we be influenced by one another? Shouldn’t we ‘BE’ here?

That’s exactly the point. If they were ‘BEING’ here, they wouldn’t be listening to the same thing everyone else does in order to find out how to “BE” themselves. That’s BS.

Everyone who thinks “THIS” is “WHO WE ARE”, well then your existence was designed by writers, researchers, and master manipulators.

See, the only way to do it, is to do it your self.

You’re supposed to be fearless? Then any fear is standing in your way, so that paints a pretty outline quite directly.

We’re supposed to know the truth? Then don’t listen to known liars.

The funny thing? All you have to do is run people through a series of triggers and they will slowly begin to see.

“Did you ask if this person is a known liar?”

“Did you ask if this is a lie?”

“Did you look to see if you were being lied to?”

And so on.

6 thoughts on “The Independent Liars

  1. When I was young I knew the truth. I started having out of body experiences and astral projecting when I was around 15. I became severely depressed as an adult because I didn’t understand the world around me. It has taken me years to realize that I’m here as a source of energy. People who barely know me tell me how sweet of a spirit I have. Not bragging just sayin that I never could figure out why i was in such a crap hole. We all have a mission here. We are reading this because we were sent here to do something epic. I have people in my life that are so afraid of change. I asked one of them the other day, “What if this is the ascension? What if we are moving into another dimension?” Their first thought was that they didn’t want to die. I said, “Why does death have to be involved?” It just amazes me how fear based even I have been. Lately though I have been experiencing electrifying energy running through my body. I have been reminding myself daily that fear is an illusion. That I have a purpose and no one can control me. I live my life but I have no permanent expectations of this world any longer. I imagine myself as having roots like a tree coming from my body and giving energy back to the earth. I turn the radio off when I’m in the car. I bless people that drive by me as if they can’t go fast enough to wherever they are going. I listen to videos and blogs such as yours. I think about what I’m putting into my body and I see a different person when I look in the mirror these days. I hope everyone who reads this feels the same. No matter what happens here, it isn’t permanent. Take Care! ❤

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    1. You’re right. Taking it too seriously isn’t a good thing either. Although, the whole mission thing is another part of the trap to make complacent more rebellious beings. Not to mention the astral itself is part of the control grid and well within their domain. Read the Interview with the man who met a demiurge on the tricked by the light site it describes their modus operandi well…it’s a game. They must introduce some level of light to the balance or the game swamps with dark energy and the drainage can’t be complete when no hope is left. Beings tend to close off rather than open up when introduced to a true monstrosity. There are those of us that are actual rescuers on a mission and there are “lightworkers” mostly misguided new age or deceptive dark beings that play roles they think are pivotal to humanity. This is the unbridled truth. The truth can get ugly sometimes, but it has to be told in it’s raw form to have the most effect. Turning the other cheek when slapped will only allow further abuse, pretending something doesn’t exist will not quench the darkness around you, only give rose coloured glasses. There is no ascension out of here…only realization. Once awakened the realization occurs and you rejoin your higher aspect and leave. Aug’s words sometimes are cold and hard to deal with, but he cuts through the BS and lays it down not worrying about whom it upsets. I’m much more blunt when it comes to it.

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      1. I’m definitely leaving and it doesn’t matter to me if you want to name it realization. I also won’t be controlled by negativity and the idea of zero hope. Ive seen good and bad in the astral realm. I get to be the one who says don’t speak to me. I’m not going to live my life as a victim regardless of where I’m traveling. Sorry, but not doing it.
        I’m also not going to sit around and act as if there is zero positivity in others. I ignore the negative and make my choices on positive aspects. I have worked with abused kids who have been raped by both parents simultaneously. Trust me, I’ve seen the bad and I don’t completely look away from it. I’m doing what I can so if you are trying to lecture me its not working. Good luck to you.

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        1. Too much ego. No lecture at all. If you see anything in me it’s something reflected from inside of you back to you as we are all one in a sense. The suffering in this world is an illusion, but the trap is real. The minds/energies of some good beings are trapped and the rest are there meant to drain you. How emotionally involved did you get when you heard of these stories? The suffering…the abuse…even the rape? It drained you one way or another. No one is trying to control you…the opposite. As well, no hostility needed. As you can see, you haven’t worked on yourself much if the first thing you counter with is a near negative comment. If as you say you see goodness in all…then why not try to see some goodness in what I wrote rather than countering with emotional leakage and a near outburst. This is why I only reply to certain people on here as they seem to have figured all this out already and know that every interaction is a learning experience, an introspection, and a way forward no matter where it leads to. Good luck in your search, but alas I don’t get sucked down into the sticky mire with more negativity and I don’t waste time arguing.


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