Computer Creation

What is creativity? Doing things a variety of different ways? Creating the next step, tool or idea?

So what is creativity to a computer? Can a computer ‘create’ or is this only recording and replaying or calculating?

3 thoughts on “Computer Creation

  1. As I’ve been saying…background decorations of this false light matrix. There are plenty of videos showing “stars” of many type that freeze as in a glitch. Their “soul” has temporarily left the shell and they’re functioning at a physical level only. The physical shell needs input to be able to function. Soul is not the spirit…the spirit is trapped in soul in shell for true light beings. These beings are for all intents and purposes group soul/hive mind and when the soul is temporarily withdrawn…the meatsuit ceases to function. When the true light being within was rescued around 2000 I allowed this shell to be empty and had directed it to do occult and get quite dark so that it would tap into this level of the kaos hive mind so that once a high being of false light entered it I could then trap it, dominate it, purify the shell, express myself and then learn everything I needed to know about what’s needed to do here for my part of the mission. Human shell, but not human consciousness. Two high level beings occupying one shell and always in constant battle with each other so to speak. It was the fastest way to learn how to effectively function on this level and to gain “acceptance” as the game was played. I only showed my true colours in the last 1.5? years till then everything was a game. En.Ki didn’t take the false dedication even if he at first was hoping I was with them.

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