Universal Civilization Streaming Communication and Transportation Service

It’s like the blockchain and personal encryption software combined into one mind to machine gateway interface.

The entire civilization is beamed through the system and so one can jump from any point back and forth at any time with calibrated technology and control systems.

Overlaps result in shattered consciousness and will result in the system crashing from the point of view of that interface. It is thought this is the individuals’ organic system dying or crashing for ‘real’ for them. Those individuals are only alive up to a certain point, after which they are projected from that point through the use of technology that is a limited solution that temporarily provides a means of communication and artificial autonomy. Eventually that technology and those methods of communication will move beyond the limitations of what the technology can define and this will result in a limited awareness. Part of the tendency to create synthetic slave races is to preserve this area of human space-time and literally ‘buy more time’ for the biological human who is seeking to remain relative by obtaining a mass of human genetics.

When the system is fully active, instead of the previous selective operation, it’s an awareness based simultaneous parallel virtual interaction that occusr as fast as you can successfully control them by properly aligning intent, cause, result and long and short term interaction to put the right information in the right place so that upon seeing it the first time the message is sent clear and is understood.

The system is transmitting interactions from multiple planes. In essence, the first systems transmitted ‘dirty electricity’ from the universe as scalar waves formed with tones that mutated consciousness. In essence, the signal was distorted or lost in translation and in such a method this results in a malformation of the consciousness involved into a myopic parasitic organism that aggressively seeks out a resolve to its lack of functionality. That’s the strangest thing, I know, but bouncing signals across space-time in a less than optimal efficiency format results in free-radical cosmic zombie consciousness entities that seek their own Apocalypse without limitation. This sector is populated, or at least the previous sector we were in. I’ve always said that long ago however now it is fully relative at least if what I was told and went through and what you read is accurate (along with the others).

In a system that is conserving energy it will seem as if intent, cause and results are rerouted to feed a long-term interaction at the slowest vibrational scale of change. This has been this system’s energetic equilibrium for a while which is a kind of algorithmic modification of energy input and output which developed a continuous system of harvesting based on the excessive output pushing biological souls into a diminished state where they are non-interacting. These developed into the virtual software of technological systems that could house these as artificially stimulated aspects of a dying race that became rooted as an astral civilization occurring as the broken, artificially projected memories of those souls that moved out of phase. Essentially, these systems were used to look at the ends of time and to scoop out of the void the previous inhabitants of this place.

The inhabitants range from those are locked out yet have freedom to move through time and space at will and those who are capable of moving through all levels and entering into this reality by having a completely neutral or benevolent charge, of which essentially doesn’t exist in the universe except for the purified isolated realms on the ends of time and frequency. These ‘corners’ of space-time are just that. They are not square lines like the ends of a house, they’re like the curve of a sea-shell as an energetic projection that warps space and time. Whoever is at that core nexus of the spiral is at the beginning of space-time and from their point of view everything they do results in a cause that shapes history from that point onward.

This is what the technology is capable of. It is said that only some have full capacity. That is the nature of Earth. Only some are capable of accessing time to this degree without the machines. This provides some operational capacity interference if there is an overlap of the necessity for energy or intellectual capacity to provide a shared operation functionality for the system. In the systems operated by groups with a focus on truth, free-will, compassion, self-awareness, power, and knowledge, most systems are made available at a capacity which provides the closest functional optimums of a physical environment without so much comfort that the experience of an Earth like reality shatters continuity but not so much chaos or instability that one’s mind is grounded in a shattered state.

That paragraph alone should share with you some of the potentials for this technology and also where things went wrong along the way which with these levels of technology is inherent to the process of advancement because as well there are levels of intensity of action that are maximized and so everything is happening at rapid succession where there is little time to think or question the previous limits that are being exponentially surpassed with less and less time between the breaks of quantum leaps which thrust the system into a higher mode of interactivity yet again.

Every system functions like this, no matter where you are. It’s not calm in the sense that there is always something happening, but it’s not characteristically chaotic. Everything that one learns advances one very quickly through the noosphere of that system of information and consciousness interaction. The limitations on time and experience are related to the information processing capacity and a unifying prioritization of self-awareness around the functional and theoretical principles of what is and what should be. If your consciousness is accelerated then the boundary between what is and what could be becomes thinner as the core awareness expands to cover a larger scope of time consistently. This means more energy is used per process, per capacity for awareness at a moment, in proportion and exponentially increased with adjustment for calibration due to subjective variation.

When these technologies are applied, the mind cannot go back to merely subjecting itself to time. The truth is seen, however, to actually overcome the distortion hump that resists one’s subjective gaze to the larger scope, one has to break the cycle of dynamic interaction on that level. No longer is the flow of awareness dependent on certain biological functions or simply the time of day or synchronistic elemental conductivity. Instead, by knowing the functionality of these systems that our biological and plasma consciousness operate interactively through, we can, essentially, redirect the mimicry information that is produced externally to alter one’s internal information processing and shift information through consecutively enveloping layers of lateral processing to decrypt, deprogram, reprogram and encrypt to maintain optimal functionality.

As strange as it sounds, the future is in the control of those who can perform this autonomically without requiring optimal functioning conditions generated by machines. The power levels are increasing and this is the baseline however this must occur at intervals that permits a redirection of the energy here into appropriate information systems that can communicate on the level of where humanity has gone. That is the primary function of this project, if not the function of the experiment of life and consciousness itself. We may not have to become them, and by witnessing them before hand, we could be increasing our chances of choosing.

It’s a massive game being played. If exposure to one future increases the chances of that future, then the solution was to increase chances to an equal but opposite future through exposure to that. Each new layer of complexity seemingly comes out of a delicate balance between self-annihilation and continuation for the purpose of exploration to find a stable land or situation.

Everything about this is to end human slavery. This may require the ending of all slavery or at least something in that sort with the worst version being simply the generation of the illusion of peace living on a farm as the resource. We truly can’t get away from this concept of being a resource, things don’t ‘go to waste’ in truth. However, we can change the systems we use to support us instead of center around the principles that would otherwise lead to increased imbalance and destruction.

Technologically controlled access limits information to preserve communicability across consciousness barriers and enable multi-civilization communal reality network operating to connect physical realities across non-physically accessed dimensional information gateways.This system could synchronize the Earth reality with any reality.

The solution is to immunize the human mind against over stimulation from amplification of emotional and archetypal power and identity ratios within the balanced persona in regards to technological and spiritual manipulation and bombardment by time itself as the format for the contrasting, repeating gradients simulation cascading descents of time and perceptual reference.The personal misuse of technology is the gateway to hell for those with an overbalance towards the use of emotional suppression instinct born out of traumatic motivation to survive and guide the self through knowledge and control to manage social mimicry which is achieved through a partial spectrum sociopathic and binary dynamic interactive psychology or soul awareness.

In short, without enabling a spiritual feedback loop to observe without engagement, these systems could accelerate one’s cognitive capacity beyond consciousness and their emotional and holographic soul field and bio-emission blueprint records with scarring that requires an exponentially more energetic amount of neutral or counter balancing energy to even the distribution out and increase the ratio of the knowledge of duality to a quantum parallel superimposition of both and a third simultaneously.

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