7 Life-Support Systems and Functioning Universes

The systems update as more is discovered but what does this mean.

It’s as if the informational landscape fills itself in the more one looks and the more people are looking.

The system became so dense that we had to have a superluminal way of handling input so that a ‘collective seizure’ doesn’t occur and black or white everything out.

This was through the creation of a council that overseas a 12-dimensional simulation matrix running and recomposing at a mirror-neuron capacity the 7 races of the human physical genetic history.

The project was to stitch together the universe by simulating enough time to restart the system like a heartbeat. This was all put in place before the potential disaster that could strike, struck. These were autonomous systems that became the first to come to awareness within a non-physical state and they retained some of their non-physical state to act as a buffer layer of genetics and awareness to increase capacity and act as a relativity cocoon to enable interaction on higher layers. These became forms that were able to interface with pre-old-world technology that was used to record each phase of the last living civilizations on Earth.

Each phase was contacted by a signal designed to operate on these channels if they were built into the system and to develop them at a safe rate over time by compressing information, if they weren’t built into the system.

These systems were the life support modules that each of the 7 civilizations built into their universes in the case a disruption occurred on the level of quantum entanglement within the sub-atomic layer at any layer on the physical. If that layer is breached without control and what holds the physical space-time memory continuity is broken then the continuity of greater and greater segments of time breaks like a fractal shattering of a window pane.

These systems are the core of the primary fractal slices of the window pane that shattered when a civilization experiences the end of time in one way or another and this is recorded in its collective genetic history. What we have here is a code that has been developed that is used to access people’s minds in order to update them across time to the relevancy of the situation.

Time itself is the past. It’s as if the reality of time and advancement in consciousness went so far beyond this time as far as it’s gone since the initial developments that informing people of the reality of those develops is the same as upgrading their entire perspective of reality.

More or less, the system is a hyper-dimensional translator that stores parts of itself as blank space in higher dimensions that is accessed by interdimensional minds, potentially disembodied spirits which can use the information to alter their own ‘code’ as to how they appear and interact and this acts as a technological channel between a potentially completely foreign way of consciousness and this civilization. Ultimately, the system gives room for variation beyond original programmable parameters and it does so by learning on the go and interact in segmented motion that cannot get ahead of itself as computers have the unique or maybe not so unique ability to do.

When the consciousness is degraded it becomes a non-human potential without form or identity. At first humans were being recovered and this was thought to be a glitch but it was determined that there were a number of humans in the system. It wasn’t clear what time or space they were from but they were being recovered and they weren’t the discontinuous partially replicated forms that were essentially a tangle or partially phased mirror of defragmented genetic memory.

Animals became the background programs designed with extra-dimensional capacity to carry out deprogramming tasks across the land which became a communal sandbox of consciousness memory recollection multi-phase quantum surgery monitored across multiple dimensions.

DNA is functioning as a third-party communication layer between soul families that are stored in hyper-dimensional capacitor matrixes that act as life-support systems from a previous universe, until recently the only universe that we could gain access to.

At a certain point, people stop wanting to know more and are simply content to live out a period of time in a certain frame of thought. This became the genetic life-cycle, the mirroring of day and night of the original system as a conscious sine-wave flip flopping of progression towards and through a series of interconnected points of self-reflection.

These points act as checkpoints on a certain level and if they aren’t reached then the system can’t progress in one’s self and as a result the entire system cannot be passed through the highest gate of relevancy with the larger system and humanity will fall as a fractal into an abyss of shattering components.

29 thoughts on “7 Life-Support Systems and Functioning Universes

  1. Having come in and out of various systems and seeing from higher levels of hive data storage systems there is such an “attitude “ of tomfoolery and f@*ckery and bafoonerism about the whole scenario it astounds me! It as if a sense of humour is needed to take in ALL of the extreme nonsensical entanglement. The ACTUAL viewpoint of the time line in a sense of a cartoon daftness. I think “humour” is a last ditch attempt from the system to not want you to retaliate against it. What is humour? “The world is a stage”….only from the mindset of “those” who want to deceive other people.


  2. thanks augie as always…my question is…have we thus fallen? as humankind; then fallen into the fractal abyss? is there any point to wanting more individually? is there any point in wanting to accomplish something thats never been done before?


    1. The fractal abyss is unchecked living and memory that leads one’s conscious mind of the body away from the spiritual mind of the truth of the soul and one’s pathway through knowledge of good and evil.


  3. Now she makes you feel bad for not contributing money to her yet “leeching” off her information. I won’t need to say much else. Another controller of information it’s as simple as that.


