The Twin Reality Experiment

Two already completed systems or societies were crossed to create this civilization. It’s not necessarily a farce. But from each society, the other one is created as a shared extension of their own existence. There is a universal mirror, an energetic, temporal horizon. On the other side is a reflected, opposing projection of the same information inverted.

It’s the same reality but different. It’s one of the concepts that are beyond the surface civilization. What if you could see a reality that was this one, the one you consider your reality and absolutely everything was the same, not one thing was different, yet absolutely everything was different and not one thing was actually the same?

This is why memory must be compartmentalized because these aren’t necessary overtly abstract or different realities in the sense that they are like reflected versions of the core reality. The entire reality is an ‘abstraction’ and this is like learning everything and nothing in one moment. It stresses the mind and brings about a lower failure rate in other situations.

Another concept to look at here is the nature of the manipulation of reality with technology. We are not at the point of bouncing atoms around to make quantum computers. That is the last take of the last civilization that the genetics here were a part of.

The reality of modern quantum computing and virtual reality are of splitting timelines into compartmentalized, artificially independent yet coherent and artificially continuous segments of false realities that are 100% real, but simply do not last forever. The focus here is that the highest degree of manipulation is not a doctored result, it’s indistinguishable from the true reality in greater and greater scopes and simultaneous parallels.

What if the entire universe could be copied and played over, stored on information inside the universe? This is the beginning of the concept of mirroring realities and technologically extending the information of other civilizations into higher time-space power and information degrees or exponents.

This also opens up a can of worms where before you know it, what was one, balanced, continuous reality, there is a multi-platform, technologically stabilized, organically unstable, transdimensional hyperrolex of realities like cave structures grown through a mountain of time-space only traversible with portal tech, other advanced technology, some electrogravitic craft (not really using eg, but another method).

Questions and Comments

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