The Human Experiment and The R-Complex

The Human Experiment and The R-Complex

The conscious mind submits to the “R-Complex” and through this damage, stress or confusion is avoided and safety or satisfaction is maintained.

Let’s think about a dynamic here. The conscious mind has the ability to submit to the R-Complex. The lack of submission implies one of two outcomes. Either the conscious mind contains the required information and otherwise instinctual direction to perform the tasks or this is handled via the R-Complex.

The R-Complex handles this information by referring back to an archival blueprint of data interactions and experiences that yield satisfaction in different situations. These are very direct, binary and shaped by the sentient being equivalent of the human perception of pleasure and suffering. They are limited to default instincts when contradictions arise out of layering priorities more than what is necessary. This is a benefit for efficiency and a restriction on variation and adaptability.

Part of the goal is to relocate various aspects of the collective to consciously matched worldlines. This is a mirror of the process neurons undergo when certain experiences are occurring and quantum entanglement guides the outcome with an invisible and extra-dimensional motion.

Those who fully activate the process by which the mind is liberated from the body and the body from the mind experience a selective conscious control over the attraction to the worldline they will find themselves on.

The conscious mind can submit, but this doesn’t mean it should. The activation of the conscious operation for experiences that would otherwise by governed by the R-Complex is part of the bio-psychological metaphoric process of making ignorance into knowledge.

Every time the conscious mind submits, it is taking a back seat and hosting the responsibility on another biological system that operates through instinct (or unconscious operation). That is a redundancy built in with the extreme conditions of this environment.

Think, this might be a bit of a stretch for some readers, what if humans were not matched to this environment? What if the biology was adaptable but the mind itself couldn’t function? What if the R-Complex was engineered later in ‘evolution’. What if the spirit, quantum scalar coherence function of self-awareness, DNA, is formed out of a timeless information grid or network that cannot be created and has always been? Is such a thing possible?

Is such a thing possible for humanity? Would this be the default possibility in this universe then?

What if each human was placed in a wide enough program to vaguely define every parameter of the psyche and ultimately define who was submitting their conscious functioning capacity to the instinctual mind and who was retaining full conscious control and self-awareness throughout?

What would happen to the human mind, the genome network and the environment?

If people reduced fear, ignorance, loss of control and lack of self-accountability then this would drastically alter the society. What if fear and wilful stupidity were completely removed? Would this hinder progress?

What if, over time, the R-Complex shrank and was no longer mitigating some human experiences, if not the most important ones?

What if the human arena is a communal multi-dimensional virtual network and the brain regions are formatted by different intelligences? What if the civilizations material, technological and intellectual aspects are too experimentally fashioned and combined to fit the situation from the completion to the beginning?

If people increased the submission to the R-Complex, the opposite could occur in that the conscious mind shrinks and becomes less prominent until the humanoid is regressed to an obnoxious, slightly aware, highly dangerous (actually slightly less than currently), highly instinctual and highly emotional creature. Ah, but this already had occurred with the advent of the homo erectus (if there ever was such a being as portrayed).

The result would not be overly emotional any more than a completely consciously in control mind would be. The reptillian mind would not be devoid of emotions, but they would be rather indifferent to emotions placed outside the arena of the satisfaction of personal subjective desires and the collective progress of family, cause and society.

11 thoughts on “The Human Experiment and The R-Complex

  1. Eternal loop, Deja Vu, Remembering an eternal monotony of the same actions over and over and over…

    Ever since I was younger I could see events before they happen. Especially in dreams. Prophetic dreams. I could feel the energy of tomorrow as time flows backwards and the endpoint is the beginning point where it all started. If as Aug says these beings inserted themselves into the very beginning ( from the future to the past) for total dominance as life arose here, then that makes sense that the future never was and we’re now stuck/unstuck in a time bubble that keeps repeating itself and the only time a variance occurs is when “they” want it or when a True being accesses their inner godlike power and alters reality. Their attempts at coalescing all realities into one, as they can’t control every branch that breaks off due to the different actions of beings, was done with major events…think of 9/11. The whole world was fooled into believing it happened as they say it happened yet there’s proof to the contrary that those buildings were imploded. Even if a being knows it didn’t happen as the official narrative does…they now share a common vision that was implanted in the lower mind…9/11 happened and we all got closer to a shared reality. WW1/WW2…shared reality. Gruesome as it were and I’m sure there were some that could see through it as a facade, a game being played by the “elite cockroaches”, the whole world shared a reality of war and violence and hatred and death. The ultimate suffering and energy drainage.

    Here’s the question…how many iterations have we gone through of this temporal bubble that keeps looping. I’ve seen it all, and seen it all, and seen it all and it’s maddening. Nothing is hidden from me anymore.This is why I’m pushing and helping others to push out of this place. I don’t know how long I’ve been incarnating to help end this trap, but it is getting tiresome. One final push for everyone. Do your best. The system will break.

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  2. Humans being the neural network conduit through which the matrix functions was scrapped, but in reality makes more sense when compared to this world than humans being batteries. The “Will” being the driving force of creation. Archontic parasites don’t have “Will”…imagination, to make this place function so they needed humans to create their own hell. There are layers upon layers to the game being played here, but only one way out.

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    1. I think its some distant in the past more basic created. Reptilian Brain Complex. And the higher cortex of the brain got overlaid on top of this higher thinking Feeling, emotions. But we have to bring into this discussion Lisa we don’t know what our history is. Also theres the flood and fall of Atlantis. We might be in a star trek type of Holodeck scenario, where soul consciousness memory wiping reincarnation bullshit scenario is happening, .
      We might be in a branched off artificial Holodeck scenario, evil people, playing with advanced Tesla free energy technologies, and this is where were at. Im confident things are gojng to be reset and alright though.
      BTW Larwence Wilson says you can google. R Complex inner reptilian brain is copper based. Higher Minded outer cortex activation is Zinc based.

      Copper Toxicity Syndrome – Dr. Wilson

      by Dr. Lawrence Wilson … Do you know anyone who suffers from brain fog, fatigue, constipation, spaciness, racing thoughts, PMS, … Other hidden copper indicators are a low hair zinc, mercury toxicity, or a low sodium/potassium ratio.

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      1. so it is the actual part of our brain where reptilian DNA exist, through genetic manipulation, right? I assumed we all had some of this DNA and some humans have more than others🤷🏻‍♀️


  3. To some degree the constant need to control and fix is exactly what could be considered the problem. By trying to swim against the tide of time, your getting pulled under like being on the ocean and with a red flag stating very clearly, undertow present. You don’t fight it. You allow it to take you to shore by surrendering to the current. That’s the only way to survive. Yes you might be a few condos over by the time you make it back to shore. But you survived didn’t you? What’s real or not real is really starting to blur these days. The only thing I have left I’m holding onto is that I’m fully aware that i need to have love and be truthful because everything is one massive organism. Even the parts of us that apparently want to commit suicide by taking a meat mallet to whatever light is left inside them. Perhaps upon entry the over mind said, I want to die and then then the parts of her simply said OK. I’ll kill ya. And then she said, “ no wait, I’d like to live “ and then the area said ok she said she wants to live. Then she gave two different commands and it’s war between these two. Who the heck can remember? Who the heck knows?

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    1. YES. ” You allow it to take you to shore by surrendering to the current. That’s the only way to survive. Yes you might be a few condos over by the time you make it back to shore. But you survived didn’t you? What’s real or not real is really starting to blur these days. The only thing I have left I’m holding onto is that I’m fully aware that i need to have love and be truthful because everything is one massive organism”. Yes.

      I like your Esoteric Exposal Twitter site btw if youre the same Tina.


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