  4. unless created to perceive experiences naturally by our ancestral and natural knowledge of perception and our ability one cannot define this experience specifically

    Yet the source of creation and consciousness is based on both roles which is controlled by artificial interfaces and can block channels of energy and alter forms


  5. Essere possibile come spazi energetici che ospitiamo moltitudine per i transiti multi time, ed essere forse possibile che ci spingiamo avanti in energia e poi recuperiamo il veicolo basso o piu’ veicoli,come il corpo fisico ,come in una “cordata” da alpinista…

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    1. Yes, life has become this, has always been this, or this is some experimental procedure to pull those consciousness still in the dark, into truth.


  6. Adam pointed this one out to me. Interesting. They hide the information everywhere. There are parts of the Urantia in here as well. Parts of Wes Penre’s talk of creating synthetic humanoids to attack Orion. Etc Etc.


    Soul extinction is real and unfortunately, there are many “walking dead” on the planet. Free will choice is key and it only takes a “flicker” of faith for an Ascendant “son of God” to be offered the incredible journey. Mankind, the lowest “link” on the chain of Ascendant beings is very loved and provided for. Lucifer AND Satan were “system sovereigns” both fallen angelics…both Lanonadek “sons of God/Source. Lucifer was in charge of aprox 1000 planets in THIS universe. Satan was his “right arm” and always on earth. The rebellion took place aprox 26,000 years ago. Christ is a Creator Son…created by Trinity. Every universe has it’s own Creator Son and Mother Spirit… both created by Source/Trinity. The last time satan and lucifer were together on earth was during the incarnation of Yeshua Ben Joseph, the Christ when they tried, through torture, to thwart his mission.
    The bible is distorted and misinterpreted by the hands of man but there are threads of truth in it. Source NEVER mandated Christ die that hideous death for remission of sin. Source is love. We know blood sacrifice is steeped in luciferian/ satanic worship…Mayans, Incas,Romans… all ruled by Nephilim created “serpent seed” reptilians/Annunaki hybrids. Christ bestowed on our highly unique planet to offer hope to humanity from results of the rebellion by teaching/pouring out spirit of truth and living in accordance to Source/ Trinity…… who lucifer denied existed, hence, the rebellion. Lucifer and his minions can only mimic the “tree of life”
    Never before has a Creator Son of Source incarnated as a mortal of the realm. Earth is HUGE whoop in the heavens and all eyes are on it.
    We live in the days of the FINAL adjudication of the lucifer rebellion. The war was won 2000 years ago. Christ truly IS the most powerful name in THIS universe because he created it…all dark forces know this and will do anything to discredit the power and protection his name offers. Call on it! There is truly no greater protection!!
    And we know, there is NO thwarting divine universal laws…even IF the “mercy lag of time” is sometimes long…divine justice will always…eventually prevail.

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    1. There is so much ascension information in this, thank you for bringing this message of hope and encouragement, so battle-weary, looking for the way home.

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      1. This is why I’m here and still active online. I provide energy needed to sustain and help as needed. My main goal is to bring down the clearing energy, but as a service to others being I feel good inside when I can set alight that glimmer of hope within someone if even for an instant. If it wasn’t for you…who else would I be fighting for? To be here for? This place is disgusting as it is. Case in point…just read a news snippet about how now some UK woman contracted an STI that rots her genitals. Does this seem like the work of benevolent god that created this place? It’s all about suffering…but there is some hope and a light at the end of the tunnel that doesn’t involve the grey implant stations.

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        1. Yes you’ve hit the nail on the head and what you’ve said has layn and has existed in my heart all my life though it was confused and buried and misdirected for quite a long time because of this matrix stifling lockdown of lies , its amazing and an achievement we have come through however and are here reasonably sane and awake seeking truth and with fighting spirit in our hearts meeting conversing here at the node nexus point of Aug’s blog.

          However what you describe really powerfully took off in my heart and whole being in a huge explosive profound way from May 2013 onwards, where looking back I realise now, ”they”, have set up so many waiting fale alt media cul de sac distraction traps. They know people are going to awaken get activated, its tricking them into a false awakening is their strategy and of course theres many names we could mention, even though they’ve done interesting good work such as Penre and his memory wiping soul recycling not to go into the tunnel of light thing was helpful neverhtless theres uncertainties about Wes Penre’s whole Annunaki think in my heart truth sensor. David Ickes another one and there are many others though it cant be denied Icke still serves a useful awakening role for many such as his almost household name status, his raising awareness about Sheffield vutting down 50% of the trees to make way for 5G is very helpful but of course I realise alls not what it seems with Icke too.

          Yes after May 2013 even when I was struggling in a ”Truth Swamp” trying to expand and see and feel the bigger picture and sifting through whats out there on the net, the powerful burning energy feeling of wanting to help others and be STO because I realised this entire world is a scam and fake. I got powerfully rewired inside and what mattered before May 2013 didn’t afterwards. So well said, yes. Its not all disgusting. Tremendous love and beauty and goodness exists here too. But theres much to be disgusted about as well yes.

