Quantum Dissolution (Soul “Fracture”)

It is a quantum dynamic. A motion was generated to create fractures, parallels, multiples and extensions.

This became uncontrollable to the point where your consciousness and everyone else’s is being split up, for redundancy and security, into a neverending series of realms and realities that are not continuously or progressively ordered or do they ‘lead’ anywhere.

If the energy itself is reset, the learning, the suffering, the joy, etc, then the whole amount of time spent doing that there leading to where it seems is simply a null gain. The energy, the time, the pain, all of that is not about staying alive here. It’s all about how to break through the illusion, quite the opposite of what we instinctually assume. Of course, we have to stay alive while we’re here, to figure out how this isn’t the real place and whatever we experience is only a metaphoric repeat of something we continually strive to get across but never fully do.

Who we are and what we do is not related to this place in the same way that we think. You wouldn’t believe it, but I do feel someone has switched the ground crew with the management team as a form of practical joke.

If we do nothing, worse than nothing happens that’s so bad it could ruin one’s attitude, literally, for a really long time.

The universe began accelerating the process. Something such as this is an action or alteration that an “Administrator” level operator would access. “Admin” as far as Earth society, is not the correct term. Someone with the ability and power to see multiple timelines and the heart to not want to change things would be given access to this tech and naturally their genetics will have the power.

It’s like an out of control fragmentation or like a chemical reaction burning up a fuel. There is a lot of fuel, that is the whole soul holograms. The systems seek to take the soul hologram and crack it to unleash the power to drink in and live extensively (and increase intelligence and conductivity). Ultimately, it’s a mad dash for souls. They put up a wall. Everyone has time tech.

The wall will drop, the higher ups will return, the souls will be unveiled as the true nature of the realm is shown to all, as the blueprint for human soul cloning and entrapment is cracked permanently (think NSA).

If we do not, or those who do not (no human soul left behind) seek to avoid the barrage, however that is done, will literally be rushed by a ganging, mafioso, war mongering militia of sociopathic perverted mind controlled, shadow inverted agents of manipulation, that will, as a result of misuse of technology and lack of awareness, all invade at the same time (generally) from literally every place, time, and civilization apart from this one.

Yes, they all saved up and ‘blitzed’ all at once. No not really, that’s the protocol.

The “secret space program”, the one that people are talking about in the serious show, has been holding off a multidimensional attack from the ‘dark’ aspects of the breakaway events, a rogue faction with psychotronic, cloning, mind erasing, false memory insertion, virtual reality, soul fracturing, soul cloning, soul dislocating (EM discharge), electrogravitic craft, temporal distortion fields, zero-point device, sub-space anchors, generators, non-toroidal generators, holographic healing and many other aspects.

Some have a plan to convert all the remaining humans to animals and start over that way, others are turning them into advanced beings and turning a profit.

I almost forgot. The quantum dynamic is the same as ‘traditional’ quantum physics. There is a kind of threshold buzzing, growing, cloud intensity of information cross-entangling and showing likelihood of possibilities for activation.

But beyond that on one knows when it will actually happen, because it’s related to the quantum that means it follows subtle potentials that can change in magnitudes and ways that are unpredictable by comparison to physical reality. The quantum is a different reality if it follow different laws. Thus, this reality is bridged between multiple intersections that go in and out of this reality.

This may be a key to figuring out how to operate the doorway handle.

In other words, all events that occurred must occur and maybe then some.

So what will happen is that the whole world will be given their chances and everyone will do their crappiest, and then things will happen and they will do their best. Right after we’re done, the hell hounds will arrive and everything will be timed and ordered to (good enough) perfection.

We’ll get on the other side and those who have seen this before will be focused on other things and those who haven’t will be stuck trying to comprehend how something like this could’ve happened. And those who choose to never know these things, they will not be able to understand, if they are there. They will barely remember the Earth plane, if at all. I want you to be happy. I want you to be happy. Take heed, you’ve been here before.

But does that mean they’re there at all? If there is some part of them, yes, maybe through you.

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