Temporal Anchor, Time Lock

This is confusing at first because it’s backwards from the way we’re used to it.

If there is an event that is traumatic, damaging or otherwise resource consuming what can happen is the group then goes ahead to set an anchor in the future.

Since that event was traumatizing, it basically broke the mind of the individual, they create another event, further down, and then they manually stress the mind of the individual, to near fracture.

This entangles them with the future break. Whatever event took place, as long as they are in tact, they will fly through it.

And I might’ve explained this backwards.

This is the first of this kind of post.

Time is 2023

Exposure of Corruption is now

3 thoughts on “Temporal Anchor, Time Lock

  1. But who are, them and they? Exposure of corruption I do see. Are you meaning these events were scheduled for 2023 and are happing now? Xplain yourself, Lucy!

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  2. How many times does one have to do this? Or is that still up in the air? Am I going to fall asleep again only to be wandering around ridiculousness in a twilight state at some point? My only hope it that next time I wake, babies and the innocent will have developed an ability to able to atomize anyone that would even do much as attempt to lay a hand on them.

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  3. I like this is as I ask : can’t a normal human experiencing trauma (especially targeted souls) utilize that same manuever to reach a place of there own design. What are your thoughts about it?


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