The Humoring Test

How would an AI imitate you. You have to avoid being made into a dimensional cut-out of the true soul that is unable to fit inside the body’s awareness entirely. It’s as if this place was a back-up universe or an overlay designed to mesh the body with the soul, however, the mind has fallen asleep and the only inevitable options are that another mind uses the body or the true mind becomes stronger than all the imitators.

To do that we must be able to go through all that can be offered or threatened and see through all the illusions and navigate the possible dangers by choosing the role and disengagement that does not entangle us into playing out the rest of the part that someone else designed.

Your persona needs an exit plan otherwise finishing this artificial world is then on your part, when an AI created the entire BS spiritual-techno battle world domination show-down just to see what you would do.

This sounds kooky and paranoid, because inherently, it is, however, these are working technologies and first-hand logistical analysis of what people in power do when they have the means to do it. Whatever it is, it’s already been done.

You, on the other hand, haven’t yet seen the beginning, nor the end, but have been travelling silently through the majority, down the river, waiting for what’s coming next, not realizing it’s all been a show.

So the question becomes, what does the show become, when you know it’s a show? When you know it’s all a show? When you all know it’s all a show?

Then you’re tested. It’s all a show, but the results are real.

20 thoughts on “The Humoring Test

  1. All the energy is there for everyone who is going to put maximum effort in now…one last time. You won’t get another chance. There are some left who still believe in you. This world is falling apart and will be nothing short of a nightmare come alive very soon, this is just the threshold and already the world is close to insanity. One needs to only turn on the even MSM news and they can’t hide how much things have changed already. These last few years have revealed the dark mind in all it’s full brutality. The physical shell is only a transient vehicle. Shine the light from within. Bring down the clearing energy. Anyone who still feels inside that they want to honour the True Light God and not play the parasitic demiurge’s game…take the energy. You are a part of God. Be the best you can be. They’re blanketing the world in frequencies to block out communication and contact, but everything you need is within you. Just because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there. Feel the power and intensity in the words. Fuel the fire. No fear. Goodness over darkness. I won’t post anymore online as there’s nothing more need be said. The internet is saturated with information about all this. I can help point things out and Aug is doing a tremendous job helping to deconstruct this false Maya. All effort will be remembered.

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  2. The separation of light from dark is becoming more and more apparent now. Expect full on hostility and negativity. The two sets of creations are in polarizing opposites and many will be singled out now and attacked. It’s been more and more apparent to me. The ones who’re false have not been very receptive to my energy as of late. The more the fire my energy becomes the less comfortable most false light (decorative beings/constructs) react to me when around me. Open hostility. The world will turn on the few. It’s a clear indication that they can’t drain you anymore and they will then create drama to pull you in. Humour is useful in a way to laugh it off…but having a plan is best. How will you react to and get past this roadblock? Inner strength is the only way and we each have our own path to get there.

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  3. I remember after being shown everything and coming away with the main underlying message that this was all a sham/play/joke/theatre/meaningless game. The paradoxes, the duality, the battle between forces all put in place to keep this spinning plate from falling off the stick from loss of momentum… this is the final last gasp trick of the AI to make you not take it so seriously 😒 I more or less laughed and giggles to myself continually for three days after being shown everything, laughter and humour was my coping mechanism to allow the information to sink in.


      1. It’s a trick to place trapped beings into complacency. It unbalances the chain of seeing the thread that what happens here actually does affect your true self outside this realm. It does. It drains it energetically and at the same time can shatter the mind construct at the higher level. Like a trauma patient on this level…once enough trauma is experienced the mind disassociates and fragments and then the higher self is dependent on this system and will eventually fall in vibratory and pure state until it too is no longer distinguishable from any other background decorations floating around in this false Maya. The trick is to be in the world, but not of it. Yes, everything here does affect everything about you on the other levels…overcoming that is one step to freedom. Laughing and smiling, while having no plan is like Buddha…no motion. Sit in one spot going nowhere. Buddha wasn’t a true light being. The ones that were and are use many and all available resources to fight for their freedom. It’s all given to everyone here…just need to put into action what one learns.

