Hacking the Feed

In this situation, the most pressing matter is the human trafficking war. Everything is related to human trafficking. Things got out of hand, everyone is involved. Safeguards were put in place, the point of no return was reached last year.

This is the point of the unveiling. The point of no return for what was our civilization, well. That civilization, the one you think this one is, hasn’t been here for a long time.

Cloning and consciousness transfer is related. Advanced technology, temporal distortion field generators have been implemented.

The information must move from the Phase 1 coordinated activation of memetic information designed to act as a stabilizer and counter espionage channel. There are no closed channels. Everything is out in the open. Either say it loud or encrypt it.

Encrypt everything you don’t want used against you. This doesn’t so much apply to the readers, but in a way it does.

Your mind is the resource, that is what a soul is, one part anyway.

Waves of coordinated distractions, attacks, redirections, misdirections, gas-lighting, out-right insults when all else fails.

A live-action, interactive, multiplayer real-world, online, strategic, lateral thinking, meme-based integrative truth information awareness social game, counter sub culture has been generated, either autonomously or as a carefully planned clear access safeguard and therapeutic experience for the civilization.

The simulations were so good the universe believed them. Apparently it’s already done. Game theory.

The more quantum hackers figure it out, the more the media will shun them. The more the media pisses on their eyelids, the angrier they will get. The angrier they get, the bigger the scene, the bigger the scene, the more that see the show.

2 thoughts on “Hacking the Feed

  1. Per la prima volta oggi,Aug, ho provato le contrazioni uterine al parto.soglie dolorali estreme.e sono un uomo!l’ultima generazione di donne chiede l’anestesia spinale e il bambino arriva dimentico della strada che dovra’ a ritroso prendere per il ritorno.


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