Two Maps to Forever

The question is can some stay in the material arena forever? Or is that the trap which mutates or undoes consciousness?

If we had total permanence, would it be beneficial to have selected ‘starts’ and ‘stops’ to time, possibly to avoid instability of some sort?

Or would it be more meaningful to project long into consciousness and self-awareness making unending self-awareness and consciousness the goal.

What if one civilization broke into two to complete this task?

One took the long straight road, and stood throughout all of time, awake, aware and ready.

One took the winding, looping road and experiences regular moments of clarity at the potential expense of confusion. Wakefulness as a result of sleep, death as a side-effect or unintended result of life.

4 thoughts on “Two Maps to Forever

  1. Why We Don’t Die

    In late September many voices
    Tell you you will die.
    That leaf says it. That coolness.
    All of them are right.

    Our many souls- what
    Can they do about it?
    Nothing. They’re already
    Part of the invisible.

    Our souls have been
    Longing to go home
    Anyway. “It’s late,” they say.
    “Lock the door, let’s go.”

    The body doesn’t agree. It says,
    “We buried a little iron
    Ball under that tree.
    Let’s go get it.”

    -Robert Bly, 1997


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