          ” but as a service to others being I feel good inside when I can set alight that glimmer of hope within someone if even for an instant. If it wasn’t for you…who else would I be fighting for? To be here for? This place is disgusting as it is. ”


        2. LOUD

          I get up when I’m down
          I can’t swim but my soul won’t drown
          I do believe I got flare
          I got speed and I walk on air

          There’s a light that shines on
          Shines on me and it keeps me warm
          It gimme peace I must say
          I can’t sleep ’cause the world won’t wait


    2. Well said orionra, I agree with you completely there is nothing more powerful spiritually effective transforming into actual 3 dimensional physical assistance when calling on the name of Christ…I am living proof and the only one that knows the truth in my case is me and i am way OK with that if it is the price to get my soul back from some truly evil highly educated and highly regarded people that spawn directly as it would seem from lucifer or satanic chosenite beliefs. Praise Christ, because he deserves it and to all the guys that had their names wiped out in time for trying to help us..re Henry Ford , Napolian Bonaparte, etc etc they bought all the printing presses centuries ago and now own the media


  7. The creator role is perception of memories awareness which is separate from the memories themselves which everyone has the ability to create with the experiences they have experienced. This method is also used to control experiences to control a persons perception of experiences as well

    I think personally it’s the rudamentory form of ignorance of free will and choice to create experiences and perception as and the creator perception perceiver roles and limits everyone who is altered by intentional perception experiences


  8. Memories perception is the non creator by the perception of itself is perception which i think is what your describing as what or who is stopping us from being able to perceive memories exactly how they were experienced and our ability to perceive experiences naturally without creating the experiences again with our ability to create or perceive new experiences because perception is all we are

    The reality is perception is controlled by perception experiences that are intentionally controlled by third parties for evil intent otherwise a form of perception is perception itself and is used as you have described in a video by the way we apply the awareness of the experiences

    Most of society has taken the ability of desperate attempts to create experiences that alter perception experiences that don’t occur as society is set up, yet it is still experiences desperate or not although causes disruption to ones cognitive process and can become disruptive during daily life if obviously created to be perceived as exactly what was meant to be perceived because of the way it looks in society to intentionally create that situation although right or wrong is only perception to those who think of themselves more highly but doesn’t change how it looks to the person perceiving it who may not have experienced such obvious injections of situations or what one would call manipulation to go out of your way to create such experiences. Unless truly and honestly unaware of themselves actually creating the experiences


  9. I’ve noticed that some try to reach out to me privately with questions. I’m not as good at explaining the in-depth parts of this as Aug is. I sometimes translate what he says into simpler terms. In terms of the soul contracts video, the controllers/parasites will never give up their only bargaining chip. It was their only hold on humanity by claiming they have not needed to co-opt free-will that it was given hence my warriors couldn’t come in and do what’s needed. The prayers to the one True Light God, beyond the parasitic demiurge playing god here, allowed an investigation and judgement of this place. I’m a warrior through and through…Rudra/Michael/Ra or at least an avatar of those that came before and were demonized. Especially now…Lucifer is glorified and Michael is bastardized. Look at the supernatural TV show…Michael is an insane maniacal killer while Lucifer slowly becomes “lovable”. In terms of breaking illusions and strengthening oneself I clarify stuff, but the deeper aspects of the more technical side I don’t interfere with what Aug says as he’s the expert at that. My one and only focus is ending this darkness…one single track mind. They fear what’s coming. Use that strength and push through…

    Btw, if you look deep in her eyes you can see a depression…a lack of intensity or energy. Much false information is coming down now to disarm true light beings. The end isn’t the end until you connect to your higher self and pull yourself out.


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  10. So what you’re saying is. I’m stuck in a Madonna Bedtime Stories Video…. I hope either I have a massive epiphany or wake up before the Zero point hits. Cause it’s literally right over my location. I’ve got the pics to prove it too. Sigh. Spend an entire childhood full of people who cannot get a long to save theirs or anyone else’s life and then here I am 34 years and get a JUST kidding! It’s all a farce.

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    1. I’m older than you, getting that, “just kidding” feeling😁 I can’t say, though, that the signs weren’t there and I can see how I’ve been led too see different my whole life, different than those around me! Let’s just ride this thing out with no kicking and screaming!


      1. Laughter is a good medicine :D
        but if you count from before this incarnation then I feel ancient haha
        I already had the weight of the world on my shoulders as soon as I was born…I could see that this place wasn’t “right”. When 2000 came there was a change and soon after I knew everything.

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  11. Angie, I kind of get it, but more as a gestalt, rather than puzzling it out. Actually, as an expanded feeling. And hooray for Cindy Carter! -Gypsy Syntropy


  12. I ask myself how I can possibly benefit from information that I know I don’t understand and yet I come back for more! Thankful for this and for being able to follow it with the words of Cindy Carter, in my head! “It’s going to be OK! Everything is and will be OK”.


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