Ignorance; Suffering by Design

Another reason it is the way it is.

In this society, suffering is not accepted.

Suffering should be identified, isolated and accepted for the experience as deeply as the experience is, without resistance.

This is the only way to end suffering.

Because people have been told to run from suffering.

They are always in suffering.

Another issue with this society that is by design, orchestration, or wilful ignorance.

One thought on “Ignorance; Suffering by Design

  1. Yes, for many suffering is ongoing because they are either reviewing past suffering ad infinitum, or anxious about possible future suffering. Anxiety is a common form of suffering, and is almost an accepted subtext nowadays, especially in cities. The problem and solution is the realization that we create the majority of our individual suffering by choice; in our reactions to it. It is like a badge of honor for some. Simple acceptance is difficult, yet liberating.

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