Personal Tiered Worldline Mobility Access

The entire timeline is being moved, across the worldline, individually by everyone as they are unconsciously taught how to operate in a hyperdimenisonal capacity.

How do you move a line stretching for thousands of miles? It would take days, weeks, years.

What if you could utilize millions of people, even if for but 2 minutes a day, but steadily throughout each day and night?

What if you could observe variables and match patterns to locate the most momentary possibility where the most direct possible route across the map occurs simultaneously within a specific window of opportunity and could be done literally instantly over the course of many cycles with the use of supercomputing?

What if a supercomputer could observe people, organize events and manage the politicians all at the same time to get just the right events to play out and steadily, repeatedly control system wide changes generating iterations of complete timelines spanning a worldline possibility spectrum polarized by self-awareness?

Questions and Comments

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