The Artificial Battle Between Mind and Machine Over the Future

The greater the battle within you, the greater the battle around you.

War is not a battle between people, it is the external projection of the imbalanced battle of identities within.

The greater the resolution within you, the greater the resolution of the battles around you.

When one is ultimately resolved, they are incapable of being involved in energetic battles, in this psychotronic mind-game situation, because the energy will literally pass into resolution by moving into frame of reference to them.

In this way, the force behind that one, the inside intent, moves away from the realm of the imbalance (the source of the frequencies, the frequencies emitted by mind to mind technology) by the very process of those frequencies attempting to move into them. The frequencies, being drawn through a varied perceptual system that is disentangled from the phase-locked mind of the operator who is guiding the device according to a specific requirement of low frequency discharge of bio-emissions, will be forced out of phase by the mind of the internal system that is focused in such a way that their nexus is technically a non-locality in a slightly abstracted and higher dimensionally entangled dimensional circuitry. Ultimately, the soul is stored in a higher dimension.

If the individual is not soul aware, when these events occur, they believe that their own mind is doing this, or that these are the results of natural processes that take place according to a random blind or reverse selection process of time or through random occurrence and magnetic attraction. It is that natural order, simplified and accelerated with human controlled advanced technology systems which is taking place as part of a plan to interactively test and clear the population.

However one responds when under observation will always yield something. Not everything can be hidden, and the point may not be to hide, but to show the truth so that others may benefit and increase in self-awareness.

Everyone is watching everyone, it’s the only way to know. The truth will be unveiled and those who are capable of knowing the truth will participate in a system-wide observation of information, like the internet, where the entirety of the system of made visible to all.

Live now like you are in eternity and we live by making jumps back and forth through time and starting or participating in different civilizations (which may be an error compared to the core).

7 thoughts on “The Artificial Battle Between Mind and Machine Over the Future

  1. credo che stia avvenendo qualcosa di grande.non me rendo conto e questo ci salva.esiste un istinto animale e un istinto animico.credo che grandi collettivi animici stiano collaborando tenendo per ora da parte la mente che battaglia la macchina.Perché c’è un nucleo di informazioni che fluisce attraverso l’umano risvegliato che consente la generazione della realtà,nonostante gli errori e le contraddizioni aumentino.anche Silfef mi sta dando molte visioni diverse da te Aug poi bisogna unire i puntini…


  2. I’m certainly watching others online. It took me awhile of observing the different ones to see exactly what agenda they have. What direction they are swaying humanity to in believing.

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  3. Roughly 94% of the people are not capable of stepping away from the infection. They do not ” want ” to know or to evolve. Just like Morpheus said in the Matrix, they will fight to the death to keep the system intact. They do not and will not like the fact that they have ben indoctrinated into 99% lies. People that ” Believe ” anything are dangerous.
    ONly a very significant shift in the ” Reality Field ” could change the game.


  4. Just when I decide this is nothing more than science fantasy infotainment you write something that strikes me as profound and relatable and makes me doubt my scepticism. How can one ever know what seems to Be unknowable? Only through the suspension of disbelief? But all beliefs contain a lie.. in a world where the line between fantasy and reality is already softened by conspicuous consumption of media, blurred lines make discernment difficult.

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    1. Find your own truth. Do the hard work others have put in. In his case it was first hand involvement in these programs, in others, such as mine, lots of meditation and going out and looking for “trouble”. When you’re content to hide behind a facade playing nice in this system you won’t notice the true ugliness behind the scenes. There are many ways to prove what he says…but as the Matrix movie pointed out…you can’t be told the truth you can only be shown the way. A good example would be Adamspiritualwarrior here…I’ve been corresponding with him in private and let’s just say he devours knowledge same as I do, From his awakening a few years ago he has done all the hard work himself then found his way here. What Aug talks about is well past basic level intro101…do the foundational work then this here will all make more sense.

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  5. You can feel it as well as many others…Liberation is soon at hand. It won’t be from the physical. For those expecting a rapture…look to En.Ki…he played you for a fool. For those wishing to save themselves…look only to your higher selves…it’ll guide you to the truth.

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