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        1. Yes! This is a brilliant description/ understanding/feeling put into words. Thank you! Believe me after the laughter stopped… then there was anger to how we got to here… anger still being an attachment to this realm .. then like Aug…forgiveness.


  4. 😊 I remind myself of this frequently. Especially after reading information that scrambles my mind. Now I just watch the show and learn as I go, as much as I can!


    1. Another family member killed their self on Labor Day. Suicide is really increasing. I can’t even imagine what state I would be in right now, had I not learned from you and others, over the last couple of years, a new way of seeing things and trying to maintain a balanced state. I instantly felt the sadness and pain that her leaving had caused but then I told myself that I didn’t have to stay in that pain. “If I can’t control my emotions, then who will” right? This is one crazy show, alright!

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  5. Redeemed
    “Some people came by. They said that the whole world is suffering from soul sickness, and that we are, all of us, sick unto death. They said we were spiritually fat and lazy. And that I was a slave to darkness. I asked them how they knew this. They said, Calm down. We’re here to help. They held up a clipboard and said, Sign here for the New Jesus Program and you’ll receive certain blessings and discounts. In your very first session with a certified soul trainer you’ll be initiated into the ancient secrets and silent ways of the Big Hats. I said, What’s a big hat? They said, We’ll show you the way back and forth between light and dark so that you’ll be a slave to neither. They said, In order to get your soul into fighting trim, obliterate your ego and be delivered from evil, amen, that I would need to write them a check for fifty dollars which, they added, is fully refundable if I’m not completely satisfied. I told them that I liked my ego. They said that the ego was dead weight. That it had no life of its own. That it depends on and feeds off of and is animated by the life of the soul. They said, Stop feeding it and it will, like a dog, die or go elsewhere. Then they smiled and handed me the forms that authorized upon signing the transmission to me of certain brand name universal energies. The keys to your soul, they said. So I signed. Then they told me not to eat anything for the next three days and gave me a number to call when I was ready to redeem the coupon they gave me; and my soul.”


  6. I jumped out of that river finally but it took some good scripted trauma mind control to keep me in that boat, and attempt to keep me in it! I find humor in it all everyday, and I do laugh out loud. Waiting for the big show. Had a dream about it. Purely in observation looking at all the street, media, and social media theatre games that so many still participate in and continue to play out. 🙃

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  7. This is why this place has been ordered for clearing. Nothing left. These demonics, fallen parasitic mind constructs, are not allowed to survive. If anyone says otherwise they’re complicit in what’s happening here and will be thought of as no different than them. Everyone can feel it getting closer and closer. Can now smell the fear on the “elites” ;)
    This is just one of a million examples daily of how atrocious this place truly is.

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    1. I hope the stepmother gets the severest harshest painful punishment in fact the exact same experience she gave her stepdaughter. She needs keeping alive and it dragging out many months.

      Why do I feel that no matter what happens to her her evil here will never receive proper justice? And it cannot undo whats happened to this girl. I am so sad and depressed at what shes gone through and now shes gone.

      This place is becoming more polarised. I am feeling it on various levels. There are people here I have just given up on and wont try to help anymore.


      1. Polarized…yes. I can see it very much. Any good that’s left is being preyed on by the negative background beings more and more, but there’s bad blood on both sides for what’s happened here. Letting go will be one of the final tests to getting out of here…but who can after all they’ve seen.


  8. Rather than humour…while I’m here…I plan to dominate my way through. My will is beyond this place anyways. So far pieces of this game have bent and broken for me as that’s what I am created for. Nothing more, nothing less.

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  9. Thank you I will look here but I really have to walk my dog. First as she is 40 lbs on my lap licking my face. Gotta do good things every day like remembering the truth that loves you. Be back soon.


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